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I couldn’t resist my step-sons erection

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I had to give Eric medication to help him sleep. One night he had an erection and I couldn’t resist the urge.

Eric is a typical 12 year old boy, full of energy and reaching the age where he’s rebelling against his elders and not doing as he’s told, being stuck in the house 24 hours a day had stressed everyone out and he was always on his video games, often in to the early hours of the morning and his school work was lacking, I took away his games console and for weeks I’ve trying to get him to concentrate more on his school work.

Because he got used to staying up so late in night playing games he was having a lot of trouble changing his sleeping patterns and falling asleep, so I got him some sleep medicine, it took a couple of days to start working but when it did, he was out like a light.

The other night I gave him some of the medicine and within less than half an hour he was out cold, but he’d fallen asleep on the sofa so I had to take him up to bed, I’m not the strongest women in the world but he’s not too big and heavy, I picked him up and took him upstairs, I laid him on his bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead, when I reached down to pull up the covers I saw the head of his penis sticking out from the side of his shorts, it was erect, I let go of the covers and immediately backed away.

Any other mother would have walked out of the room and left him be, I should have done the same but I didn’t, I was Eric’s step mother, his father and I got married several years ago but we’ve been having marriage trouble for a while now and sex was lacking in my life, in fact it had been a few months since I last saw a penis, his father was at work and his sisters were asleep, my heart was racing as I stood and weighed up the pro’ and con’s of my sexual thoughts, but the urge was too strong.

I quietly closed his bedroom door, while undoing the top buttons of my top, and made my way back over to the bed and sat at the bottom just below his feet, his penis was still there, sticking out the edge of his shorts, it was calling to me, I reached out and rubbed it, pushing my fingers under his shorts and along the hard shaft of his penis, my heart raced faster as I let out a sharp breath of air, I slid down his shorts and gasped lightly at the sight of his impressive boyhood.

I was having strong incestuous and inappropriate thoughts at that moment, I thought about having sex with him but that would be extreme and the risk of being caught far too great, I settled on tasting him instead and I leaned down and licked along his length as his penis lay pressed against his stomach, he didn’t flinch, he was completely asleep, so I licked it again, and again, I gripped his shaft lightly with my fingers and gently rubbed up and down, then I licked his sweating ball sack and nibbled on the skin a little with my teeth.

I lifted his penis vertically and I clamped my lips around the head and began to suck up and down his length, his penis was fresh, hard and had that young boy taste to it, I couldn’t resist climbing on top of him, I slid down my knickers and I rubbed the outside of my pussy along his shaft, oh, how I’ve missed this, I’ve been deprived of a penis for so long and I wanted to ride it but I knew I couldn’t, so instead I continued to squash and rub out genitals together for a while.

I moved myself off of him and licked along his shaft once again, it was covered in my own juices, I didn’t use my hands this time, I just licked it over and over again and concentrated mainly on his frenulum just under the head to create the most stimulation for his penis, as I pressed and flicked my tongue rapidly over his frenulum his penis began to twitch and throb, Eric moved his head to the side and made a noise but didn’t awake, I gently squeezed his balls and then his penis swelled and he came, it wasn’t a lot of come but more than enough for his age, it shot out of him and landing in strings over his stomach and chest, when he finished coming I lapped it all up, even the tiny pool of semen that had landed in his little belly button, I cleaned up his mess with my tongue and savoured his fresh taste.

Then I pulled back up his shorts and covered him with the blanket, I gave him another kiss on the forehead before leaving the room and going back downstairs.

The next morning I felt bad, he had no idea what I’d done, but I still felt guilty, so I just gave back his games console and told him he could stay up as late as he wants from now on and I promised myself I’d never do that again.

I broke my promise a week later when the urge returned.

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    How often do you do it now? Email is [email protected]

  • Reply David Kenya

    I will like to been your son

  • Reply AP

    If thing are like you described, if he can keep his mouth shut, having a full and intense, no limits, step-incestious relationship with him would probably do you both a lot of good. As for your guilts, just think of it as a personal, at home sex ed course far better than anything he’d get at school.

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    This is Every boys dream
    try to do it while he is partly awake so you can feel the full pleasure of his young cock
    I’ll like to hear more stories about this please email me [email protected]

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    Sick, but sexy! *****