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I’m in love with my 15-year-old daughter

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As I’m writing this my little girl named Allie is silently laying in bed covered in our juices. Every few minutes I’ll hear her crying but I don’t feel bad about what I did, heck, I wish I would’ve done it sooner.

I started dating my daughter’s mother when she was 6 years old and though I’m her stepfather I still consider her my real child. She was a beautiful child who warmed up to me being around her fast. I was often left alone with her because her mother still wasn’t out of the “partying phase” and used me as a free babysitter. I didn’t mind because I loved being around her. As Allie got older she started to develop and she developed fast. I couldn’t help but notice her breast getting bigger and her hips getting wider. Her mother would often criticize her saying “she was trying to steal me away from her”. I couldn’t help but think her mother was correct. I knew the way I looked at her was wrong but I still did it. She would often talk about how she hated how girls of her color were often ” sexualized” at an early age. Though I was listening to her I couldn’t blame the people who did it. They had such perfect round lips, large hips, and big breasts.

Today her mother wasn’t home again so it was just me and her. She was ranting about some bullshit going on at her school and honestly I was listening. My eyes were forced on her erect nipples poking through her thin tank top. She must have seen me looking because she quickly covered herself with a blanket. I apologized but she was silent. She then looked at me and pointed at my pants. Since I was busy apologizing I barely noticed that I was hard. She quickly got up and went to her room so I followed her. I apologized again and she accepted it and that was it. Whilst I was supposed to be asleep I kept thinking about my daughter’s beautiful breasts. Without thinking my hands were in my pants and I slowly started jerking off to the thought of my daughter. This was barely helping and I knew I needed to be inside her with or without her permission.

I quietly crept into her room and she was sleeping softly. She must have been reading a book because her favorite book was lying open beside her. I got into her bed and thought about if I wanted to do it. I knew this could ruin our relationship and a part of me didn’t care. My hand slowly crept up her thigh while I looked at her to make sure she wasn’t awake. My finger grazed my daughter’s covered pussy and I could feel the wetness of it. This was driving me crazy and my cock ached for her. I pushed my hand down her pink panties and rubbed her clit. Moans escaped her lips so I started to rub even faster. I then got in between her legs and caught a whiff of her sweet-scented pussy. My tongue slowly made circles about her clit and her moans got even louder. At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took my penis out of my boxers and placed it at her entrance. I raised her shirt and twisted her perfect brown nipples which raised a louder moan from her. I then pulled her panties to the side and pushed myself into her tight pussy using my spit as lube. She immediately woke up and grunted in pain.

When she noticed who I was and what was happening she screamed at me to spot and tried to push me away but I forced her arms to her side and thrust into her even harder. She started crying while asking me to slow down. I started to kiss her to shut her up while my fingers made circles around her swollen clit. I could tell she finally started to enjoy it when she tried to hide her face but I demanded her to face me. Seeing her beautiful facial expressions made me even hornier and I felt like I could go on for hours. I knew I was gonna cum so I did one last thrust and emptied myself into her pussy. I laid down beside her and kissed her neck while telling her I loved her.

Guys, I’m a 15-year-old girl! I’m not an old man

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