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My (M14) Encounter With Bill (M28)

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This is the story of how I (m14) had my first sexual encounter with a man named Bill

So a little description of myself, i’m 14, average build and around 5”9, brown curly-ish hair and i’d say i’m decently attractive. Considering my age it’s only natural i’m horny almost for every waking moment, considering this i’ve tried many ways to get off. Originally i started with the basics, hot step mom helps step son out and all that. But it just didn’t rdo it for me. Eventually i think i made it across every category of porn their is. But still, it just didn’t do it for me.

After a few years of porn i finally gathered enough courage to search for a genuine sexual experience and after a short signing up process, i had made an account on grindr. At first it was a little scary having pretty much my exact location available to my whole town if they were on the app and a good few of them were. I even saw my gay uncle on there but after seeing that he was quickly blocked as to protect my identity from being revealed. After seeing the risks of using grindr i deleted the app as in all honesty i was scared shitless. However, a few weeks more of lackluster porn and a hanging thought at the back of my mind i decided to log back in to my account. It didn’t take king to set up an account i gave my general features and a snappy bio along the lines of “if you bring condoms i’ll bring an asshole to fuck”which i hindsight may have been a little cringe. It didn’t take long for the grindr users to notice me. One man had a fetish for boots and asked me to step on him in his work shoes which i decided wasn’t for me and declined however another man approached me with an offer more suitable to my liking.

At around 8PM during a weekend i was lying in bed when i got a notification from a man named Bill. His profile wasn’t very descriptive apart from a photo of Bill on a cliff edge while i assumed he was on holiday. Bill said he was 28, looked to be about my height, maybe a little taller, with light stubble nice well kept hair and nothing short of jaw dropping features. Upon seeing his profile i knew i wanted to feel his warmth so i set my sights on meeting up. The conversation began with a simple “hey there” from Bill which i was able to rile up into a conversation about my sexual history. After telling Bill about the fact i’d never been with someone before at all yet alone sexually he hit me with a simple “would you like to ?”

It didn’t take long to get Bill to tell me his address. and after getting changed into black sweatpants a white shirt and a black nike hoodie i went downstairs. My dad was sat on the couch watching TV and i leaned against the doorway to look at him. Considering the circumstances i didn’t think telling the truth about how i was going to go meet a man twice my age to try and get laid was the best idea. So instead i said my friends were down at the local park down my street and that i wanted to go see them for half an hour. My parents were always lenient, whenever i went out i was just told to get home before dark and even if i stayed out a little longer i was only greeted with a how was your day. Thsi lead to a weak fight against the adventure before being told to be quick about it and hurry along. After hearing that my ears pricked up and i quickly wen tto grab my shoes. As i walked up my road i messaged Bill saying i was coming up and he responded with “i’m waiting (;” This made me get rock solid in the middle of the street, thankfully nobody was out that late and i didn’t see anyone throughout the entirety of the trip. After a few minutes I made it to Bills address and sent him a photo of it to verify as i didn’t want to walk up to some random persons house. With a “👍” in my inbox i went up to the door and knocked twice. And within no more than half a second the sort swung open and I saw Bill in all his glory. The photo he had as his profile picture must’ve been a little old as he looked even more chiselled than i had seen and his face was clean shaven. Bill was a fair few inches taller than me and had to look down into my eyes before he let out out a flirtatious “hi”

I stepped up into the house and Stood mere inches away from Bill before he dragged his hands against my arm and pulled close to me. I had never kissed someone before so i was a little scared, but the second his lips met mine my mind melted away and i fell into his chest. After a few seconds of kissing he pushed his tongue into my mouth and i embraced it with my own he put his arms around my waist and i layed mine around his shoulders. I slowly pushed forward and shit the door behind me as he pulled me with him as he backed away from the door. Still tongue entwined we made out war past a bend in the hallway and into a bedroom where a lamp lit the room with a dim orange glow. I retracted quickly to rip my hoodie of me and Bill turned his body so that he was pushing me towards the bed, i let him lower me onto it’s sold silk quilt as he loses his head to kiss my neck. Bill rubbed his hands up my shirt before lowering it against my sweatpants. Bill separated from em and looked me in the eyes as i stared into his own glossy oceans and he asked me if i was sure about this. I quickly nodded. I was never more sure about anything in my life before. Bill pulled back into my and began to kiss my stomach while lifting my shirt up off me all the while drifting his head further up back to my face. After my shirt was thrown onto the floor he kissed me on the cheek before lowering his head back down to my sweatpants. Bill pulled them down with ease like he had done it a thousand times before and was now a mere inch from my fully erect 6.5” penis. Bill looked up at me from the edge of the bed and with a reassuring nod he enveloped my cock on his throat. I had never felt something like this before. It was like my cock was in a cavern of moist heaven. After a few minutes of my cock being blessed with Bills tongue j rested my hand against his head as to signal him to stop. I let out a faint “If you keep that up any longer i’m gonna cum” Bill let out a smirk before standing up and taking off his jeans revealing a monster i could have never imagined. It must have been at least 8” maybe more and the view itself nearly put me into shock. Seeing my expression Bill was quick to reassure me he would take it slow and not push me beyond my limits which helped calm my nerves greatly. Bill backed. away towards a dresser next to the bed and pulled out a bottle of lubricant which he was quick to apply to his erect beast. Bill made his way back to me and rubbed his hand along his cock covering his palms with excess lube which he slowly rubbed against my ass.

Bill pressed his Cock against my asshole and looked at me once again to make sure i was okay. A smile let him know i was ready and he pushed forward. As the tip entered my asshoel felt like it was tearing apart and i winced. Bill was quick to stop and ask if i was okay which i replied with a quick it’s okay. Bill then pushed a little deeper and the pain turned into a sense of fullness and i had never felt so warm. Bill was about half way in me before he leaned forward so that our faces met. I quickly pulled my head up and buried my tongue deep into his mouth and Bill made a final push filling my hole completely. After he pushed it in air shot out of my lungs and i let out a moan louder than i thought i’d ever produce. After a moment of silence interrupted only by kissing he pulled away and asked me if i was ready for it to get fun. I nodded and he began to pull out before thrusting deep back inside of me. Bill filled me up so many times and my insides felt like they were being lifted off into the air. Bill dick filled every spot of my insides like it was a liquid filling every possible crevice. After around ten minutes of immeasurable pleasure precum had built up on my stomach and Bill’s tongue felt like it was one with my own. I felt Bill Cock pulse and his hips held close to me pushing his dick deeper inside than it had ever reached causing me to cum all across my chest and over my face. This was shortly followed by a warmth inside of me as Bill filled my asshole with what felt like litres of hot jizz. Me and Bill held eachother close as he whispered in my ear “I love you so much baby” and i could only let out a lustrous moan. After what felt like a million years in heaven Bill pulled out and his semen pours out of me onto the floor leaving a small puddle at my feet. Bill helped me up and kissed me before navigating me to the restroom where he left me with a kiss on the cheek for me to wash up. As i sat in the bathroom i looked into the mirror above the sink at mt naked body covered in semen and my face bright red with white liquid across my mouth i dragged my fingers across my face before licking them clean. It took me around five minutes to get clean and Bill came in with my clothes folded nearly while i washed my hands he put them down on a chair. Looking at my naked body he wrapped his arms around my front and rubbed his now half-erect penis against my back. “Please come back” he whispered into my ear. I pushed my head backwards so it rested on his shoulder and my face was against his and i kissed him on the cheek. “I don’t know what i’d do with myself if i didn’t” i whispered back.

Bill turned on the shower and hopped in while i dressed in front of him. He watched as i left the room and glanced back at his beautiful abs and biceps. I put my shoes on while a small amount of cum leaked out of my ass down my leg and i walked home with a face as bright as the sun. After walking through my front door i saw on the clock it had been around an hour since i left my dad simply glanced at me before looking back at the TV.

This is a true story and not the only encounter I had with Bill. If you enjoyed the story and you want to hear more about Bill and my relationship leave a comment and rate it 👍👍

If you want to talk to me, my snapchat is charlie.7443
i’d love to hear what you’d do to me x

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  • Reply John S ID:1dov41brs3tf

    awesome. I would have been just as excited as Bill was!

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    Would have loved to watch then join in

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Loved this and would love to hear more

  • Reply Lukas14uK ID:zdi9lj6ij

    I’m also 14, I want to do this but I’m really nervous. I want to give head but I’m scared about getting fucked, but my I want my throat to be used yk? lol

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    • Alex ID:1cod5a3oopi0

      you trynna fuck??

    • Uk Boy ID:55x67chrb

      same here

  • Reply Blackbear ID:3zxjp5nov9a

    I need you in my life and bed. Ever want to live without restraints or worry. How I wished I was Bill. Only difference would have been no need to sneak around or worry who’s looking…

  • Reply Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

    I love this

    • Liam ID:1dzstrnddg3m

      This is so hot, I’d love to be in Bill’s situation (;