Mom and Me: Part 3 The Climax

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We hit the pinnacle of our relationship.

I awoke in almost the same position as I fell asleep in, naked and spooning my naked mother. We just had an amazing night of sex. My morning erection was wedged nice and snug between my mother’s big ass cheeks. She was already awake and when she noticed I had awoke she rolled over to face me.

“Morning Sweetie” she greeted me, then followed it with a kiss.

She immediately slid down under the covers and grabbed my erection. Without a word she put my cock in her mouth. What a way to start my day! Her warm mouth and soft lips slid up and down my shaft. Her tongue tickled my tip. Her hand giving me a gentle squeeze at the base every now and then. All I see is her head under the blanket bouncing up and down. I’m there! I shoot a fresh batch in her mouth. When I do her sucking intensifies. The taste of my cum drives her wild again. When she’s swallowed the last drop, she crawls back up and gives me another kiss. The taste of cum still on her lips. She smiles, pats me on the chest and gets out of bed. “I’m gonna go take a shower” she said.

I laid there alone in her bed for a minute or two before my eagerness got the best of me. I snuck into the bathroom as if I wasn’t allowed to be in there. I pulled back the shower curtain and peeked inside. Mom had her back to me and the sight of water and soap dripping down her back and to her big ass made me hard again.

She turned toward me and jumped a bit. “Geez, you scared me!” she said a bit short of breath. “Wanna join me?” she added.

I didn’t even answer, I just got in. We immediately started kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. It had only been 36 hours since we started this immoral relationship and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We both knew that this could come to an end at any moment, either one of us comes to our senses or one of us finds a new relationship. We never said it but we both had to get as much as we could before that happened.

My hand made its way to her wet pussy. I started rubbing her clit and then slid a finger inside her. She began to moan. I slipped a second finger in her. She buried her face in my neck and started biting me gently. Her moans got louder and louder. She grabbed ahold of my cock. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” she yelled.

My hand moved faster and harder. I feel her pussy getting warmer and wetter. Before she can finish her climax I turn her around. I push her against the shower wall and push my cock inside her. She finishes her orgasm off with her fingers and I can feel her hand grabbing my balls as they slap against her pussy. It doesn’t take long before I’m ready to cum again. With one last thrust I push my dick as deep as I can and let out another batch of cum. It’s an intense feeling. She turns around and gives me a passionate kiss. A few seconds later she pushes me back. Out of breath she says “OK, I gotta finish showering. I gotta go to work in a bit.”

We carried on like this for a little over a week. Passionate sex. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It never was planned sex. It was always spontaneous. Something would set one of us off and we’d just start fucking. We’d both cum in a matter of minutes and it’d be over as soon as it started. We would always talk about our kinks, and fantasies. Things we wanted to do in bed but we’d never get there.

After about a month things had slowed down a bit. We had gone a week without doing anything. We were sitting on the couch talking when the phone rang. I picked up the phone and answered. It was an ex girlfriend of mine, Chelsea, I was still a bit hung up on her and my pain was probably the cause of all this. I thought I was going to marry her until she broke my heart.

I went upstairs to talk to her. We talked for over 2 hours. When we were finally done, mom was laying in bed reading. She looked up at me with the same happy smile she had been giving me recently. She was well aware of the pain I was in with her. And well aware I wanted to get back together with her too. “Well?” she said.

“I don’t know. We’re having dinner tomorrow night and we’re going to talk about things”

“Good! That’s a start” she replied.

She seemed OK with the possibility of me being with someone else.

The next night I went out to dinner with Chelsea and we talked for hours. She apologized for hurting me and explained her reasons. She said that we were getting really serious and it scared her. With everything that was going on at home, I understood completely. Mom and I were deep in an immoral relationship and it was scaring me too. We agreed to to get back together and try again. We left the restaurant together. We shared a kiss which lead to a short make out sesh. We stopped before it got too hot, giggled a bit, got in our cars and went home.

When I got home mom was waiting up for me on the couch. As I opened the door her gave lit up “How’d it go?” she asked excitedly

I was scared to tell her what really happened so I just muttered “It went OK I guess. We’re going to talk again tomorrow or something.”

Mom was wearing her bathrobe and nothing else. It was coming untied but still covering all her parts. Her cleavage was well shown and I was already a bit worked up from my short make out session with Chelsea so I couldn’t stop staring at mom’s breast.

She stood up and her robe loosened a bit more and there was a quick nip slip. She covered up quickly and gave me a hug. I wrapped my arms around her as well. Her scent enticed me and my hands slid down her back and started groping her ass. I hear her softly moan, and I go with it. I begin to nibble on her neck and her ear. My cock begins to swell in my jeans. I untie her robe and her double D’s spill out. My hands start to caress her tits. My kissing works its way from her neck to her clavicle and her chest. I push one of her tits toward my mouth and take in her entire nipple. A soft little bite and she let’s out a gasp. She pushes me back and grabs my hand and leads me upstairs to the bedroom. She sits on the edge of the bed and begins undoing my jeans. She reaches inside and pulls my throbbing cock out. My pants fall to the floor and she begins slurping my dick. Before I get too close, she looks up at me and demands I lay down. She had done this before and I was expecting her to straddle me and ride me but this time was different. This time she straddled my face and got into a 69 position. She pressed her ass down and her wet pussy shoved in my face. I plunged my tongue as deep inside her as I could. Her moans vibrate thru my cock. She was sucking my cock vigorously but I wasn’t even thinking about that. Her wet pussy covering my face was all I could focus on.

She sat up and pressed her fat ass down on my face even more. After a moment she let me come up for air. She did it one more time and this time my tongue hit her asshole. I tongue fucked her ass until she let me up again.

She then slid down my stomach and grabbed my dick again. She pushed it inside her pussy. She was grinding on me reverse cowgirl now giving me an amazing view of her ass. WHACK! I smack her fat ass.

“Again!” she cries out.


“I’M SO CLOSE!” she screamed

I was also getting a great shot of her asshole and after tasting it a few minutes earlier it was all I could think of. I put my thumb on it and began circling around.

“PUSH IT IN THERE!” she moaned

I did as she demanded. I pushed my thumb all the way in her butthole.


She lifted herself off my cock and began rubbing her pussy. My thumb stuck firmly in in her ass still. She starts crying out in pleasure. Thru her legs I can see she has squirted. It’s spraying everywhere. I can feel it spraying all over my legs.

After she calms, I withdraw my thumb from her and she gets up and walks to her dresser. When she comes back she lays on her back and hands me some lube. “You earned this one!” she said out of breath.

I put a healthy dose of lube on my cock. It begins to warm up and tingle a bit. I push the tip in her tight hole. It goes in much easier than I had expected. She begins to rub her clit as I push each inch of my cock a little deeper in her ass.

Her asshole loosens up and now I can fuck her. I lift her legs up on my shoulders. My cock plunging deep in my mother’s ass.

“Oh shit! I’m going to cum so hard!” I groaned as I fall into more of a missionary position.

I put my hand gently on her neck and she yells out..


I squeeze her throat a bit. She yells out louder. “HARDER! DO IT! I’M GONNA CUM!”

She let’s out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard from her as I tighten my grip on her neck. I thrust my cock as deep as I can and unleash an enormous amount of cum. My toes curl and my legs begin kicking uncontrollably. As I pull my dick out of her ass cum starts leaking out after.

I crash on the bed next to her completely exhausted. “Holy shit!” I struggle to say.

“I can’t believe you made me cum while fucking my ass!” she said. “That’s never happened” she added.

The following morning I explained to her that I was getting back together with Chelsea. She understood completely.

“I love you so much Sweetie. I want you to be happy. You do what makes you happy.” she told me.

“No matter who I’m with or how much I love them I’ll never love them the way I’ve grown to love you Mom.” I expressed. “There will always be a place for you. Emotionally and physically.”

Mom and I put our fling on hold as I restarted my love with an ex girlfriend.

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