My little sister 2

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After been basically forced to fuck my sister misty that day. It didn’t end at all. Everytime mom left. I was force to keep fucking her. More like she fucked me. She even started to fuck me while mom was home sleeping. She got even more ballies When mom was cleaning a part of the house. She would pop my dick in her mouth and suck it like a there was no tomorrow. I was her sex toy, nothing I said or did help. She got angry when I asked questions.

A few weeks go by and start to notice her lil tummy getting bigger. She comes in my with nothing but big smiles and says “guess who gonna be a daddy”??? The shock on my face told the whole story. I start to really panic, yelling at her, telling her this is all your fault. Telling her to get out of my room. She look at me and says “u should of push me of any time, your alot stronger then I am. If anything, your really a child predator for fucking your lil sister” I start to yell again. You tricked me, blackmailed me and used me. This is all your fault. With tears in her eyes “mommy i tried to stop him, I tried to tell you. He said if I told anyone. He would of killed me” as she start to whip off her tears. Asking me. How my acting jason ????

Full of rage, I yell at her to get out! Then all of a sudden mom walks in the room. Asking me what going on in here ??? Why u two fighting??

Mom i most tell you something. Misty has been black mailing me to have sex with her. The shock and look on my mother face was priceless but said nothing about the situation. Telling mom again. Still nothing. Finally misty says something. “Yeah I been doing this” pulls out my cock and suck it front of our mother. Pushing all 8 inchs in the back of her throat. As mother was just standing and watching.

Misty telling mom “now watch how good he can fuck” she climbs on top of me pushing my cock into her like she has done a million times. Fuck me infront of mom like she was never there. With moans filling up the room. Misty order mom to get undress and play with my balls. Mom obey like she didn’t have a choose. Rubbibg my balls as misty fucks my brians out. As I start to cum in misty. She hopes off and tells mother to clean off my dick with her mouth, again she did what she was told with out questions or hesitation.

Misty finally says “I got dirt on mom as well, so it gonna be a very long night for us 3”

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    Do part 3

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    Yes for part 3

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    No part 3. Poor spelling and grammar continues to plague your stories, this makes them mostly unintelligible.

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    Yes part 3