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The first time with my sister

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My sister has been taunting me for weeks time for payback

Alright so I’m 18 my my sister is 15 she very attractive in my opinion long black hair tan big boobs and ass she bloomed well. She’s always wearing cute little outfits always playing around with me teasing me. One night out patents had gone out and it was just with her sexy outfit her shorts and this pair had her ass hanging out. Tonight I had enough if she was going to act like a slut she was going to get treated like one. We’re both in the kitchen and she pushes past me bumping I to me. “Watch it” she says.
“You’re the one that bumped into me. And I’m sick of your crap” I snap
“Well to bad what are you going to do about it huh? Nothing” she laughed
That was my last straw she’s about to have it. I bent her over the kitchen counter with all my weight against her small body.
“what the he’ll are you doing?” She yelled at me
“You’re getting what you deserve always in slutty outfits messing with me now it’s my turn” I said
I started to grab her ass squeezing it hard
“Ahh you don’t have to do this”
“Shut up”
I pushed her into the counter a little while grabbing her boobs feeling no bra then ran my hands up and under getting better access while playing with them and playing with her nipples feeling myself getting hard against her. She whines but I carry on and take her shirt off. Then to her pants at the front then unbuttoned them and slide them down.
“Are you enjoying this?” I say and no response
I know she’s secretly enjoying this she’s always going on about I new boy in her life I know this is what she likes.
“Come on I’m your sister ” she moaned
“Shut up I know your enjoying this ” again no response I take off my pants and boxers and slide her panties does. I start to rub her clit and feel her already getting wet then used two fingers to fuck her in and out to make sure she’s lubed enough and of course she’s moaning away. I stop and line up my hard cock to her pussy and start fucking her I pushed it in all the way inside and them worked my way faster and fasting. With her moaning louder now. “Mmm fuck. Ahhh. Your so big.” She moaned
“Shh your my slut now” I kept fucking her and felt her pushing back in rhythm now and I felt close to coming. I keep going and I felt it pumping all my cum inside her then I feel her shake and moan on my cock. Her finishing at the same time proved she loved it. I pulled out of her smiling and pulled my clothes up. “Next time don’t mess with me or you’ll get punished. She pulled up her panties and shorts and grabbed her top. “Yeah we’ll see” as she left the room.

Let me know if you want any more stories or more parts of me and my sister

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    I want a part two. Cum in her again and pussy and anal creampie

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    If anyone has kids in the 10 to 13 and they go on fanfiction.net, send em to ra009

    Please be willing to talk dirty with me, and send vids of them fucking when i ask.


    Great story do part 2