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me and my cousin

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just me writing about what me and my cousin used to do when we were 10

my cousin, lets call her “bee” is 10 and im 11, we’re both 14 at the time of me writing this, shes short and slim bodied with with short black hair a petite flat body, and im on the slim but toned side also with black hair.

it all started when we were alone together after my sister just left the room and i asked her about masturbation and if shes ever done it before she said that she liked using her fingers and sometimes she’d use tv remotes, but my sister came back so we couldnt continue but the entire time my sister was there me and bee would stare at eachother and we knew what we both wanted

the next day we met again and my sister wasnt around so we hid in rooms and just started off by dry humping eachother until we both finished, as time went on we kept on doing it in different places and then eventually she started using her hand to tug on my dick, we did it so much that we would do it with other people around while we were under a blanket she would just jerk me

as time passed and we got older i would just play with her clit with my tongue, her vagina was nice and shaved and tasted clean, she would give me handjobs and head some times and we just couldnt stop, i’d fall asleep and then wake up the next day with her hand jacking me off under the sheets while i was rock hard, i would finger her pussy till she finished and then lick the discharge off my finger after, we were addicted

now we’re both 14 and havent done any of this stuff recently, although i hope to start doing it again.
this is all for now i’ll tell more stories if you guys want

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    Could be alittle more detailed and such. So what’s new and contact?

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