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Let me see yours

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First I raped my little sister and her friend, then blackmailed them in to letting me continue to abuse them. I love their little pussies.

I was 13, my sister Mia and her friend Chloe were 7 and 8 years old, my mom went to work one Saturday, leaving us home alone, we didn’t have a lot of money so I didn’t have a mobile or games console, we had to entertain ourselves all day, and what a day it was.

I guess it all started when I came downstairs and saw the girls sitting at the dining table drawing and colouring, I sat at opposite them at the table watching what they were doing, you see the thing was that we had a glass dining table, the top was see-through, and at one point I just happened to glance down and through the glass table top I could see the girls sat on the chairs, they were both wearing skirts and I could see right up them.

I had hit puberty and was interested in girls, but I never in a million years would have thought about my sister and her friend in a sex way, that is until I found myself staring through the clear table at their panties, Mia’s were white, Chloe’s were pink, and I could see the cracks of their pussies through the fabric, well, instant erection for me.

After a few minutes of staring, my cock was so hard it was quite painful because it was stuck inside my jeans, so I excused myself, got up, covering my bulge, and I raced upstairs, straight in to my room and jerked off whilst thinking about the girls panties, it took me about 15 seconds to ejaculate, bit of a record time for me, sadly.

I couldn’t stop thinking about them though, then later in the day they’d relocated upstairs in Mia’s bedroom, until this day I had never seen a pussy, not even in a dirty magazine or anything, I had no idea what they really looked like and I was so horny, I wanted to see what was behind their panties, what were they hiding back there, so I went in to Mia’s room and I was only wearing my t-shirt and boxer shorts.

They were sitting on the bedroom floor playing with dolls, they were both doll collectors and loved their dolls more than anything, Chloe would always bring hers round to play with Mia, “Hey, girls…” I said, I closed the door, then I just pulled my cock out of the front flap of my boxers, “…Have you ever seen one of these before?” I asked, wiggling my cock at them.

They both looked shocked and started giggling, I walked over and kneeled on the floor next to them, and then they looked confused wondering what the hell was going on, “Do you want to touch it?” I asked.

“No.” they replied, but neither could keep their eyes off it.

“Go on. I dare you to touch it.” I said, wiggling it at them.

Chloe touched it first, then Mia, only briefly though, “Show me yours.” I said.

“We don’t have one of those.” Said Chloe.

“No, I know. But show me what you’ve got – down there. Go on. I showed you mine.” I said.

At first neither would show me, then they argued over who would do it, finally Mia convinced Chloe to take off her panties and show me.

She pulled her panties off, I caught a glimpse of it, then she sat up on her knees, spread her knees apart, lifted her skirt up and showed me her pussy, it was hairless, kind of flat with a line down the middle, I was amazed, it looked weird, but really nice, “Can I touch it?” I asked.

She pushed her skirt back down, giggled and blushed, “No!” she said.
“Go on. You touched mine. It’s only fair.” I said.

“…Okay…” she said, reluctantly, she lifted her skirt back up and let me touch it, first I touched it with my fingertips, then rubbed it with all my fingers, it was so soft, kind of spongy, and a little wet feeling.

Chloe then convinced Mia to show me hers, it was the same, even felt the same.

They both noticed that my cock had got erect after all the pussy touching, so I let them touch it again, and I convinced them to touch it for longer than a second, then I instructed them on how to rub it, and once they realised it wasn’t going to bite them, they relaxed and took turns feeling and rubbing my cock.

While they were taking turns rubbing my cock, I got Chloe to let me give her a kiss, she shuffled over to me on her knees and kissed me, I immediately put my hand up her skirt and grabbed her butt and pulled her close to me, keeping her lips pressed against mine, I put my other hand up the front of her skirt and rubbed her pussy.

She fought me at first, but then as I found and started to fiddle with her clitoris, she stopped resisting and just let me play with it, we stopped kissing and she just stood still, looking at me as I molested her.

With Mia rubbing my cock, and me feeling Chloe’s little pussy, I couldn’t take it any longer, something inside my head to exploded, I desperately wanted to fuck some pussy.

I quickly stood up, so fast I knocked Mia over, I picked up Chloe as I got up, then I carried her quickly over to the bed, put her down on it and got on top of her, she was fighting me, “Get off me. What are you doing?!” she shouted.

I pinned her little arms down, forced myself between her legs and pushed hard, it took several hard knocks on her pussy with my cock, but it eventually went in, “Arrggh! – Stop!” she cried out, as I forced my cock up her small tight pussy hole.

As soon as I felt my cock go in, my body just took over and I fucked her very fast and very hard.

“Argh – Ouch! – Ungh – Argh – Stop – Ungh – Ooh – Argh!” she cried and moaned, like she couldn’t make up her mind if she liked it or not, I didn’t care either way, I was having sex, that was all that matter to me at the time.

Mia ran over and she was punching me on my back and my ribs, “Get off her!”, she shouted, it was annoying but didn’t hurt.

I ejaculated and finished fucking Chloe, but I wasn’t done, I wanted more, so I got off Chloe, grabbed hold of Mia and pushed her down on the floor, and forced myself on her.

She screamed and cried as well as I penetrated her pussy with my still rock hard cock, I was ready for another round, I pushed it inside her and fucked her ass in to the floor, “No – No – Argh – Ungh – Ungh – Argh!” she cried.

“Yes. Yes.” I laughed, still fucking her hard.

When I was finished having my way with them, it was great pussy by the way, I told them not to tell, threatening to take all their dolls outside and burn them in the BBQ if they said anything to anyone.

They didn’t tell on me.

And I was able to continue abusing them both for my own sexual pleasure for months, they were too afraid of me burning their dolls to say no to me, I got them to suck my cock and let me fuck them doggy-style and all sorts of good stuff.

Their little pussies were sooo good.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhl

    Two little cum sluts, how impressive to say the least. Teaching them is the best part especially when they are willing participants. Daddy loves to teach!

  • Reply Stella ID:2xme6rmv9d

    Can we have part2 with good stuff please

  • Reply nathan berry ID:2vita58m

    sexy blonde, can i fuck you? you sound fun based on that comment. my email is [email protected] and i’ve been curious on what a pussy looks and feels like. im 14 and very horny

  • Reply SexyBlondeSlut4Daddy ID:1cyit7azfudh

    I like the way you talk, email me at [email protected] 😉