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Amy Tale/s – Girls Night Out Pt. 2 (Conclusion)

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I rubbed my finger across Sherry’s pussy lips, and she was soaked, like we need a towel soaked, and Janet handed me one.

We entered the apartment (see Amy Tale/s – Girls Night Out Pt. 1, for how we got here), and Ken and Greg were playing video games. Janet took the male stripper by the hand and walked him up to Ken and Greg, and said, here you go boys, surprise! After some laughing around and snacking, they got Jay a beer, and the guys disappeared into one of the guest bedrooms with the male stripper (who was very excited). We snacked and drank, then we went into another guest room. Sherry asks, isn’t the stripper going to party with us? Janet was drinking from a wine cooler bottle, and she laughed and almost choked. Janet was wiping her mouth and said, no sweetie, the stripper was a surprise for mama’s boys.

Janet told them to wait there, and we went into the master bedroom and undressed and used the bathroom. We walked back into the guest bedroom totally naked. Janet led me onto the bed, and we sat against the headboard and she put one arm around me, and she rubbed me with the other hand. Janet told Rachel and Sherry to stand at the foot of the bed. Janet whispered in my ear, I love virgins. Janet’s kink is first time acts, like this was Sherry’s first time at lesbian sex, or Janet hosting a party where some man’s wife is getting black cock or getting gangbanged for the first time.

Now I have a slight tan, but not much. Janet is tan but not dark. These girls were paler than me. Janet tells Rachel to take Sherry’s top and bra off. She does, and damn, wow, holy cow; Sherry’s tits were a little bigger than mine, but her pale skin and strawberry blonde hair, made her red nipples and areola just pop out at you. I wanted to devour her tits. Janet squeezes my breasts and says, holy fuck she has nice tits. Janet tells Sherry to rub her own tits, and she does, and Janet rubs mine and I begin to rub hers. Our mouths were watering looking at Sherry’s tits. Janet tells Rachel, rub Sherry’s tits and kiss on them, and she does. Sherry is being reluctant, and her posture was constricted, but when Rachel started kissing and licking on Sherry’s tits, she began to loosen up a little.

Janet told Sherry to remove Rachels top. Rachel’s tits were smaller, in the B range, and she had pretty nipples and small areola, but Sherry’s tits were still drawing our gaze. Janet told Sherry to play and kiss on Rachel’s tits and she did, but not like Rachel did for her, more like a chore. Janet told Rachel to remove the rest of Sherry’s clothes, and oh my gosh, this girl got even hotter. She had a nice shape, little curvy almost hourglass figure, but she had brown pussy hair, trimmed triangular, and with her fair skin tone, she looked delicious. Janet rubbed my pussy hair and said, this girl is hot, right? I said, she is lovely. Sherry then removed Rachel’s clothes and she had a hairy pussy too, nice hips but she was skinnier than Sherry. Rachel had a big mouth, but it was pretty with full lips. What was remarkable about Rachel was that her black head hair, and black pussy hair, and her pale skin, made her look like a porcelain doll.

Janet made Sherry lie on the bed and told Rachel to eat Sherry’s pussy. Sherry resisted, but Janet convinced her to try. Rachel started kissing Sherry’s pussy, and both girl’s pussies were shaved below. After a bit, Rachel started licking Sherry’s pussy. Sherry closed her eyes as she laid on her back, and soon, she lifted her knees and spread, and Rachel got into Sherry’s pussy more with her mouth. Janet had moved me closer on my knees, and Janet was behind me rubbing my breasts and pussy and whispering in my ear; do you want to fuck that girl (talking about Sherry)? I leaned my head back lustfully breathing and I said real softly, yes Duchess, and I kissed Janet.

Janet moved to the middle of Sherry’s side and sitting with her legs spread, she told Rachel to eat her pussy now. Rachel moved in between Janet’s legs, and started eating Janet’s totally waxed pussy. Janet took my hand and guided me around to where I was in between Sherry’s legs. Janet leaned into Sherry and said, you will love this sweetie, mama knows what she is doing. I was just kind of rubbing and admiring Sherry’s hot young curvy body and caressing her thighs gently. I moved my hand to the brown hairy part of her pussy, and I rubbed across it sort of envious of how it complimented her white skin so well. I rubbed my finger across Sherry’s pussy lips, and she was soaked, like we need a towel soaked, and Janet handed me one. I tenderly raised Sherry’s supple ass up and spread the towel beneath her.

I moved onto Sherry with my body stopping at those gorgeous breasts and kissed, licked, and sucked those stunning red nipples as I massaged her ample tits. Janet saw how delighted I was, and Janet leaned in as Rachel ate Janet’s pussy, and Janet licked on Sherry’s tits too. I laid breast to breast on Sherry, and I kissed on her neck and ears and made my way to her lips. Sherry was hesitant, so I softly kissed her lips with my lips. She was getting aroused and she opened her mouth and we passionately kissed, and Sherry finally took hold of my back with her arms and pulled me in tight. I made my way back down to her beautiful breasts, and stomach, and I kissed her wet thighs, and across her hairy pussy, and moved in for a taste. She was excited, she was aromatically intoxicating, and I was drunk with her pussy bouquet and I licked.

Sherry’s pussy was engorged and open, and such pretty white pussy lips and red interior and features. I kissed it with my whole mouth running my tongue and lips deep into her as her nectar covered my face. She was so wet, I wiped my face with a towel (and her pussy), then I went to work to bring her to ecstasy. Janet was orally affixed to Sherry’s breasts, Rachel was eating Janet’s pussy, and with little agitation on my part, I made Sherry orgasm and she rolled into Janet clasping at Janet’s head to her breasts with all her might, and she shook harder than I had seen a girl shake in some time. Sherry relaxed and rolled back, and I moved onto her and we kissed.

Janet started to masturbate herself as Rachel began harder to excite Janet’s pussy with her mouth, and Janet got off. I just held Sherry while Sherry rubbed my ass. About 5 minutes passed, and we sat up deciding what to do next. Janet asked Sherry, do you want to try oral on another girl? Sherry was unsure, but she was starting to really like what was happening, and Sherry said, yes. Janet said, who do you want to try it on? Sherry paused, and she looked as she tilted her head downward to appear not to look, and Sherry said, I want to try it with Amy. Janet grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her and kissed me, and Janet whispered in my ear, see, you are not too old my hot mama.

I laid back on a pillow at the top of the bed with my knees up and legs spread. Sherry moved on top of me and we kissed some more. This was her first time, and she was getting into kissing girls. Sherry paid my breasts a pleasing service, and she kissed down my stomach to my thighs and rubbed them, and she kissed them. Sherry rubbed the soft hairy of my pussy, and my pussy lips, and she slowly played inside my pussy with her fingers as if to work up the courage. Sherry moved in and sucked my clit into her mouth and ran her tongue across it while she held it in her mouth. It felt nice, and she was unsure of what to do, and it made it more exhilarating. At first, she just licked with her tongue, then lips joined in, and eventually she was in full contact with all her oral efforts. I placed my hand on Sherry’s head and rubbed my breasts with the other and watched her, as I panted in excitement while Sherry stumbled around inside my pussy with her mouth.

My hips were rocking, and I was pacing Sherry’s head with my hand, making sure she rubbed me precisely. After about 10 minutes, I was so excited by her innocent efforts, I orgasmed and took hold of my own pussy with my hand and rubbed as I pulled Sherry up into my bosom and held her tight and shook out my desire. I let go of my cunt, and I rubbed my wet fingers across Sherry’s lips as I looked into her eyes, and she opened her mouth and took my finger in. I drew it out after a moment replacing it with my tongue and we kissed deep and with meaning.

Janet had serviced Rachel, and everyone was feeling gratified, and Janet asked Sherry, did you like that? Sherry embraced me looking at Janet and shook her head, yes. Janet asked, do you want me to get the male stripper now? Sherry said, yes. Janet got up and returned with the guys who had been in the other bedroom sucking and ass fucking each other. Greg still had an erection, and Rachel and Sherry went to work on the male stripper, and Sherry ended up fucking the male strippers 8.5” cock for a while until he finally came wearing a condom. Greg fucked Rachel and Ken stood over Greg and got his dick sucked most of the time by Greg and Rachel.

Afterwards, we went into the kitchen and snacked and drank. I am sure Janet got the girls’ phone numbers, and probably invited them to her party (free of charge). I found out that Janet’s parties were by invitation only through a web service for $129.00 a head. Max and Janet do not charge friends, like me, Ken, and Greg. Janet gets $99.00 of the fee. I believe that is how my husband ended up there. Sometimes people use the bungalows for their own private encounters. The parties boasted anonymous sexual encounters. Janet said they place people on a list and wait until there is enough of a certain crowd before hosting. Janet said the hardest part is finding girls. She said the money only serves to keep riff raff from applying. They quit using the web service about a year after this, when Janet got bored with it.

Janet called a couple of cabs and gave the girls and the stripper plenty of money for fare, and they all left. Janet treated me special and we went to bed. Even though it was exciting with Sherry, there is no one who can compare to Janet. Janet was my water of life; Sherry was a daiquiri I sipped late one Saturday night. Janet left early Sunday, and when the excitement of having her around faded, I was feeling empty again. My work week is ahead, blah.

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