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Family Skinny-dipping with benefits…

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My aunt and her GF went skinny-dipping in the creek , and I tagged along….

When I was a kid, I loved spending time in the summer at my Grandparents farm. The were retired school teachers and lived a free spirited lifestyle. My Mom always said they were hippies, back before there were hippies ! The farm was always busy with aunts, uncles, cousins and assorted people coming and going and there was always a party.

The summer when I turned 16, my aunt Sylvia and her GF Gabbi showed up for a weekend. Sylvia was 37 and her latest GF Gabbi was only 25. Sylvia owned an art gallery and Gabbi was her assistant. I had overheard them talking about going down to the creek and go swimming. Now it was not unusual for people to swim and sun naked on the dock .In fact, casual nudity around the farm was pretty much a given, considering everything else that went on there.

Being the average horny 16 year old, I decided to go down and share in the fun. I gave them about a 20 minute head start, then grabbed a towel and walked on down the path to the creek. When I got there, I paused before walking out from the bushes. Sylvia was in the water topless, maybe waist deep, She was a little on the heavy side and had boobs that must have been 38-40D. She was somewhat of a dyke, masculine in speech and the way she dressed. Gabbi was sitting on the dock, she too had her top off and she was petite and perky, I guess she was the submissive female half of the couple

Sylvia kept telling Gabbi to get in , but apparently she was hesitant to get in the dark water. Finally Gabbi stood up and took off her shorts and took the plunge. Gabbi was about 5’3, short reddish hair and had a tight body with several tattoos. I watched from the bushes as they swam around and played with each other. After they climbed out and sat on the dock naked having a beer, I decided to join them.

“Hey guys” i called out as I walked from the bushes, Gabbi grabbed a towel and tried to cover a little, but Sylvia pulled the towel away and told Gabbi to relax. Hell, we had seen each other naked many times when I was younger. I took a moment to take a real good look at the two of them and then slipped into the water. I swam around for a minute or two and then swam up to the dock and removed my shorts and tossed them on the dock.

The two of them got back in the water and swam around and began to hug and kiss a little, just fooling around. Sylvia told me I could have a beer, so I climbed out and I stood there having a sip. Sylvia remarked, “Wow, Ronnie, you’re all grown up I see” giggling. Yes, I was a lot older than the last time I saw her and I noticed my young 6″ cock was about half erect. I told her I had just turned 16, two weeks before. Then I sat down on the edge of the dock with my feet in the water just trying to chill out.

The two of them played around in the water for another 15 minutes or so and I noticed them whispering and giggling . Then the two of them swam up and stood in front of me in maybe waist deep water. .

She told me she was sorry that she had missed my birthday but she could give me a late present. She asked me how I did with the girls back home and was I gettin’ any ? I told her I was doing ok with the girls. With that she reached out and took my young cock in her hand and started to fondle me. I leaned back with my arms behind me on the dock as my cock grew rock hard as she played with my cock and balls.

Gabbi is gonna give you a special present from the two of us she said. She then pulled Gabbi over and she stood between my legs as she put my hands on her perky breasts and hard wet nipples. Gabbi began to stroke my hard cock and I trembled as she took it into her mouth. Gabbi was sucking my cock and Sylvia stood behind her and slipped her hand down and fingered Gabbi’s clit.

Gabbi was sucking my young hard cock slowly with long deep strokes of her head as I squeezed her breasts while Sylvia fingered away humping Gabbi from behind. It wasn’t long before I just leaned my head back and shot my load of cum in Gabbi’s mouth..

We all hugged tenderly as I slid off the dock into the water with them. Gabbi was stroking my cock a little, telling me what a stud I was and what a beautiful cock I had. After a few moments, Sylvia told me I could have another beer, but they’d like to be alone now. At that point, I didn’t need to hang around any longer.

So I slipped on my shorts and grabbed a beer and started back toward the house . As I walked off, they both yelled ” Happy Birthday” laughing and I gave them a “thumbs up”. But I didn’t go back to the house, after a few minutes I peeped back thru the bushes and watched as Sylvia laid back on her towel with her legs spread and pulled Gabbi’s face down roughly on her pussy.

I watched for about 10 minutes as these two did a wild 69 on each other. My cock grew hard again and I had to jerk off another load of cum before walking back to the house. When I got back to the house Granny asked me if I had fun at the creek and I grinned sheepishly and told her ” Oh yeah”…

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    Thank you for writing such a nice heart warming story about both straight and lesbian sexual acts..