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Amy Tale/s – Fags

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Ken was grunting from my soul brother fucker’s 12” big black cock in his ass.

This is a continuation of Amy Tale/s – Coming Out. After Sophia left Sunday, I told Ken and Greg about Tony spreading rumors that they were fags. Ken and Greg conceal their bisexuality in public. That is one of the reasons they like me and Clair so much, because we provide them a perfect façade for their social friends. They began to worry again about their sports league membership, their reputations, and they became paranoid of guys whispering behind their backs. I told them not to worry about it, that me and Clair would make sure that their little sports league guys would be high fiving them again in no time.

Meanwhile, Sophia was wanting more gay stuff. Sophia loved lesbian sex, but she got off on watching guy on guy sex. You could say, it enhanced her lesbian sex. Tony just thought Sophia was coming over for lesbian sex, but in the back of his mind, he had to suspect that there was more going on having seen so for himself. I planned a Sunday afternoon for Sophia’s pleasure and invited Clair, Ethan, Emma, and Michael over. I want to focus on Sophia, so the girls started in the bed and we were orally pleasuring each other. Ethan was getting his big 12” black cock sucked by Ken and Greg, and Sophia wanted to watch but wanted to get fucked at the same time.

Sophia laid on her back and Michael lubed up his 9” black cock and fucked Sophia in the ass while me and Clair rubbed and licked Sophia’s pussy. Sophia wanted Ethan to straddle her breasts and fuck her tits with his big black cock. Ethan was fucking her tits with his big cock, and she grabbed it and held it up, and Ken and Greg started sucking it. Sophia was grunting and moaning from Michael fucking her ass, as me and Clair fingered and tried to lick her pussy, and this was Sophia’s first orgasm.

Sophia wanted to see one of the guys take Ethan’s big 12” black cock in their ass. Ken bent over on the bed and Ethan put a condom on and lube, and he started fucking Ken’s asshole. Ken was grunting from my soul brother fucker’s 12” big black cock in his ass. Sophia got hot, and she slid over next to Ken and started jacking his dick underneath, then she grabbed Ethan’s hand, and caused Ethan to give Ken a reach around as Ethan fucked Ken’s ass. Sophia laid down next to them so she could watch, and Emma ate her pussy until she orgasmed again.

The guys figured out that they were really turning Sophia on and went full gay foursome. Greg started fucking Michael in the ass laying on their sides, and Ken sucked Michael’s cock while Ethan sucked Ken’s dick. Michael reached out and grabbed Ethan’s big cock and wanted to suck it, but Greg was hammering Michael’s ass pretty good. Sophia was suffering from visual overload, and she was rubbing her tits and the back of my head as I ate her pussy. Emma and Clair were working on my pussy and asshole, and just when I got Sophia off again, they made me orgasm.

Sophia moved and grabbed Ethan’s big cock and made Ken stop sucking Michael and help her suck Ethan. Sophia wanted someone to fuck Ethan in the ass while he laid on his back, but Ethan told her he does not do anal. Sophia was disappointed, so she made Michael roll over onto his back, she straddled his face in a 69, and made Greg start fucking Michael in the ass again. Sophia held Michael’s balls up and watched Greg fuck Michael’s ass missionary. I led Ethan to Sophia’s rear, and he stuck his 12” big black cock in Sophia’s pussy and she started to squeal.

Sophia grabbed Ken and made him suck Michael’s cock as Greg fucked Michael missionary. Michael was doing what he could with Sophia’s pussy over him in a 69, and he licked Ethan’s balls as Ethan pounded Sophia’s pussy. Sophia was singing in pleasure, and Emma started rubbing Sophia’s clit. Sophia orgasmed again, and Ethan shot his cum in her pussy and grabbed her hips and drove deep and she screamed. Greg pulled out of Michael’s ass, removed his condom, and jacked his dick and shot cum on the side of Sophia’s face as she lay between Michael’s balls and thighs.

Sophia was spent, and she laid there huffing for air and Ethan held his cock in her pussy, and the god damn doorbell rang. I was like, who the fuck, and then I thought, damn, what if it’s Tony? I grabbed the remote and turned the music up, threw a robe on, and shut the bedroom door and went and answered the door. Sure as shit, it was Tony, and he said, is Sophia here? I said, yes, let me go get her. Tony started following me, and I said, just wait here and I will get her. Tony said, I want to see. I said, no, Clair in there and I don’t want you to come in. We were about a third of the way down the hallway, and it did not appear that Tony was going to listen.

Sophia came out carrying her clothes and walked into the living room and started to get dressed. Half of Sophia’s hair was wet, so I guess she tried to wash Greg’s cum off in the sink. Tony still started toward my bedroom and I shouted, Clair, lock the door, and she did. Tony wanted to know who was in there and I said, Clair, you heard me shout. My robe is open, and I am flashing Tony, and he is looking, but he wanted in that bedroom. I went into the living room and sat down and waited for Sophia to finish dressing.

Tony came back to the living room and asked Sophia who was in the bedroom and she said, Clair. Tony asked, where is Ken and Greg? I said, at Greg’s. I knew Clair would make sure everyone chilled in the bedroom until I let her know something. Tony wanted Clair to come out and I said, look, we are not under your rule, this is my place, and if you keep this up, I will call the police, and I picked up the house phone. Sophia was dressed and she came over and kiss the shit out of me in front of Tony, and she said, I will just go. I said, will you be alright, he is not going to beat you, is he? Sophia said, no, he has never done that, he will just fuss.

Sophia opens the door to leave and says, are you coming Tony? I stand up, and Tony walks over to the door and looks outside and says, Greg’s SUV is here. I say, they are driving Ken’s jeep, if you are so worried about it, why don’t you go to Greg’s yourself. Ken’s jeep was in the garage, and there was no way I was going to open that door. Fortunately, Ethan and Emma rode with Michael, even so, I am sure Tony could not pick any of their cars out of the parking lot anyway. Sophia says, I will call you. I said, are you sure you are okay? Sophia said, yes, it’s okay, I will be back, and I am sorry Tony did this. Sophia came over after I got off work the next day and spent the night.

Sophia said Tony fussed and accused her of fucking Ken and Greg and called them faggots. Sophia said she just did her household duties and did not say a word to him, and Tony got tired of fussing with no one talking back to him and he stopped. Sophia said when they went to bed he actually wanted to fuck, so she fucked him. Sophia said Tony wanted her to talk dirty to him to help him get off, and she started talking about how it turned her on to see guys sucking dicks and fucking each other in the ass, and Tony made her quit talking. Sophia said Tony rolled her over and fucked her from behind and got himself off.

Tony started back in on calling Ken and Greg fags, and Sophia went and peed, put her shirt and panties back on, and went to sleep. She said that his fussing was actually so boring that it helped her go to sleep. Sophia continued to come and see me at her leisure, and there are some more tales with her in them. I am going skip ahead to the spring camping trip in Sophia’s tale, after I share a few others first, so keep reading and watch for Amy Tale/s – Twisted Camping Trip.

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