Shilpa cheating wife with fitness trainer Siraj part 1

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My name is SHILPA age 30. I got married when I was 24 . I am a working as biometric engineer in hospital. I am married and I have 2 kids. 4 year old boy and 1 year girl. And my husband works in bank. My husband is also a alcoholic.
When telling about my body . I have fare brown colour . Wide eyes . A mole on the left side of nose . I was thin before marriage . But after marriage and having 2 kids. I become little fat and chubby. After the second delivery I become little more fat. I had straight hair. My boobs is big and always hang down as I want to feed my 1 year old baby . My ass is little fat round and round shaped and sometimes bounce when I walk or jump. My belly is little fat and had side folding. I had little stretch mark on my belly . Due to delivery of 2 kids . I had hair till my neck. I body is like hairy nature. I had little hair on my hands , legs . I have shave my arm pit and pussy every weak so to make it clean .
After 1 year of delivery of my 2 child . I decided to go to gym. To reduce my belly. When I wear tight dress it really show my side folding as and belly. So I decided to go to gym. In gym I was trained by SIRAJ. He was a fitness model and had good body with nice abs and chest and shoulders muscle. He was not a body builder he is like models.
He used to train me every day for 2 Hours in gym . I usually wear t-shirt and tight pants in gym. Mostly after the exercise I will very sweaty and my dress become very wet . My t-shirt become so wet that my dress become transparent and whole my upper body will be visible out. My dress will sticking to my body due to sweat that it show perfect shape of my body. For my pants my ass become so sweaty that my gap between the ass will be easily seen out. I used to expose more when ever people look at me. Even after becoming wife and mother of 2 kids. I still like to expose my body and attract people. I also used to look other persons. When night husband have sex with me I imagine about Siraj and his body. And think he is fucking me and making me preganant.
After 2 months I lost 3 kg. I become little more in shape.
Now I am going tell about how I cheated my husband whole day while he is in house looking after kids. The day in which loyal wife and loving mother inside me died for fulfilling my sexual desire and addiction to Siraj body and dick.
It’s was day of strike. There was no vehicles and my husband had no job. I went to gym as usual telling my husband to look after the kids. My husband was little sick due to food infection even though he agreed to look after the kids till I come back from gym . That day I was wearing a red t-shirt and black tight pants. Also I were red bra and red panties. My t-shirt back side is open but not complete. But my red bra and some of my flush meat can be seen . That day I went as usual and start my exercise with Siraj. As time passed my Body become more sweaty and my red t-shirt start to stick to my body showing by body shape and become so transparent showing Every thing inside. I did not shave my arm pit that weak. So my armpit was very sweaty and sweat was flowing down through my arms. During exercise Siraj used to support me in lifting weight. That day I was doing should press. So he was supporting by holding arms below my elbow near to my armpit . Every time I lift the weight I could notice Siraj intentionally rubbing my arms till arm pit. And he was standing very much close to me to give support for me to lift weights. As I can feel his breath touching my shoulder. I noticed he was trying to get my sweat smell and enjoying the smell and enjoying by touching my body . After shoulder press he made me to do squats . In that for supporting me do to squats. He hold from my back and wrapped his through my wait . His hands were hands were pressing my stomach as he hold tight around my waist. He was very close to me that I could feel his body touching my back. Even if I tried to move little . He hold me back telling that I should stay close then only he can support properly . By telling that he pulled me more close to him . Now my entire is touching his body and as my dress wet by sweat it was getting stick to Siraj body. I could feel my flush meat of my back where t-shirt is open touching Siraj chest. Also I could feel his bulged dick getting pressed on my ass and I could feel he is rubbing his dick between my ass gap while I do squat . Even though I felt like pushing him away and move from there . I didn’t respond . As there was something bad happening inside. Which made me stand in his hands itself close to his body . I was knowing as wife and mother of 2 that I am doing bad as I am allowing another person to do like that with me. But that time loyal wife and mother inside me was dying and I was getting controlled by my lust . I was becoming lusty cheating bitch wife and bad mother . After doing 2 seats he released me from his hands and asked me to take rest and drink water. When I look at Siraj . I could see his bulge inside his shorts. And it was very big . I got excited and felt like taking his dick in my arms and rubbing it. Then Siraj removed his t-shirt saying that it got wet from sweat of mine when he supported me. So he said he doesn’t want to spoil his t-shirt so he is removing his shirt . He asked me permission to support her like before with out shirt. I was getting excited to stand like before with him as he now not wearing shirt. I felt horny that my flush meat can touch his bare chest. So when he asked for supporting me like before with out shirt. I said yes yes in ordinary voice. So that he will not understand I am getting excited. When he removed his dress I could see his well built body along with bulged dick inside his shorts. I felt very horney that I want his dick inside me . That time I completely forget husband and my kids. I really want to feel his dick in my ass. So I asked him that I could go to toilet for peeing before doing next set of squat . I went to toilet. I real reason for coming to toilet was to remove my red panties and only wear tight pants so that when he touch my ass gap with his dick it can go little more inside . Then I removed my pants and then removed my panties and throw it out so that no person will not see if I keep it there . After removing my panties I put on my panties little more tightly so that my ass gap can seen easily. Then I went out. And I said I am ready. But this time I myself standing close to Siraj. As his whole body press against me.

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