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My first taste of a Latina

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A story how i had my first of a Latina and CNC play

We both went to the same school and had three classes together. I was a year older than her. She was 15 and i was 16. We talked all the time, we always called ourselves siblings because of how close we were. One day we got to talking about sex, i don’t know how. She ended up wanting to confess something personal. “Can i tell you something? Put you gotta promise not to judge me or laugh…” I looked at her with concern and replied “When have i ever little sis.” She took a small breathe and whisper to me “I have a fantasy of being r***d…” I froze in absolute shock and didn’t know how to respond. “Oh really, nice.” She could tell she made me uncomfortable and there was a awkward silence in. After school kept thinking about what she said. It made me horny and i began to fantasize about it.

The next day; we didn’t talk at all. But when i see her now, i feel this overwhelming desire for her now. She was so small, barely any ass or boobs but still desirable. It after school and i had to stay for detention; she was in the chorus room. I sent her a text ask if we could meet some where and talk. She agreed and soon enough we met near the elevator that was for the disabled kids. When i finally got there she was waiting for me, wear some crazy tight jeans and her jacket she always wore. “Hi…” I didn’t say anything. I look around to corners to make sure no was there. It’s a clear and i knew what i wanted, what i needed to do..

I dashed to her and pusher on the wall. Her eyes widen and she was scared. I could see it. I kissed her hard and forcibly. “Wha… what are you doing?!” Giving you want you want little sis…” i got immediate hard and she kept trying to push me off like she was “fighting me” but she didn’t want me to really stop. Soon enough i turned her around and tried to undo her pants and pulled them down just enough to expose her ass and pussy. She was pale asf too. I slap her ass once and she yelped. “Please don’t do this, not here please!” I cover her mouth and pulled down my basketball shorts.

I just rammed my cock in her and i heard a small short yelp and she went quite it. Her legs started to shake uncontrollably. It looked like she had passed out honestly i didn’t know but i kept thrusting myself in and out of her as she stood there and just took.

Part two?

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  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k2

    Yet more misspelling and bastardisation of the English language. Why didn’t you go to school when it was open?Man, just awful

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k2

    More dumb bastardisation and misspelling of the English language…..useless

  • Reply Foxx ID:bkbo8eum9jn

    Oh god yes. Part two please

  • Reply ja ID:brx1qep0d0k

    wow yes part 2 is neaded

    • Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k2

      ‘Neaded’ you say? As in kneading bread but forgetting the K lol