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I enjoyed being raped

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On holiday with my family I was raped while swimming alone one morning. The strange thing was that I enjoyed it.

I was on a family holiday in Florida and we were staying in a log cabin in the woods, I woke up really early one morning, hours before everyone else woke up, I put my bikini on and I went down to the lake for an early morning swim.

First I sat on the end of the jetty, my feet hanging over the edge dipping my toes in the cool lake water, when the sun had risen enough I jumped in and swam for about 20 minutes, I was the only one there and it was so peaceful and tranquil.

I put my hands on the jetty and pulled myself up out of the water, I brushed my soaking wet hair back and squeezed out the water, then I picked up my trainers and when I turned around I jumped when I saw a man standing in the middle of the jetty, “Morning.” He said.

“Oh. You scared me.” I said, holding my chest as my heart almost jumped out of it, “Good morning.” I replied.

“Out for a swim?” he asked.

I nodded, “Yea.” I replied.

He stepped up to me, he was a bit taller than I was and he was looking down my cleavage, I put my hand over it, “Excuse me.” I said, he blocked me as I tried to walk around him, “Can I get by please.” I said.

“We don’t get a lot of pretty girls like you around these parts.” He said, “How old are you? What’s your name?” he asked.

“That’s none of your business. I’m going home now.” I said, I tried to walk around him again but again he blocked me, “Please move.” I said.

He stepped right up to me, toe to toe, “I asked you a question.” He said.

“Sarah and I’m 12.” I replied, he was scaring me.

Then he brushed his finger up and down the side of my arm and then put his finger under my bikini top strap and slid it off my shoulder and did the same with the other one, “What are you doing?” I asked, moving my arms trying to stop him, he put his arm around my back and pulled me tightly against him and then kissed me, I tried to push him off and then I started to enjoy his kiss, my body went limp and I dropped my trainers on the floor, then he completely removed my bikini top and started to kiss my nipples and squeeze my breasts.

“Please. Stop.” I said, losing my breath, as he was kissing my body he pulled down my bikini bottoms and lifted my feet up in turn to fully remove it, I was now naked and he was on his knees, my heart was beating rapidly and my chest was heaving from breathing fast, I looked down and he pressed his face in to my crotch and licked out my pussy.

He slowly lay me down on to the hard wood of the jetty, still licking my pussy, I couldn’t stop my knees from raising and he was between my legs, then his tongue ran up the length of my body, he bit my nipples and then kissed me again, I heard him loosen his trouser belt then something long and hard entered my body, I felt it going in and fill up the empty space inside me, followed by an intense feeling of pleasure running through me like lightning as he took my innocence right there on the jetty.

It hurt a lot but also made me feel unusually good, I found myself giving in and enjoying it, I put my arms around him and kissed him back as my ass scraped against the splintered wooden boards of the jetty, I felt the sudden warmth and wetness of his semen as he ejaculated his man seed in to my body, then he fell on me and remained motionless for a moment before standing up and belting his trousers.

He held out his hand and helped me to my feet, “Nice to meet you, Sarah. See you around.” He said, picked up and handed me my bikini top and bottoms, then walked away back across the jetty and through the trees and out of sight.

I put my bikini back on, picked up my trainers and walked back to the cabin, my parents were awake but I didn’t tell them what happened.

“How was the lake this morning, love?” asked mum.

I didn’t respond straight away, I fidgeted with my hair, “It was – pleasant.” I replied, then I just went up the steps and took a shower, I understood that I was raped and I cried a little in the shower, I hated myself because I enjoyed it and I shouldn’t have, I never told anyone about it, it was my secret.

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    This is what all girls need to learn, they’re just toys for men to use and abuse.

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    Your around my age tell me where you’re from and maybe we can have some fun (my discord is Chris101#5117

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    A beautiful story. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope to read more from you

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  • Reply pussysnacher ID:fzq6rie8k

    u like it

  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

    Sarah you are a good girl. I didn’t tell anyone when I was raped by my friend either. I knew my dad would be really mad. He thinks my body is just for him.

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  • Reply Nobody important ID:41fyaafi9

    Nice story. A bit rushed though

  • Reply lol stg ID:5rfc3vxzl

    same,i’m 12 years old and have always had the fantasy of being raped on the street

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    Sarah do you have kik or snapchat so we can chat

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      Mmm I wish I can get raped by someone or many ppl soon.

  • Reply Tina ID:1i2kovirk0c

    Don’t feel bad, a lot of young girls lose their virginity from rape and don’t report it.
    Some have been raped more than once.
    Some even enjoyed it or orgasm from it

    • M. Lovdahl ID:fx7itcm9d

      Sounds like you are speaking from experience

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    Can i fuck and impregnate you Sara?

    • AP ID:1dahlcf743

      Is this fiction?