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Carlos Garcia Governor of The Paradise Club Women’s Prison (part 5)

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When you find your Mother on her bed playing with herself and a man watching, it must surely be a sign your whore needs to be fucked and punished.

When Carlos Garcia started working for the prison service things changed at the home he grew up in, he still lived there with his Mother , but with his salary coming in and his Mother working full time they were rich compared to all their neighbors, and even when his Mother job became only 20 hours a week instead of 45 ,there was plenty of money for them to live very well.
Fresh meat, fresh bread, fresh fruit were on the table every day instead of once a week, new furniture, new beds, even new floor mats adorned the house, his little world was a wonderful place.
Of a night time Carlos took great delight in scanning the prisoners room with the cameras each room had, then informing the staff which women were committing the cardinal sin of have lesbian sex ,which meant that the women would be taken to the basement “Punishment Room” and dealt with immediately.
Nine or ten women guards would always escort the two women to the punishment room , the night shift was boring, everyone was locked up in their cells so the chance of going to watch a couple of women be punished was something that broke up the boredom.
The real fun came in trying to think of new ways to punish the guilty party’s. If it was a simple butch /pillow princes situation the butch woman who had been seen receiving the oral sex would often be chained to a big X on the wall and the fem woman who had been performing the sex act would be what could only be called tortured, the idea was to try and make the woman on the X cry watching her lover in pain while some of the guards would stand around the butch woman insulting her ,kicking her crotch, pulling her tits, while she watched her lover get caned, then tied on her back and normally several of the guards would take off their panties ,pull up their skirts and take it in turns to sit on the poor woman’s face while she licked them to a climax.
Unchained from the X the woman would then often be tied face down for a caning on the bench then just for fun they would be “fed” a couple of 12 inch strap-on cocks either in their mouths and cunts or in there butts and mouths, while everyone else stood around laughing.
Carlos arrived for work in a cab at 8 in the evening, another revolution was going on in the city, nothing new for his country ,they seemed to happen more often than it rained ,some Dictator was being sworn in with the backing of the army, his supporters were running around the Capital looting and rioting, drunk as skunks from looted liquor stores, most of the night staff including Carlos were sent home ,the next day it was going to be busy processing the rioters that had been arrested and just thrown in cells to sleep it off anywhere on the floor they landed.
The bus service had closed down, one of the officers had offered him a lift on her scooter, and he had walked the last couple of miles after she dropped him off. As he walked down the street the could see an old car parked outside of his house for some unknown reason he was annoyed then he laughed and thought to himself one day I will buy a car and park the damn thing outside my neighbors house I will teach them .
He was surprised to see the house in darkness, surly his Mother was not in bed by 9 o’ clock. One of his first ” luxury purchases” he bought once he started working was a color TV, and she would normally sit up late into the night watching anything that was on. He walked past the front door looked down the side of the house and sure enough the light was on in his Mothers bedroom .
Quietly so not as to wake her he entered the front door, he thought about calling out Hi it’s only me to let her know that he was home, but as he closed the door he could hear voices, a mans and his Mothers. Slowly he crept along the hall standing outside the door he heard the unknown man say ” pull your nipple, push it in further,” his Mother laughed and said ” it’s almost all in ,you want me to push it all the way in” and she giggled.
Stepping throught the door the first thing Carlos saw was his Mother laying on her bed naked, her legs wide open and she was masturbating with a Cambur a small banana pushed deep into her cunt, her left hand was pulling her left nipple and her eyes were closed . An old guy Carlos didn’t recognize and who looked to be about 100 sat in the chair by the bed , his pants around his ankles he was rubbing his cock and watching my Mother fuck herself. He kept saying ” push it in Sweetie push it in more”, and he was obviously getting towards his climax.
Luciana Garcia opened her eyes as she could feel her climax about to explode deep in her cunt, she looked at Carlos and for a second it didn’t register he was there in the room, then suddenly she screamed out his name. The old man looked at her, then looked at Carlos who was walking towards him. “No Carlos, no don’t hurt him he is my friend, don’t touch him he is old”. “Touch him, hurt him, why would I do that Carlos” asked very calmly, “I was just going to introduce myself to your friend, hello Sir and you are ” ?
The old man was trying to pull his pants up, but he was scared to stand up with Carlos towering above him, ” I am Samuel, I am a fried of your Mothers” the old guy said, ” and a very good friend by the looks of it Carlo’s “said with a grin on his face. “I didn’t do anything to her like that ” Samuel said doing his pants up,” I just like to watch her do it to herself “. ” She is a pretty woman” said Carlos looking at his Mother who had rolled herself into he fetal position and pulled one side of the bed covers over her lower body. ” You like watching her squeal when she pushes something in her cunt do you, make her keep pushing it further and further in so it hurts her, stretching her cunt is that what you like “,he sad with a tinge of anger in his voice.
Samuel just looked at him and said softly ” I should be going now.” ” No, no ,no,” said Carlos moving to stand between Samuel and his Mother, ” you need to stay because you see this whore on the bed, well I am going to make her wish she had never been born ,” if you like hearing her squeal when she sticks a little banana in her cunt you should stay for a while , because she is going to be singing in a little while, have you ever heard my Mother sing ” ?
” No ” said Samuel,” I really must be going, I need to get home” and he started to stand up. Carlos brushed past him knocking him back into the chair, as he walked around the bottom of the bed ,” hey, hey, said Samuel rather timidly, no need for that”, as he started to get up again, “I paid her her money when I got here , she got paid “. Carlos stopped, “you paid her for that” , he said the veins in his neck beginning to turn purple and stick out. “Yes”, said Samuel ,” I always pay her, I have never not paid her ,I always pay her” he was saying as he was backing towards the bedroom door.
Halfway down the hallway Samuel heard the muffled woman’s scream, Carlos had thrown the covers off his Mother rolled her onto her back, grabbed the banana that was laying on the bed and pushed it into her mouth before grabbing a hand full of her dark black pussy hair and almost lifting her bottom off the bed he yanked it so hard.
, Samuel closed the front door and ran to his car as fast as his old legs would carry him, by the time he felt safe turning the corner at the end of the road, Luciana Garcia was on her hands and knees on her bedroom floor , little tears ran down her face going into her nose and mouth as she licked her sons prison boots , and begged him not to hurt her.
Carlos had not eaten since he got home the night shift that morning, coffee and a few cookies before he went to work was all he had, the night shift food was always good and plentiful and no one cared how often you went to the servers for more, but coming home early he realized he was hungry.
He sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes watching his naked Mother prepare his meal , she had not spoken to him, and the only contact he had with her was when he walked into the kitchen, he had grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and smacked her butt real hard with his hand, laughed and said ” how exciting ,my Mother is a real whore, a prostitute someone who takes money for sex , I think I have a few Pesos in my pocket, what will the whore do for that “.
When she didn’t answer he led her away from the sink by her hair and laid her face down on the kitchen table. “Open your legs” he said ,and she did as she was told, pushing his middle finger into her cunt he started to laugh, ” you whore, your soaking fucking wet, how many guys had fucked this pussy today” he said forcing three fingers into her hot wet pussy? “Aggghhh ” she said softly as Carlos started pushing his fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt, ” Loudly Carlos said ” how many fucking guys have you fucked today whore ” , “none, none, you know I don’t do that you know I don’t” she said between making painful aagghh sounds each time he pushed his fingers into her. ” Five, Five did you say five men today you filthy whore” he said laughing, she didn’t say anything, as he pulled his fingers out of her cunt.
Holding his hand in the air he pretended to count his fingers, “FIVE” he said loudly as he put his fingers on his Mothers cunt lips before slowly starting to push his fingers into her. ” No No” she said “NOOO please Carlos that hurts so bad” she screamed as his fingers brutally went into her cunt up to his knuckles. Isabella Gomez screamed she went up onto her tip toes, one foot came off the ground and waved in the air as his whole hand up to his wrist went into her hot wet pussy.
Pumping his hand in and out of her cunt like a steam train Luciana Gomez banged her hands on the table and screamed and begged for her son to stop , but it wasn’t until he felt his arm getting tired and the pumping slowing down that he screamed at his Mother calling her a fucking whore ,and pulling his hand out of her cunt he unzipped his fly and pushed his huge cock into his Mothers cunt.
It only took Carlos a couple of minutes to empty his balls into her wet stretched cunt, pulling out he walked to the sink, put his cock over the edge and washed it with cold water. Turning as he dried it on a tea towel he saw his Mother had not moved, she lay on the table looking at him with tears in her eyes. “Get up bitch” he said ignoring her tears,” get up and get my dinner, and from now on I will be the only one that fucks you do you understand ” ?
She slowly started to get off the table, he walked behind her and flicked her across the butt with the tea towel, ” move cunt” he said laughing. As she stood up holding her back, a trickle of his cum ran out of her cunt onto her leg. Wiping it up with his finger he held it to his Mother mouth and told her to” lick it “. She looked into his eyes ,looked down at her feet and opened her mouth to receive his finger which she sucked clean.
That night Carlos climbed into his Mothers bed, and before he went to sleep he fucked her again after she had sucked his cock for a long time to make him hard. He woke at 6 in the morning ,it took him a few seconds to realize where he was, and although he wanted to go for a pee he looked over to see his Mother asleep on her back on the bed. She woke with a scream as he buried 9 inches of cock into her now dry cunt,she didn’t put up much of a fight once she had tried to push him off and he had slapped her face and told her to “shut the fuck up”.
Lifting her ankles up in the air he pushed as hard as he could into her, making her grunt with each thrust. He could feel the sap rising in his cock, the further he pushed her legs over her head and shoulders the more her grunts turned to cry’s of pain and the more she begged him to stop, which defeated the object because the more she squealed and begged the harder he pushed and the further her feet went towards the pillow, before with one huge thrust he started to cum and as her feet hit the wall behind the pillows he emptied his load into his screaming Mothers belly.

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