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Amy Tale/s – One for the Road

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I tried to make my husband feel so good. Maybe out of guilt because I had been cheating on him.

The next two tales (one is in two parts) are the last ones involving my husband. When my husband returned from his third deployment, he only had about 6 months left on his military contract, and he was not reenlisting. The first month was normal sex, he missed me, and then he started wanting to do things with other people again like at the last duty station before he left [see Amy Tale/s – Ebony Lesbian, Black Cock Wrestling, and Poker Wife, for details]. I resisted and told him I did not want to, not because I wasn’t game for kinky sex, but I was already getting all the kinky shit I could handle cheating on my husband.

My husband kept asking me about the girl in the videos I sent him, and if she would consider a threesome with us [see Amy Tale/s – Spank Bank, for details]. I initially told him, no, she is in a relationship and only did that with me for the videos. My husband did not give up, and it got to the place that I sort of wanted to please him again; to give him some erotic pleasure (maybe from guilt). So, I talked Clair into a threesome with me and my husband.

Clair came to the house one Saturday night and the kids were gone. After some getting comfortable, and some drinks, I went over and sat with Clair on the couch and we started kissing and rubbing each other. We took each other’s clothes off and kissed some more and rubbed each other’s breasts and fingered each other’s trim hairy pussies as my husband watched. We led my husband upstairs and undressed him, and we laid him on the bed, and we sucked his dick and licked his balls.

I turned Clair so my husband could eat her pussy in a 69, and to my knowledge, this was the first girl my husband had sex with other than me during our marriage. There is one other girl after this, but that is a great tale in its own right. My husband is a good pussy eater, I do have to admit that, and he got Clair off. Maybe I learned to eat pussy better from him eating my pussy.

I laid down on the pillows and Clair started going down on my pussy. My husband fucked Clair from behind, and he watched Clair eat my pussy as I rubbed my breasts. It did not take long for my husband to cum in Clair’s pussy. Me and Clair took my husband into the shower and we washed him, and ourselves, and returned and did it again with me eating Clair and my husband fucking me. We repeated different scenarios late into the night, and me and Clair went to sleep naked with my husband in between us. I tried to make my husband feel so good. Maybe out of guilt because I had been cheating on him.

I used Clair about 3 or 4 times after this in the next four months to satisfy my husband’s desires. Clair actually liked the way my husband ate her pussy, so she did not mind, and Clair is infatuated with my pussy, body, and pretty face anyway (as most that see and taste me become).

I called this tale One for the Road, not because it was the last time I had sex with my husband, but the last fantasy fulfillment where he enjoyed it. The very last fantasy fulfillment did not actually work out for him. I know this tale was short comparatively, but One for the Road considers this whole affair in the title. The next tale really contributed to ending my marriage, even though it was my husband’s planning.

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