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How I fucked my aunt

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She was tight and a bitch but it happened

So lemme tell you about the time I raped my aunt. She’s 29 has 3 wonderful kids. And for that many kids she’s a real nice milf she has 45 double d’s.so anyways we went to go drop off her kids with the father and when we were driving home she had to pull over to breast feed her 1 year old. Any ways she starts pulling out her boob and when I saw it I was amazed I don’t stare but damm they were big any ways we get to her house and says she gonna shower. While she’s in the shower I put my phone under the door and I record her and she didn’t notice thank god. But ever since that video I want more so I decided she was gonna be mine. So one day I asked her to help me with some costumes for school and she agreed. I got there early and she said she was gonna shower that when I had it I grabbed her and pulled her to her knees and she started screaming but I shut her up I started feeling her boobs and before I knew it I was in she was so tight but I wasn’t satisfied I wanted more so I did what any other person would do. I went for anal she screamed like hell but I enjoyed it.she cried after I cummed in her ass. When I was done she said she was gonna call the police so I showed her the video and told her I would post the video of her being a slut.

Do you guys want part 2 of how I taped her niece ?

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  • Reply Foxy ID:7zv3itbbd1o

    Hell I want to see that video….

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk2

    Post part 2 Zebra

  • Reply Peter ID:blf5uqra9

    No I want to hear how you got arrested

  • Reply Javier Rodriguez ID:10zhnr1749an

    Well our main natural reason in life is to have sex , what I like is to be mutual consent so both will enjoy

  • Reply AP ID:28axqgbfic6

    I totally want to hear the story.
    Zebra, I like your writing style. It’s like a punch between the eyes. You see it coming, it’s gonna stun you, you shake it off and get ready for more
    No bells, no whistles, just BAM this is the story.