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I fucked Mom

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I was 18 just out of high school it was summer of 2018.
Mom had a dentist appointment to get her wisdom teeth pulled. Mom is 38 very attractive curvy just alittle chubby but has nice looking tits and ass to basically give you the idea.
She is a milf. Mom is supper nice to me and really naive about teenagers when my friends use to check her out.
Dad was working so I had to take her to dentist. They said it was a hour long surgery and 1/2 hour to recover from surgery.
So 20 minutes later the muse come and gets me. Said you mom was in recovery and she would be out for some time because they planned on a hour. So she took me too a small recovery room. She said sit with her. If you need anything ring the bell. She left in a hurry cause they were super busy.
The door was left open mom lay on bed in a hospital gown
I could see the side of her hip where it was raised up.
I sit by bed and pull cover over it. The I think look at mom and pull it back. Slowly raise her gown and could see her entire hip
And panties.
My heart was beating I herd someone coming I sat back down. Nurse walked by with someone she peeked in and said everything okay?
I said yes. Want me to shut door so everyone ain’t staring in when they walk by? I said that would be great. She shut door.
I look at mom. Have about a half hour before Nate would start waking up.
I pull blankets back and lifted her gown
She was wearing pink panties. I could see her mound under then. I shake her arm. Just to be safe. She was out cold.
I rub her through her panties. I look over to door and reached up and turned the deadbolt. There was a tolet in corner I could say I was use bathroom if they can by.
Not even thinking what I was doing I wanted to see moms pussy. I pull her panties down she was on a examination bed so her feet was barley on it even with her short 5 feet tall.
He lust was amazing shaved smooth her clit poked slightly out at top of her folds. I could smell her. Sweet aroma I smelled on her panties in hamper.
I was rock hard I quickly oil her she slide easily to bottom of bed I pin her legs back and proceed to licking mom to make her more wet and o in a panic quickly pull my cock out and was sinking into heaven.
My body senses was rushing over me I couldn’t catch my breath all of a dust and the strongest orgasm rushed over me
Making me thrust and hold myself deep in mom as I pumped one of the biggest loads of my life into her.
I came to my wits quickly I pulled her panties up and pulled her back up in bed. Reached up unlocked door.
It wasn’t 5 minutes the nurse came in.
And check on her .
Mom started waking up and the nurse removed the cotton from her mouth that was keeping pressure on her gums.
I had not even noticed or looked at mom once I was too busy squeezing her tits and admired her oust that would put most teenagers to shame.
I helped mom next couple hours until it all wore off.
Never said a word to anyone about it.

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  • Reply Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    I been fucking my mom & dad for 10 years now. I recommend it. Best sex I’ve ever had. Mom can’t get pregnant anymore & dads cock is gorgeous. We fuck about 5 days a week, many times a day. I enjoy sucking my dad’s cock down my throat & fucking my mom so hard it feels like my cock will come out the top of her head! It’s so HOT 🔥 🍆

  • Reply Papa two ID:1d3y7f4uem7i

    You think mom will know she was fxxked 9 months later? I hope so, amazing to see your moms belly swelling with your baby inside.

  • Reply John ID:1dkcnm1smhgo

    Spell check next time before you send
    But great story

  • Reply Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Love the story

  • Reply wantmymom ID:5qw937w720c

    tom how did you go about it? i want to fuck my mom so bad ive wanted to for years

    • goeasy ID:1dg1yuktelkf

      nice… lets plan it

    • Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Nt that hard if you have to plan it,it will never happen

  • Reply Dick ID:2a73pkj6ii

    I agree. Your mom knows she was fucked, But no married woman is going to tell her husband, “I think somebody fucked me.” Especially if it could be her own son. She’ll shower and stay silent. I knew a guy who raped the wife of a friend because she got high alone with him, and he knew her husband would kill her for being in that situation, thinking she was asking for it. He said he knew he could take it and she couldn’t say anything and he was right.

  • Reply Boston ID:2a73pkj6ii

    A woman will definitely know she has been fucked while passed out or drunk. Cum is distinct from pussy juice and a load of it in a dry spot on the bed or in the crotch of her panties is unmistakeable. A woman may realize she was fucked and then has to decide if it is worth it to say something. Especially if the cum was from a relative or if she has to explain why she got herself that stoned around people who could fuck her while she was out. Better to pretend nothing happened and let it go in many cases. But never think she doesn’t know. She clearly knows.

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    If this is true please name is nick xxxxxxxxx text me love to talk to u about I was going to with mine but never did and want to

    • Burksdave ID:7zv2u2hfib

      Yes it was true. I left out some details but not alot

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      Do it. I’ve been banging my mom & dad for 10 years now.my cock has never been so hard as to when I’m fucking my mom and dad🍆

  • Reply Twickers ID:2kyer0sd9d

    As if your mum doesn’t realise she has a pussy full of cum…

    Great idea poor execution

    • Jeff ID:7zv2u2hfib

      Good grief
      I fucked my sister before drunk passed out
      She had no clue
      And I filled her up twice.
      She had no clue.
      Shire with hangover you feel shitty
      And waking up from surgery is about same it takes hours to really be up to par.
      It’s high doubtful she would notice anything

  • Reply Tom ID:7ylren4oic

    Stupid fucking story.i got my hot ass mom to naturally agree to fuck me.we are both wide awake when we fuck and enjoying every minute of it.

    • Sammy ID:fx7ithd9d

      You don’t have to be so rude

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      I fuck my mom. 10 years now. Best fuck I’ve ever had. Oh & I fuck my dad, too. My mom sucks both of our cocks during our fuck sessions. It’s fucking hot! 🍆