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The most beautiful girl in the world, I had to have her

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Kelsey is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, I knew I couldn’t have her, so I took her instead. I’m the only one who knows.

4 foot 3 inch tall, light brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes, skinny but not bony, between 10 and 12 years old, I’m not sure exactly how old but she was young, a beautiful youthful baby face, and that’s Kelsey, the girl I just had to have.

I’m 16 by the way.

Mom used to drive me to school every day but the car broke down 4 months ago and she can’t afford to get it repaired, so I’ve had to take 2 buses to get to school ever since, and that’s when I saw Kelsey.

I got off the bus from school, I had to take 2, the first bus got me from school to the bus station, and I had to catch another from there to get home, I was standing in line waiting for the bus to arrive when I heard girls giggling ahead of me, I don’t know why but something drew me to the giggles, I leaned out and look ahead and saw 2 girls standing further ahead in the line, they were talking.

They were both wearing school uniforms, grey blazers, grey skirts that were very-very short, and black tights, they moved around while talking and turned their heads, that’s when I saw Kelsey’s face for the first time and it was like a brick hit me in the face, not in a painful way, she was just so gorgeous she literally took my breath away.

Yes, I know, she’s just a little girl, a kid, but I’m sure a lot of guys can relate to this, you know when you just see a girl and your head turns to mush, you can’t think or speak and it’s like, “Wow!”, that’s what happened to me when I saw her.

They sat on the top deck of the bus and I sat a few rows behind them and listened to their conversation, even her voice was beautiful, she spoke with a gentle tone, I could listen to her talk all day long.

One day I sat directly behind them and got a smell her, she didn’t smell of perfume or deodorant, she smelt like chocolate and Haribo.

They always got off the bus about 5 stops before me, and I watched out of the window as they got off and started walking down the road, even the way she walked was beautiful, the way her body moved as she walked and her small little ass in that very-very short skirt, a pleasure to watch.

For weeks I sat behind them on the bus listening to their conversations, but they didn’t talk about boys or kid stuff, their conversations were quite grown up, they’d talk about climate change and what jobs they were going to do when they were older, but was still interesting to listen too.

I was going to go talk to her at one point, but I saw a few boys around her own age go up to her, and a few a little older, try chat her and her friend up, but she wasn’t having any of it, it was clear Kelsey was a very sensible girl and boys weren’t even on her radar yet, which was gutting for me because if she wasn’t willing to get with boys around her own age, I’d have no chance.

But I still had to have her, I was getting in patient, I needed her, I just had to have her, my balls were aching for her pussy so badly, she had no idea I even existed, and yet it felt like she was tormenting me purposely, cock teasing me.

Then one day an opportunity presented itself, as I was listening to their conversation Kelsey mentioned that she would be alone at home in a few days’ time because her parents were going out for the evening, this was my chance.

I had to figure out where, so I got off the bus at the same stop as Kelsey and her friend and I walked slowly behind them, following them until they got home, they hugged at a gate and her friend went inside the house, Kelsey continued walking so I kept following her until eventually she went in to a garden and up the front door, where she used a key to get inside, I’d found out where she lived, now for the how.

I could have just followed her home, burst in to her house and had my way with her, but I didn’t want to hear her crying and upset, and I wasn’t that fond of the idea of going to prison, no, I had to do it in a way that I wouldn’t be identified and she wouldn’t resist.

Lucky for me one of my brothers friends just happened to be a drug dealer, so that night I went to talk to him and I asked him straight out, “Have you got anything that would make a girl – compliant?” he knew what I meant and he only asked one question, “Do you want her conscious or unconscious?” he asked.

Well, it would be nice if she was conscious, but she would be able to identify me if she was, “Unconscious.” I replied, he said he had the perfect thing for me and he gave me some little pink pills that were stamped with a picture of a naked girl on them.

He told me how long they take to work and how long the effects last, but now it was up to me to figure out a way to get her to take them, then I remembered she always has a water flask with her that she hangs on the side of her backpack, and she drinks from it often.

The day arrived when she said she would be home alone, so as normal I sat behind them and waited for people around us to get off the bus or sit somewhere where I couldn’t be seen tampering, her bag was on the floor beside her seat, I quietly reach down and slowly opened the drink cap of her water flask then managed to drop the pills in to it without anyone noticing.

I waited and waited, shouting at her in my mind, “Have a fucking drink!”, but she didn’t take a drink and when we got off the bus and started walking I thought all was going to be lost, but then it happened, after hugging her friend outside her gate she started walking towards home and she had a drink from her flask.

About a minute later she stumbled close to her house, the pills must have been strong and already taking effect, she managed to get in to her garden and up to her front door, I followed behind walking in to her garden and towards her, I pretended to be looking for someone, “Does John live here?” I asked.

She looked very sleepy as she stood at her open door, she slump over in to my arms so I quickly took her inside and closed the door, she slipped from my grip and fell unconscious on to the floor on her back.

I looked out of the window by the door to make sure no one saw anything, then my heart started to race as I look at her laying there, it was now or never.

I scooped her up in to my arms and carried her up the stairs, after kicking open a few doors I finally found what was obviously her bedroom, decorated with lots of pink girly décor, I placed her down on her bed and stroked her hair off her pretty forehead, I handled her like she was the most delicate and precious thing in the entire world.

I sat beside her on her bed and I couldn’t believe I was there, in her room, on her bed, touching her, it was like a dream come true.
Her room was at the back of the house but I still didn’t want to take any chances of someone seeing, so I closed her curtains, the light from outside shining through the curtains made the lighting in the room kind of romantic, then I began to undress her.

First I listed her to a seated position and removed her blazer, then laid her back down and unbuttoned her white shirt, she had no breasts but it was still the most beautiful chest I’d ever seen, her nipples were perfectly rounded, after removing her shirt I rubbed my hands around her upper body, she looked so tiny and skinny, to give you an idea of how thin she was, her waist was about 8-inches across.

Then I slid off her black shoes and then rolled down her black tights, her skirt didn’t have buttons or a zip, it was held up with an elastic waistband, so I shuffled the skirt down and off her legs, then gazed down at her pretty little pink panties, they were so cute, my cock was already hardening at the thought of what was beneath them.

I pulled her panties off and I almost wept when I saw it, the purest pussy, not a single pubic hair in sight, it was as fresh as the day she was born, completely untouched, it was brand new, it was beautiful, and it was all mine.

I jumped off the bed and I took a few photos and a short video of her laying naked on her bed, then I quickly removed all of my clothes and got back on the bed, I literally kissed every single inch of her naked body, from top to toe, from nipple to pussy, and I tasted her, licking the sweetness from the crack of her pure virgin pussy.

My time with her would be short, I knew this, and had planned for it, I brought a small packet of lube with me, I smeared some in the crack of her pussy and then around the tip of my cock, and I slid my hips down between her skinny open legs, with the tip of my throbbing cock perched at her entrance, I stared down at her beautiful baby face, and I thrust forward.

There was resistance from her hymen for a few seconds, then it surrendered and split open, the lube allowed my cock to quickly glide my cock inside her, I got a fright when she leaned her head back, inhaled a deep breath and moaned out loudly, I thought she had woken up, but luckily it was just her body reacting unconsciously, “Shush – It’s alright, baby-girl.” I whispered in to her ear, “Shush.”

I started to fuck her slowly, her pussy was everything I’d imagined it would be, tight and pleasing, our bodies connected and gently rocking on the bed, the house was so quiet, the only sounds were the sound of mattress springs squeaking, heavy breathing from both of us, her pussy had got wet from the inside and was squishing as I pushed my cock deep in to it, and also the joyful sound of my balls slapping against her cute tight little ass.

As I watched her face, her eyes were moving around under her closed eyelids, occasionally her face would scrunch up from the pleasure she was experiencing, her mouth was open slightly as she breathed deeply and moaned repeatedly under her breath, “Ungh – Ohw – Ooh – Ungh – Ung – Mmm – Ungh”

I lasted nearly half an hour, thrusting in to her fast and deep for the final 5 minutes, She had an orgasm, her body lifted, her back arched, her head went all the way back, she threw her arms up above her head, pressing her hands against the wall behind her, and she moaned out very loudly, “Ooounghff.”, before going all loose again on the bed, her orgasm fluids leaked from her pussy and trickled down my ball sack.

A few minutes later I joyfully ejaculating and flooding her pussy with my seed, I rested on her for a moment with my cock still deep inside her, slowly shrinking down, then I pulled out, moved up to her head and squeezed out the final few drops of my seed on to her lips and in to her mouth, I wanted her to taste me as I had tasted her.

It was time for me to get the hell out of there, so I quickly got dressed, then I got a facecloth and towel from the bathroom, I cleaned her up, she was covered in sweat so I dried her off, even her wet hair, then I cleaned and wiped up the semen and pussy fluids before redressing her back in to her school uniform.

Then I ran downstairs, almost tripping over a ginger cat on the stairs, I went in to the kitchen and filled a glass with water and searched through the cupboards, eventually grabbing a bag of Haribo, then I took them upstairs, I took a drink from the glass and ate some of the Haribo and put a painkiller in her mouth then washing it down with the water, hoping if there was going to be any pain when she woke up that the pain killer would block it and she wouldn’t notice.

I positioned her on her side to appear like she was sleeping angelically on her bed, and I placed the glass and Haribo on her bedside table to make it look like she had come home from school, got herself a drink and snack, then went upstairs and simply fell asleep.

I cleaned up everything, not leaving so much as a hair on her bed, or dirt on her carpet, I gave her a really long kiss before taking one final photo, and then made my way out of the back of the house.

I spent all weekend stressing that the law was going to knock on my door and do me for rape, but the knock never came, and I went to school a few days later.

On my way home, at the bus station, there she was, standing in line talking to her friend and giggling like nothing had happened, I was relieved.

I sat behind them on the bus for the next couple of weeks, at not once was anything mentioned that could have been related to what I’d done to her, she was normal, carry on, she had no idea, no clue.

But then a few days ago on the bus, as she stood up to leave, as she reached the top of the stairs to go down to the lower deck, she paused a looked up, her eyes panned around and she looked directly at me, our eyes locked, and she quickly smiled before running down the stairs to catch up to her friend.

That freaked me the fuck out, because she’s never done that before, it was like all of a sudden she was acknowledging that I existed, could she someone know what I did to her? – could me doing that to her have created some kind of subconscious connection between us? – I don’t have the answers.

At least I got to have her, I got to have the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I have the photos and video to prove it, I was inside of her, my seed was inside of her, I fucked that gorgeous kid and I’m the only person alive that knows it….. Well, apart from whoever reads this.

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