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daddys favorite

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My mother and father had 6 kids being the 6th and being born with 5 brothers.

The oldest is Kevin he’s 22 with my triplet nephews who are 3 the second oldest is Jaylen he’s 21 the fun one with an on and off girlfriend, then john who’s 18 and recently moved away to England for college, and carter who’s 17 and about to graduate and junior who works and is 15.

Then me Lenny im 14 and I have a close relationship with my brothers and even tho my mom hates it I’m a tomboy I like baseball and soccer I wear baggy and shop in the boy’s section.

So my moms rarely at home due to her working at a law firm sometimes it’s just me and my dad at home and that’s how it was last Monday.

I asked him to help with my stances the way I position myself when pitching always leaves me with a sore wrist, so we did and it was hot so I was only in a sports bra and shorts because I’m usually comfortable like they round the house.

But I didn’t expect to feel my dad’s boner and muscular body press against me I froze and when he backed up and let me throw the ball he asked his did it feel.

I was unsure if it meant how did it feel when I felt his thick bulge or when I threw the ball.

I commented on the ball ofc and after him doing it more I found myself doing it wrong list to feel him.

So it came up with stretching and he pressed against me for every stretch and I’ve always liked my dad in a fatherly way but sometimes in a romantic even sexual way.

And after that all he offered a dip in the pool we had a pool house and I said yes.

I changed into a black 2 piece it was a little tight and I didn’t have a new one because we haven’t been swimwear shopping.

So my newly b cups and kinda overflowing the top and my hips and ass didn’t like the right fit of the bottoms.

My dad couldn’t stop stating it made me feel special so I hugged his my boobs pressed against his hard chest and his big hands cupped my ass and I let him we stood in the hallway and his hand moved to cup my shaven pussy he chuckled and joked about me not being his little girl letting go I told him I would always be his little girl even if I’m not little.

We got in the pool and I decided to cannibal and my top came off but my dad said he was okay and we should just get naked.

So I said on the ledge and slipped my bottoms off he stood up and pulled his trunks off.

We had 5 hours until carter would be home and then mom his cock was about 7inches long and hard his balls were hairy and his pubic hair was trimmed clean and nice.

We got back in and I remember him picking me up in the water his cock pressed on my pussy.

He told me he was my favorite and he gripped my ass and I bit my lip and whimpered that I loved being daddy’s favorite, he asked if I wanted to shower I said he’s and we headed to his bathroom.

He let me clean hi I rubbed his sponge on his hard chest and arms and I got on my knees because he said I had to clean his cock with my mouth like mom.

I felt jealous but my dad was gonna take my throat virginity so I felt horny. His hand used my wavy curls to help his cock use my throat as a flashlight I gagged and moans while rubbing my clit.

His tip hit the back of my throat and I felt his hot spunk slide down my throat and fill my mouth.

I swallowed not caring for the musky aftertaste, we dried off and I was laid on the bed and he ate my little pussy.

I gripped his hair and moaned his tongue wiggling and ‘cleaning’ my walls and pussy.

I came on my dad’s face and he told me his cock was gonna clean my womb out.

He barely would fit but after some lube and playing with my clit his pushed in.

It hurt but I laid on my stomach with an arched back and took his hard rough pounding.

I didn’t complain but eventually, it got better and I was moaning when we finished he used this thing to get half of the cum out and told me to take this pill and I did so I wouldn’t get pregnant by the time I was dressed in an oversized shirt and comfy sweats carter came in with his uniform and school bag and mom also.

We had dinner and my dad didn’t look at me and barely talked to me.

I think he’s guilty and he thinks he hurt me but it was the best thing hopefully I can get carter to agree with fucking me then slowly work my way through my brothers.

It felt so good to be used by him with no regard. I can’t wait to be a family slut

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply a bad dad but fun ID:1frs3g08j

    I think that he is afraid you will tell on him.The fear can stop you from thinking he well loose it all.

  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

    Sweet story

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1yr1nvv9d

    Can i fuck you but i wont give you a pill

  • Reply [email protected] ID:8bvy5nbb0d

    ..woahhhhh so fucking hot
    tell me how it goes eventually or drop your snap