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true story of getting touched/raped at school

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Hi im Alina and im 12 yrs old when this happened and I still am. It all started in my homeroom a couple of months ago. Im a quiet girl, who has basically no friends. I had to sit next to this popular eigth grader(prety sure hes 13 almost 14) he was nice in the beginning and always complimented me saying I had nice lips and beautfiul dirty blonde hair. It started getting weird when he complimented me on my boobs. Im barely developed im like an a-cup almost b? After he said that I got really embarrased and shy and looked down. A day after he put his hand on my thigh and said that im really pretty and asked for me to be his girlfriend. As a shy girl I said okay, not wanting to hurt bhis feelings. Whenever I saw him in the hall he would always stop me and corner me into a orner and feel me up, i would always resist and he would just say “shh its okay baby.” one time he stuck his hand into my shirt and i started to cry a tiny bit telling him to stop. thats when he got rough. he told me to shut the fuck up. and told me i was a whore. he slapped me over and over until my face was red. He pushed me into a closet and forced my face onto his private parts and told me to suck. i criend while choking on his penis. he kept saying “good good gir” after he finished he ripped me off his penis and threw me on the ground screaming “do you wanna know what girls like you are for” i just looked at the ground and shrugged. he slapped me and said answer, i sniffled “um i dont know” he grabbed my boob and squeezed it really hard, and yelled ” girls like you are worseless sluts who onpy are meant on the earth for pleasure.
i look at the floor and whisper “thats not true” he screams at me and hits me and tells me hes bringing his friends to rape me tomorrow.

pls dont be weird in commentzs 🙂
part 2 ?

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  • Reply Casual Guy ID:16d45lz0hrd

    Am I wrong in asking did you enjoy it, victims hate reliving the pain, but well you wrote it in detail.

    And seems you might be more then just a victim?

  • Reply Saín ID:c0ks5oik

    Wish I was him

  • Reply Jane ID:c0ks5oik

    Definitely part 2

  • Reply Ablack756 ID:fx7ith209

    Hello sweetie. I would like to talk to you about this and make you more comfortable. I am older. I’m 33. But I could be a daddy for you and help you learn and explore yourself. It would be helping you learn how to make yourself feel good and what you like. If you are interested my sc is the same as the name used to post this comment.

    • Marcel ID:5tymkrem4

      she doesnt want you weirdo

  • Reply Hawt Sauce#9074 ID:yv9vg4m2

    hey alina i’m 15 yo and would like to talk to you more (not trying to be weird) my discord is Hawt Sauce#9074 dm me sometime

  • Reply A wellwisher ID:etyt81k0d

    This is so sad that you had to go through this. Please call the cops if this happens again.

  • Reply NoName45 ID:571gl9wh

    She said no to be weird in the comments nd all of them get weird what is wrong with u ppl???

    • durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

      This site is made for getting off to. The comments are just people continuing their enjoyment

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      When the comments aren’t just trolls doing whatever you tell them not to, because you told them not to. Or telling rape victims they weren’t raped, because if anybody knows when they’re raped, it’s not the victim. It’s some edgelord who wasn’t there, and never met either of them.

  • Reply drachenlord ID:2y8tbi1c44

    Do part2. Besides that wasn’t rape just truth and you should be honored to serve such a mighty cock holder

    • Kat ID:2a74rl1m9d

      I wish to serve someone like that

    • Alina ID:2a7j3ye20c

      i hate him and ive moved schools because of it

    • Emma ID:1eilcf58j

      It was rape. Plain and simple. I’m glad she moved schools.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    Naughty girl

    • Alina ID:2a7j3ye20c

      how was i naughty

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

      @Alina cause deep down you loved all of the extra attention. Great stories! Keep it up. We should write one together sometime.

    • Alina ID:2a7j3ye20c

      maybe how old are you

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

      @Alina 28…. Email me some time

    • Alina ID:2a7j3ye20c

      when i was in my moms womb you were in highschool

  • Reply Bob ID:cq1wbbem4

    Longer stories and a part 2