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My cousin took my virginity

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Tay is 17 and I’m 11, he fucked me many times but this is the very first awkward time he did it

My auntie has a big 4 bedroom house, they just moved here just her Tay and Tyler and I’m almost like her only niece that comes to stay due to how close we live.

My gma was dropping me and Tyler off so her and my Aunt could go shopping, we saw all the kids playing at the basketball court it was so hot I know I wasn’t going out there, when we got to the house Tyler ran in and ran out to go to the court I walked in and fixed me something to drink and my aunt was leaving right out the door telling me Tay was in the room and to lock the bottom lock.

I was slick salty cause nobody connected my laptop so I could play meez so I went to ask Tay I loved him so much both of my cousins actually they always protect me but Tay was on to something different

I knocked on his door and he said come in so I walked in and told him they had just left and I needed the WiFi password, he had it written down and I was typing it in myself while he put on a porn video… I knew what it was because I seen a porn before already it just upset my stomach looking at it

I started looking at it and Tay grabbed my hand without asking and just put it on his hard penis I was shook and my body became hot very hot I didn’t know what to do but just sit there

The porn was still going we were both looking at it while he was using my hand to stroke his penis, neither one of us had said a word it was so quiet even the porno, Tay stood up and helped me up then started to unbuckle my shorts I then started shaking my head no because I was scared and it felt wrong.

He insisted and kept saying let’s do what they did if you don’t like it we can stop, I didn’t want to be I did because why not, he told me to get in a doggy position and he locked the room door all I could do is pray I could get through this he licked me down there while I was in doggy style then he pushed it inside and it felt like a knife I jumped and it came out

He grab my hips and told me to be still then tried putting it back in, I told him he hurted and he said this will be quick then.. he pushed it back in and started going and out a little faster I was crying and moaning because it sting so bad

I wanted to cry out stop but I didn’t say anything but loud crying and moaning he slapped my butt I tried to cover it up then he grabbed my hand both in put them behind me and started saying “Take it Aubrey take it” it was hurting so bad it didn’t even get a chance to feel good but he came deep inside of me and I got up and pulled up my panties

This is based on a true story that was the very first time he fucked me and he fucked me a lot after that

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