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Step dad fucked me and I liked it

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When I was 11 I went to stay over for the night at my step dads, I only did this because I always felt strange about letting my brother go alone. Although he knew he wasn’t my dad, and I knew he wasnt aswell, he always got really mad when I didnt call him dad so I did just to keep the peace. We spent the night playing games like monopoly and the night went it always did. Around 10pm I decided to go to the bathroom then change into my nighty. Now i should probably say i was abused when younger so sexually i was more mature than most, (my previous abuser told me it was my fault because my pussy was always wet so it must of ment i enjoyed it, he told me I would get in trouble too and I believed him). At the tender age of 11 I already had breast and curves and I was very aware of them. When I had finished on the toilet I made my way to the bedroom I slept in while there, it was my step sisters but she was sleeping elsewhere that night, the light bulb wasnt working so I closed the door and left enough of a gap for the light to shine through. I turned my back to the door and started to remove my clothes, that’s when I heard a shuffle near the door and as I quickly turned I saw a shadow dash to the side, it took me a second to process and I dont no why but I decided to act like I hadn’t seen anything and slowly carried on getting undressed, I cant for the life of me explain why I did what I did next because I truly dont understand myself! But I decided to stand there naked with my back to the door, and as I felt his eyes on my again I decided to start stretching, I lifted my arms up in the air then parted my legs slightly and brought my arms all the way to the floor knowing he would be getting a sly look at my pussy. I did this a few times before I took myself to lay on the bed, I positioned myself so my legs was facing away from the door so he wouldnt be able to see too much without coming in the room and I hoped this would work to my advantage as I was starting to feel rather wet down there, I closed my eyes and started to massage my bare breast, feelin how sensitive my nipples was i kept one hand on my boob and my other started to make it’s way to my all to eager pussy, I started to stroke the outta lips lightly letting my legs fall apart as the pleasure started to hit, knowing someone was watching really made this way more exciting than I could have ever thought, i heard a grunt from behind the door and a little creak as it opened a little more but i kept my eyes closed and started to rub my pussy gently slipping 1 finger inside, I cum quicker than I ever had and to my disappointment he hadn’t come inside the room so I just turned over and went to sleep!. Around 3am I woke up and my step dad was stood next to the bed in just his boxers staring at me, I thought I was dreaming at first until he took his hard dick out his pants and shoved it in my face, grabbing my head he rammed his dick in my mouth, my eyes bulged and I gagged as I hadn’t ever had a penis in my mouth before despite my previous abuse. I almost cried slappin the tops of his legs trying to get him to stop but he just kept fucking my face, then he stopped a quickly as he had started, he looked at me with eyes that said he either wanted to kill me are eat me, possibly both..he grabbed me by the legs and swung me round to give direction, lifted them up and spread them wide, I felt so dirty and exposed but I was also extremely turned on by this, he got down and gobbled up my pussy like a man that had been starved for years! It was amazing, I came on his face within minutes. That’s when he flipped me over on to all fours and I felt the tip of his hard cock push against my now sensitive opening, he pushed the tip inside then stayed there, he grabbed me by the hair rough, pulled my head back then whispered in my ear ” I seen you earlier you dirty little slut, playing with yourself, now I’m gonna punish you for it and make you my little fuck toy” I gulped as the hair pulling hurt but the combination of dirt talk, threats and hair pulling sent a thrilling chill through my body and before I knew it I was pushing myself back onto his big hard dick, moaning as I felt him fill me up, “do u like that” he asked..”hmm mmm ahhh” was all I could manage, he tugged my hair hard and said “I said do u like that bitch? Say yes daddy are I’m gonna make you sore” “yes yessss daddy mmmm” still he wasnt gentle he slapped my arse, pulled my hair, called me names he even bit my arm because I tried to free it so I could have some control. Once he was done he just got up and left. He pounded me so hard I was like jelly afterwards, the day after i could hardly walk to which he found amusing. When I walked past at breakfast he slapped my arse n said quietly…see u later on my juicy little whore have urself wet and ready for me by half 10…

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    Great story how every daughter/ stepdaughter should be

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    Id like to here about your first one was that your real dad

  • Reply Chloë ID:4mxdnkkzk

    Got me so wet

    • K9Guy ID:28xrttz6ik

      Got my precum flowing all over my cockhead too.

  • Reply Itielb ID:ios8wdz

    The story would be great if the grammar and spelling weren’t horrible (takes you out of the mood) AND if you didn’t rush through the sex with almost no descriptions past him entering.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhl

    Hot story but I do agree with the rest just not as harshly.

  • Reply Maconite ID:3055rtaed4

    Lol, true. The mispelling isn’t as bad as the grammatical errors to me, though. It’s too much of a distraction for me to enjoy the story.

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Let’s try something innovative, first try using a spelling checker, then break your story up into paragraphs, and finally improve your usage of grammar. If you do these simple things you would have a great story

    • Berolinus ID:njtyzxw8l

      You are absolutely right!