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How can she be so good

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My niece got in to a fight so I took her back to my house to clean her up. Then she shocked with what she did to me. She’s only 11.

I was on my way back from the shops in the pouring rain when I saw a group of girls up ahead having a fight, as I got closer I saw that one of the girls was my 11 year old niece, Sarah, an older girl had just clocked her in the face and she fell in the dirt, I stopped the fight, told the other girls to get lost and then helped Sarah to her feet.

She had a bleeding nose, her back from head to toe was covered in wet dirt, and she was crying, so I walked her back to my house, it was closer than her, I got on the phone and called her parents to let them know where she was, what happened, that she was safe and I’d bring her home later.

I took her in to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, dropped to my knees so I was at her eye level, and started to rub the mud and blood off her pretty little face, luckily her nose stopped bleeding pretty quickly, “There you are…” I said, looking in to her big brown eyes on her nice clean face, “…Now, what are we going to do about these clothes. Come on, let’s get these off you.” I said.

I helped her out of her mud covered trainers, socks, t-shirt and leggings, and just sort of pushed them to one side on the bathroom floor, she was just standing right in front of me wearing nothing but her little mint-green panties, she grinned at me, “What?” I asked.

“You’ve got mud all over your front.” She replied.

I looked and she was right, I was covered in mud, so I stood up and too my shirt off, then my shoes, and finally my jeans and my boxer shorts just came down with them, now we were both standing in our underwear.

As I threw my clothes on the pile on the floor, I turned to look at her and her eyes were wide open and she looked very stunned, staring directly at my crotch.

“Oh, come on. You’ve seen one before. You shower with your dad, don’t you?” I said

“Not since I was five. Dad said I was getting too old to see him naked.” She replied, not taking her eyes off my cock for even a second.

It was only then I fully realised she wasn’t a little girl anyway and I probably shouldn’t have just got my cock out like I did in front of her, so I quickly covered myself up with my hands, “Oh – Uhm – I see. Right. Shit.” I said.

“Let me see it please.” She asked.

“No. No.” I replied, turning around.

“I’ll show you mine if you like.” She said, I turned around with intensions of explaining why that would not be appropriate, but I was too late, her panties were already around her ankles, and she was stood there in all her young glory with everything on show.

She had the nicest little pussy I’d ever seen, it was bald, a little wet, perfectly formed, it was perfect, but I knew I shouldn’t have been looking so I quickly put my hands over my eyes, not realising I’d removed my hands from my crotch and I was once again exposing myself to her, which became apparent when I felt her take hold of my cock and start to stroke it.

“It feels rubbery.” She said, happily tugging away and investigating my genitals, then she got on her knees and shuffled forward across the floor, reach up and held my hips and then slid my now erect cock in to her mouth and started to suck on it.
“Oh Ssssss-shiiiiit!” I mumbled, “What – Wha – What you doing – Sarah?!” I asked.

“It’s okay I’ve done it before to my boyfriend Chris. Yours is way bigger though.” She said, then went right back to sucking on my throbbing member.

A thousand thoughts about how stupendously wrong this all way went through my mind, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying her tiny mouth, she suddenly stopped, “Do you want to do it with me?” she asked.


She giggled at my confused reaction, then she stood up, held my hand and guided me out of the bathroom like a child and in to my bedroom where she got me to lay on my bed, she appeared to have me under some kind of mind control.

I laid down and she got on top of my straddling me across my knees and she gave my cock some more tugs, “Watch this uncle Luke.” She said, then she squatted over my cock, held it upwards and then lowered herself on to it with precision, she squeezed my long thick cock in to her tight and very small hole and then started to ride it.

“Ungh – Oh that is nice – it’s a big one.” She moaned out.

She leaned forward placing her hands on my stomach and just bounced her lower half up and down on my cock, it was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen, and felt, “Jesus!” I groaned, with absolute delight.

“Are you coming?” she asked.

“Yes!” I replied, “Oh, Yes!” I groaned.

She quickly pushed herself off my cock and then laid down between my legs, grabbing it with both hands she slipped it back in to her mouth and bopped her head up and down like crazy until I ejaculated in to her mouth, to which she promptly swallowed the lot.

She giggled while licking the tip of my cock like it was a normal thing to do.

When I asked her what the fight with the older girls was about, she told me the other girl was pissed off because she’d fucked her boyfriend.

“Do you do this a lot with boys?” I asked.

“Yep. All the time. I like sex.” She replied, “Don’t you?” she asked.

“Uhm – yes.” I replied.

I gave her some of my old clothes to wear and I took her home and told her to come and visit me whenever she wants, I can’t believe my little niece fucked my brains out, she’s only 11, and very small, but damn she can ride cock like a pro.

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