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Cheating on my boyfriend

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Guess I’m a size queen , I decided to cheat

Hi Ramya again here with a follow up 😉

Me and my boyfriendJagan were a good pair in many thing except in sex. He got satisfied in minutes and I need atleast a hour. For 3 months I tried my best with him. As living in Germany is expensive, be suggested that I move with him. It seemed to be a good idea.

He rented a big room in a large house. He was living there with four other people. I never saw them during our dating. As we both were living in the same room, we did a lot of sex. The only problem was that I was not getting satisfied.

Almost a month passed by since I moved with him. One morning, I woke up to find that Jagan went early to college. I was very tired and I got down to the kitchen to make some coffee. I thought no one was in the house, so I wore just t shirt and a thong type panty.

“Hey who are you” I heard this and I turned with a shock and embarrassment of standing in front of boy so scantily dressed. It was a man almost 6.5 ft, dark, muscled and standing just in his trunks. I’m Jason , he said. I have him my hand and replied ‘I’m ramya, nice to meet you’. I told him that I will go get dressed, he asked me not to be shy and I was beautiful.

I was squirming with shyness and he asked if I was jagans girlfriend. I said yes, he said that he was one of the roommates. He usually works at night as he was bouncer and sleeps in the morning, that’s why we never got to meet.

Two people of opposite sex standing next to each other in minimal clothes a fire started to build up. I could see a bulge growing under his undies very clearly. And I was getting moist between my legs. In one swoop he put his hands on my head and started kissing me. I eagerly kissed him back like a sex starved bitch.

Suddenly I came to my senses, and pushed him and started rushing to my room. He grabbed me with one hand pulled him by force and continued kissing me. At that moment I just wanted to be silent and submit so I kissed him back deeply.

He picked me as if I was a doll and put me on the kitchen table. I was on fours with my face down and my ass up. He slid down my useless panties and started lapping my pussy. All I did was enjoy and moan. Jagan since our relationship not even once went down on me properly. Jason was licking me out like a pro. “Thud” a hard slap on my ass and he spread my ass cheeks and licked me out. I was moaning Jason Jason… He lifted me up caught me by my neck and said “call me daddy” … I said ok daddy, and he lifted me to jagans bed.

It was only 2 hours before, I was lying naked here with Jagan and now I am with Jason. Jason said “suck my cock” with a commanding voice, I loved to be ordered around. Here I was wearing only a t-shirt and sliding down Jason undies. His cock sprang out, it was dark, big and gave me memories of my deflowering.

I spit on his cock and made it shiny and started sucking it. His cock was going in and out of my mouth steadily. I checked my time, I have been sucking this monster for 20 minutes. Jason asked me to sit on it.

I knew I was about to cheat Jagan, but I wanted to do it. I spread my legs and adjusted that long cock into my wet pussy. I was gasping for air as inches of his cock entered my hungry pussy. I know I am Gona be gaped after this. His cock entered almost halfway inside my pussy and he started banging me. I jumped up down up down like a see saw on his cock. My juices were literally following down.
He made me stand on my fours like a dog. I felt him adjusting his cock over my asshole.. I screamed “no one has ever Done that before” before I could Finish that sentence, his cock penetrated my virgin asshole. It was such a pain, I was crying and screaming but Jason had no mercy. He was banging me steadily and slapping my ass now and then.

After 20 mins I got adjusted to the anal pain. It started becoming enjoyable. Suddenly wetness in my pussy increased and I had a water flow, I shouted “am peeing” Jason told me “no it’s called squirt” … As I was squirting Jason finger banged my pussy. Jason then made me kneel and take a good facial. He covered my face with his cum.

He asked me to relax and he will be next door if I need any help. I slowly walked towards the bathroom. I was not able to walk properly, but I managed. I turned the shower on and his cum was washed down from my face and mouth. I then realized I am a cheater. I have cheated on my boyfriend.

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  • Reply Lurker

    Did.. did you really just rip off a blacked porn lmao

    • Ramya

      Really?? Tell me which one I’d like to watch lol … This happened like 10 years back

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  • Reply Jagan

    Wow glad you got what you deserved