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Family Sex

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I’m Tessa, 18, I have two older brothers, Jack, 20, and Malcom, 22, and a baby sister, Cassie, 11. My parents had moved out of the house but still owned the one we all lived in, trusting us to take care of Cassie and the bills and everything, so it was just us alone.

Because we all lived together, we couldn’t exactly bring home any girlfriends, boyfriends, or one night stands, so all of us, except for Cassie, were horny as hell and had nothing to do about it. Hell even the stray dog, Killian, which Malcom named, was humping furniture because he didn’t have a dog girlfriend.

So locking up a bunch of horny adults with a virgin teen wasn’t the best idea, something was bound to happen. Jack broke first, his hand lingering too long on Cassie’s back, or setting his hand on her thigh under the table. Then Malcom broke, fighting Jack for Cassie with soft touches and loving looks.

Finally I broke when I saw Cassie stepping out of the shower, the bathroom door cracked open just enough for me to see through. I watched as she dried herself off and wrapped a towel around her body, hiding her perfect a cup tits and shaved pussy from view.

I ran down stairs quickly, trying to avoid Cassie. I went into the living room to see Malcom and Jack sitting on the couch with Killian between them.

I sat down and curled up into Malcom’s side and his arm wrapped around me, gently squeezing my ass. That’s when I got an idea. I horrible one, but still and idea.

“Killian, come.” I called and got up from under Malcom’s arm and sat down in the armchair, facing both my brothers. I pulled off my shorts and underwear and then my shirt and bra before swinging my legs over the arms of the seat and patting my pussy, encouraging Killian to come over and lick me.

Killian was hesitant at first, his cold nose brushing against my clit over and over before he finally started to lick me, his tongue making long, broad strokes across my clit.

I could see Malcom and Jack trying to hide the bulges in their pants before Jack finally gave in and started to stroke himself, getting off to watch the dog eat me out. Malcom pushes Jack’s hands away from his cock and sat on his knees between Jack’s legs and took him all into his mouth.

Watching Malcom deep throat Jack was a sight to see as Jack three his head back and moaned, loud enough to attract the attention of Cassie upstairs.

Cassie came downstairs just as I came undone on Killian’s tongue and she gasped, seeing Malcom with Jack’s dick in his mouth and me panting as Killian cleaned up my thighs.

“Cassie, come here.” I painted and she hesitated before walking over to me. “Knees.” I commanded, and Cassie easily fell down to he knees , her wet blonde hair soaking her shirt.

I dusted my hand in Cassie’s hair and yanked her head around to face Jack and Malcom. “I want you to watch Malcom take Jack down his throat. I want you to watch as Jack cums deep in Malcom’s mouth and he swallows all of it.” I whispered roughly against Cassie’s ear as she whimpered.

Jack groaned and his hands tightened into fists as he cane down Malcom’s throat. Malcom released jack and I pulled Cassie up by her hair.

“Strip.” Malcom ordered, wiping whatever cum leaked from his mouth off his face.

Cassie fumbled with her clothes and she tugged her shirt and shorts down, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear. Malcom and Jack were naked now, and Malcom was painfully hard.

“Cassie, make Malcom cum.” I ordered her, pushing her towards Malcom who took hold of her hair and held the base of his dick in his other hand as he forced it all the way down her throat.

Cassie was gasping and choking around Malcom’s cock, her face turning slightly blue. Only then did Malcom pull back but kept himself in Cassie’s mouth as he fucked her throat rough and hard.

Malcom held her head down as he came down her throat, forcing her to swallow it. Malcom released a crying Cassie and I pushed her down so she was lying on her back, her legs bent and spread as far as the could go.

“Jack, why don’t you use her throat? I’ll use Tessa’s pretty little cunt.” Malcom smirked pushing me onto my knees and forcing my head down between Cassie’s legs.

I started to fuck my tongue in and out of her, running my thumb over her clit. Her cries were muffled as Jack abused her throat. I screamed as Malcom bottomed out on me without warning and started to fuck me harder than he was fucking Cassie’s throat, which I didn’t think was possible.

Cassie came all over my fingers and tongue as she swallowed Jack’s release and Malcom came inside me and I can all over his cock.

We all fell to the ground exhausted when Killian came over. Cassie looked like she was half asleep so when Killian mounted her and thrust all the way in, breaking her hymen and taking her virginity, she screamed and started to cry, scaring the shit out of all of us.

We watched as Cassie begged for it to stop and for us to help her until she finally came all over Killian’s cock and Killian knotted her. They were stuck together for a half hour before Killian finally got off of her and blood and cum dropped out of her cunt.

The next day Cassie could barely speak as her throat was so destroyed, wincing as she sat down at the breakfast table. Us three all had satisfied smirks on our face.

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    That was beautiful 🙂 I would love to read some follow up stories to this. Have you raped her anymore since?

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    That was delicious! I don’t know about raping the little one,but I don’t pass judgement on anyone. I did enjoy the read.

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      im so horny

    • Joe

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    Well you’re all pedos, abusive siblings and awful people to your sister

    • No