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In hospital great experience

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Great time was had by all going into hospital

I was taken into hospital and had to stay in for test
First I was on A/E for a night I was reading gay stories from this site it was about 1 in the morning
I needed the toilet so I put my phone down thinking no-one would come round I was in a side ward
When I come back there was a male nurse by my table he was looking down at my phone
I got back in bed and he said that he was just checking I was ok then left
About 30 mins later he come back and said there had been some checks missed and he needed to do them I said OK put my phone down
There was a small window on the door which had a blind on and a notice which read examination taking place do not enter please knock turn that round then close the blind
He was doing all the normal stuff I was in a hospital wrap Overground he ask if I could slip it off as he needed to check my skin for any bed sores my backside I slipped it off I was just in my boxes he said that he needed to do a anal examination and would need to put some jell on my bottom and would I minded if I removed my boxes as he did not want to get the jell on them
I removed them He checked all my skin lifted my cock then asked me to turn on my side and bring my knees up
he was behind me
He put jell on my ass then I could fill his finger push up into my ass he moved it about and was hitting my prostrate he had he’s other hand on my hips my prick was starting to get hard he could see this he asked if i was ok and I just said yep
He removed his finger and said he could fill something so he needed to put two fingers up my bottom I said OK
He moved away when he come back he put more jell on my ass his hand that was on my hips was put back but it seen to have jell on it
He put two fingers up ass and was moving them about hitting my prostrate my cock was so hard like steel he said was I ok yep
He now started to move his fingers in and out
His hand that was on my hips was slowly moving to my prick my hips was moving he wrapped his fingers round my cock and slowly masturbated me
I was in heaven he pulled he fingers out of my ass but was still rubbing my cock there was movement behind me I could not make out what then there was something else touching my ass hole he lent over me and whispered in my ear you’re coming to like this
He move forward and I felt his cock push into my ass it was my first time I quickly told him he pushed more in the pain was bad he stopped and waited until it eased off
Then he pushed more and more until it was all in then he started fucking me with long Strokes
I was over the Moon then the door opened in walk two other male nurses
They both come to the side of the bed iI was facing the nurse fucking me stopped and move me over then got on the bed and continuing to fuck me
One nurse come to my face dropped he trousers and pushed his cock in my mouth and said suck first time for me my cock was still hard the nurse fucking me had stopped when these two walked in I was over the edge of the bed my cock all jellied up the other nurse dropped his trousers he bent over with his ass by my cock then he moved back my cock hit his ass and slipped in again a first for me the one fucking me speed up pushing my cock up his mate the nurse in my mouth also spread up pushing it right down my throat making me gag then pull out I did not lasts long coming up his ass loads the nurse fucking was coming he pulled out the nurse I had fuck turn to walk round to my ass I just got a look at he cock it must have been 9/10 long and 4/5 wided I tried to speak but the cock in my mouth was just coming and I had to swallow stopping me from protesting the first nurse said I opened you up for big boy you fucked him now it his tune
I could fill him behind me trying pushing his cock up me but it would not go he got more jell on my ass and his cock then he real pushed hard and it popped in the pain was extremely bad I could not cry out as I now had the first nurse cock in my month telling me to suck it the nurse fucking me did stopped a while then he pushed all the way in the stopped the pain got less then he started to slowly fuck me my cock got hard again and was being suck off the nurses was great two loads down my throat two loads up my ass fucking someone all in a night when they left they said if you are still in two three day time they will find me and we can all play again
This real did happen and I now waiting to moved to a ward now

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  • Reply Bendmeover ID:54o4gxu42

    It also happened to me too

  • Reply TvT ID:1djio03dvg9l

    Wish this happened to me