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New Friends and Discoveries

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Erin (13) makes a new friend who she hopes can help her with her ghost problem. Things don’t go as planned. Emma’s story will come later

This is a continuation of my past stories with Erin and Emma. If you don’t want to be too confused I would recommend reading my earlier stories. I decided to take Erin and Emma down different story paths so this one only has Erin in it and I will write out soon that will only have Emma in it.

Erin gazed out the window lost in thought. She was consumed by thoughts of the night before. She kept picturing the bear’s glowing eyes and cock, she remembered the feeling of it penetrating her again and again until she finally succumbed to the feelings of pleasure. The thought that most occupied her mind however what that some part deep inside her wanted it to happen again. It was disgusting and wrong she knew and she was horrified she felt this way but the thought persisted like a half remembered dream pushing itself to the forefront of her conscience like deja vu. The school bus slid to a stop and Erin was pulled out of her thoughts. She looked forward and saw a boy about her age get onto the bus. The boy had the long limbed gangly look that many boys her age had. He had shaggy brown hair and deep set dark brown eyes. He moved through the bus until he arrived next to her. He slid into the seat next to her. The seats were narrow so his legs brushed against her. Both her and the boy pulled them back embarrassed when they did. Erin saw his face flush red with embarrassment. His eyes quickly racked her body and then looked away down at his lap. Erin was wearing a blue and white baseball T under the white fabric of the chest you could barely make out the outline of her dark purple bra. Below that jean shorts that came down to the top of her thigh, the top her bright blue panties just barely visible when she stretched her arms up. She also had on a pair of old converse shoes and white socks that came up to her mid shin. Her dirty blond hair pulled back into a ponytail.

“Sorry” the boy muttered still looking down

“It’s Ok” Erin said back, still a little lost in thought.

Erin watched the boy as he reached into his backpack. He pulled out a book and began to read it. Erin studied the book. The title read “Dr Edmans definitive guide on actual paranormal events”. An Idea struck Erin like a lightning bolt. Maybe this boy could help her figure out what was happening at her house. He clearly was interested in paranormal stuff, surely some of what he had read would be somewhat helpful. He could however just think she is crazy and laugh at her. Erin hesitated for a second then she decided to ask. “Hey he can’t be as bad as a ghostly bear cock” she thought

“Do you know a lot about that stuff” she asked him

The boy jumped, obviously he wasn’t expecting her to talk to him. After a second he seemed to gain his composure.

“About what?” he replied still a bit confused

“You know ghosts and stuff” Erin said gesturing to the book he was reading

The boy turned over the book looking at the title and the light of recognition shown in his eyes “Oh yes” he said excitedly “I am actually kind of an amature paranormal investigator” He gave her a slight smile. “Here I even have a youtube channel.”

The boy showed her several videos on his phone, mostly of him breaking into old houses being scared by mice and then proclaiming ghosts had attacked him. This clearly wasn’t the expert Erin was hoping for but he would have to do for now.

“Great, I think I may have a ghost in my house. Could you come by after school and check it out?” Erin asked

“Of course I would love to,” the boy replied, his eyes scanning Erin again before looking away.

They both rode the bus back to Erin’s house after school.Emma past them towards the back yard carrying something in her arms. Erin had learned in school that the boy’s name was Gavin. She had gotten to know Gavin and had liked him, He was smart if not a little strange. She pushed her glasses up her nose and turned to Gavin

“Ready to head inside?” she asked

“Almost” he said “I just need to get my camera started if we do find something I want it on tape”

He pulled out a camera, and led him up to her room.

“Alright this is usually where it happens, do you see anything…..” Erin turned to see Gavin but was cut off when she saw him.

Gavin was staring at the mirror in her room, his eyes rolled back showing only white, he then turned towards her and to Erin’s shock she saw the mirror looked towards her in an unnatural way.

“Gavin?” she asked her voice trembling “are you ok?”

Gavin opened his mouth and words though he didn’t move his lips a voice poured out

“Gavin Isn’t here right now but I have seen what you think about when you see this boy and I can give it to you”

Gavin started moving towards her and from the mirror she could see Gavin’s reflection press its hand to the glass and then pass through it. It stepped out into the room now both of them were walking towards her. She tried to run but the two figures grabbed her and threw her on to the bed. The real Gavin holding down her arms while the mirror Gavin sat in front of her between her legs.

“Help” Erin screamed but the sound seemed muffled by something

The Gavins made no reply; they simply stared, mouth open at her tiny body as she struggled against them. The top Gavin reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head using it to tie her arms uncomfortably above her head. The bottom Gavin unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them and her blue panties down around one of her legs.

“Get off of me! let me go!” she demanded, kicking and flailing her legs. She made contact with the mirror but it was like kicking jello or rubber, her foot just harmlessly bounced back. The real Gavin then positioned himself to the side of her, his crotch level with her head. He undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It was surprisingly big, close to 8 inches. The cock flopped out and slapped Erin across the face. Erin moved her head and went to scream again in protest when her head was grabbed roughly and turned to the side. Gavin then rammed his huge cock down her small throat. She gagged as it slammed into her, bulging out her neck. Her eyes watered and she started to cry with the pain of it. Her jaw hurt to accommodate such a large object. He then began to pump it in and out with great speed. His hand on the back and top of her head forcing it up and down his cock. Erin felt hands grab her thigh and she turned one eye down to see what it was. The mirror Gavin had also stripped and Erin saw with increasing dread that he had not on but 2 massive cocks one right about the other. The mirror Gavin lined himself up between her legs. She kicked and moved her legs and hips to try to avoid the inevitable but the creature had a tight grip on her thighs. She felt the two cocks press against her pussy and asshole. With an excruciating feeling of pain and violation she felt the heads cold and rubbery press themselves inside of her simultaneously. The pain of having both her pussy and ass filled by the giant rods was almost too much to bear and she let out a muffled scream in pain. She could feel them and the thin bit of skin that separated the two as they pushed themselves deep inside of her. She felt filled up like she had never been before. The mirror creature slammed itself in and out slowly gaining speed. Erin cried the three cock drilling her every hole. The feeling gradually changed. The mirror Gavin moved its hand down and began with one finger to rub her clit. The action sent a lightning bolt of pleasure though her and despite herself she let out a small moan. Erin arched her back and her toes curled. She felt the wave of pleasure crash over her as her body spasmed. This only caused the two to pick up their pace mercilessly drilling her in and out. Erin’s small boy was racked again with another orgasm and another. The intensity bringing tears to her eyes. Then without warning her mouth was filled with a hot liquid. It was different from the last times. It was sticky and salty and the taste made her throw up a little. She gagged and the cum came out of her nose. The real Gavin then withdrew more cum flying out as he did so spraying Erin’s face and hair. He then tumbled back and slumped unconscious. The mirror Gavin then gripped her hips and fucked her two holes with a speed that felt unnatural. Erin arched her back and head back as it did so then, with one final huge thrust the entire creature exploded in a warm glowing white substance. The substance drenched Erin sticking to every inch of her skin, dripping from her hair and clothes. She took her glasses off and wiped the sticky substance off. She looked around half naked drenched in the cum-like ectoplasm. Gavin sat up rubbing his head.
“What the hell happened” He asked groggily.
“You might want to check your camera,” Erin replied pointing to the corner, I don’t think you would believe me if I told you.

Gavin sat up, realized that he and Erin were both half naked blushed and quickly pulled up his pants. He picked up the camera and watched the play back. Erin watched his face, it turned from ghostly white with fear to red with embarrassment, finally to guilty and a little aroused.

“Well Gavin” said “rubbing his neck “I would definitely say this house is haunted”

Thank you for reading, Emma’s story will be out soon. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you all for the support. Please make sure to rate the story if you read it so I know if anyone is still reading these. As always, let me know what you thought and if you have any tips or ideas for future stories.

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  • Reply Lurker

    Once again another great cum produce by you. You’re great and keep up the great work. But none of us would be upset with the boy getting the pounding too

    • Sweet-tarts

      I hadn’t considered that but I will now. Thank you!

    • Lurker

      No problem. No one is safe from a horny spirit lol we’re all freaks that like pretty much anything on here

  • Reply AP

    Sweet-Tarts, thanks for another fine story!
    I’m going to give my technical thoughts first. Before you post, go back through your story outloud. This lets you catch a lot of typos & helps you see where you need to put in punctuation in paragraph breaks.
    It will also let you see where you need to use wording & sentence length to increase or slow down the pace. Pacing is really the only thing I think that this story lacked, though I have to consider its intent (erotica). I think you were so anxious to get to the action that you sacrificed some descriptives.
    I like that you’re willing to break the story into two threads. I think this will allow you to build a better story overall.
    Gavin/EctoGavin was an interesting choice & I look forward to seeing if you carry that character on. He might be worth a prequel or separate thread. He seems like there is a lot of buried depth there that could be mined. (Self cbt, bi, incest?)
    Erin’s attitudes & knowledge about sex have certainly changed since the first story. She’s almost a pseudo willing victim, even if subconsciously.
    You’ve become very prolific with your writing & I appreciate the time & skill did you put into it & share with us.

    • Swett-tarts

      Thank you I really appreciate the notes and help! I will definitely make sure to take my time a little bit and make sure to flesh some stuff out. You hit the wanting to jump right into it right on the head, I was worried if you don’t give people some action to soon they might get bored and stop reading. Thank though for all your help and support! 🙂