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Watching wife get double fucked

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Have car trouble and wife double fucks the guys that helped us

We were on the way home and i was driving as I was the non drinker for tonight and the wife was not stumbling drunk but it was noticeable she had been drinking. As a matter of fact she was sucking my cock off as we drove. All of a sudden the lights went off and the car died. I pulled to the side of the road and pulled over. We had not passed a car in the last 15 minutes so traffic was light. I got a light out and opened the hood to see what was wrong.

As luck would have it I could see car lights coming toward us. As the car got nearer, it started slowing and just pass us, stopped and then backed up. There were 3 guys in the car and they backed pass us and then pulled in front of me. They got out and asked what the problem was and I said I thought battery cable problems. About the time the wife got out and I noticed her blouse was open and her bra undone from sucking my cock. All three guys were taking a close look at her.

I ask if they had a pair of pliers and they did and we worked on the battery connector and that fixed the problem. I knew the wife was hot to suck some cock and fuck so i asked if they were interested in doing her – needless to say the 5 guys got excited. I told them to follow us down the road a couple of miles to a turnoff and they did. I told the cock sucking wife to get her blouse, bra, skirt and panties off as she was about to get doubled by the 3 guys and me. She was more than ready

When we stopped I got a quilt out of the trunk and spread it on the ground and told the guys to come enjoy themselves. i had one lay on his back for a blowjob while the other guy mounted her dog fashion and away they went. The guy getting sucked off came first and he got replaced by the third guy. When the guy fucking her came off, I took his place and we just kept on switching off until they got all the cock sucking and fucking they wanted. As we split up I gave them our phone number to call for more of the same and told them to bring their friends with them. They did and she ended up with a lot of cock sucking and fucking from the roadside repair.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    It really is not very hard to have your woman enjoy sex with other men. Most of your friends would love to have sex with her, if they thought that they could ‘get away with it’. Pick one that you Trust and that she likes. Tell him that you ‘would love to watch him SLOWLY (so she doesn’t get upset) flirt with her over time and eventually make love to her while you watch’. Keep asking until someone agrees.
    One day when you believe that they are feeling close, invite him to spend the night. So many possibilities can happen then. Too many to mention here. But this works, Most of the time.

  • Reply loi ID:4j584rhrd

    My wife came back from her official tour and she had to mail some documents or something I am not sure, her laptop was on and her email was open when I entered her Room which she use for home office purpose. I had just made a coffee ( I am jobless and retired to home making) and was bringing the coffee tray to her room and saw she just entering the bathroom and closing the door. So as I turned to keep the coffee on her table, I saw her laptop on and an email just popped up. It simply stated ‘Hi honey Gd Morning. See the attachment. Our memoir of last night. Enjoy. Have a good day’. Curiosity gave way and I opened the attachment which was a video of her lying naked with her boss and she was earnestly requesting not to take video. Though I knew there may have some thing like that going on, this was the hard proof. Without wasting time I got it copied to my phone and made the message unread. Though there was no action of sexual thing in the video, both were naked lying on bed resting after sex.

  • Reply Mike ID:7zvj914zra

    Love this. I watched my wife fuck her gym Trainor and his friend.

  • Reply like2watch1576 ID:45mkogc3k0d

    So Hot, Reminds me of a night we were out going to places for my wife to flash guys by letting her dress fall open and her only wearing a garter belt & stockings underneath exposing all of her 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body with long red hair & matching red bush. As we were just leaving a convenience store where she’d not only flashed the two guys who worked there she’d let one of them feel her up and was going to suck his dick but they had several cars pull up. As we left the lights started going dim and we were 50 miles from home so we headed back. About halfway the car died. A trucker saw us and stopped. He agreed to call the tow truck from where we’d bought the car and my wife showed her appreciation by letting the guy see her naked.

    Finally the wrecker came and it was being driven by an old guy who was the manager of the dealership. So initially she planned on being conservative, until while climbing in the huge truck with one hand on a handle behind the door and another behind the windshield and one foot on one step and the other on another leaving her spread eagle in the door of the brightly lit truck as her dress fell open. She ended up fucking him when he took us home.

  • Reply Clay ID:1hr6f15cm9i

    George – in answer to your questions i have helped 11 husbands and 2 live together make their “wives” into sluts. I have a big 8-1/2″ that all of the gals except 1 thought it was the greatest thing that had happened to them and they are sluts today. The one threw a hissey when we were doubling on her the first time and the second time we did her, she kicked him out afterwards. Surprising enough I still got to keep on fucking her in the pussy and mouth for a couple of years until she remarried. She loved the cock but not 2 at a time as it made her feel slutty. He got another wife and we broke her in with no problem and she does it all still. A couple of the guys had trouble after seeing how easy it was to get the wife to double fuck 2 at a time and called a halt to it – they think as the wifes are still doing it just not with him there. Turns out a couple of the guys eat their wife out after she gets fucked and is full of cum – whatever turns you on. One wanted both of us to fuck her in the cunt at the same time but not my cup of tea even though she was for it and I am sure he does do it with others. All of the guys want to watch the wife swallow as she sucks guys off.

  • Reply George ID:1hr6f15cm9i

    Clay- Have you actually broken any gals into becoming a slut or are you just blowing smoke. It kind of makes sense of what you say as a gal drunk or high would be a lot more willing I guess. Have you come across some guys that actually wanted to make their wives into sluts and and then were sorry they did it. There would be no turning around once it happened i guess. Can you give me one of your actual experiences if you have done it. Sounds like you got your “wife” into it easily but you said she was already an easy fuck. Has she ever said No once you got her started doing more than one additional.

  • Reply Clay ID:1hr6f15cm9i

    George – In answers to your questions actually we were not married but I carried her as my wife for tax purpose. She was 6 years younger and a slut that fucked on the first date but had never done more that one before i broke her in so I could watch. She was easy to get into it with the first threesome and loved the double fuck – one in her cunt and another in her mouth. From there it progressed to gang bangs which I really like to watch. Her sucking my cock driving down the road was common if I wanted her to. When i told her to get stripped for the guys that helped us, she was all for it. She usually gets fucked by others at least twice a week and does me on the other nights. She sucks and swallows everyone. Get your wife drunk or high and have the guy you have already lined up – get one with a big cock – come in and do her. Even if you have to force her the first time, you will not have to the second time if the guy fucks her right. It’s important you love on her after he leaves and tell her how great she was and how much you enjoyed it. The first time you may cum real quick depending how excited you are so Switch with the guy so both of you enjoy her mouth and cunt.

  • Reply George ID:2zicu2ae42

    Was your wife a slut when you married her or did you have to train her. i gather when you told her to get striped down she knew she was going to suck cock and fuck. Was this something you did often or did you figure she would since she was drunk. I have been trying to get my wife to fuck while I watch but so far no luck. She thinks I am sick to even be asking her to do something like that. She will suck me off when she is on her period and I fuck her anytime I want as she enjoys it and cums pretty easy. She just won’t spread her legs or open her mouth for anyone else and I want her to very much. I think helping do her would be great but she says if she does that I will want her to do something more and she is probably right as I would love to watch her get gang banged by 6-8 guys. Does yours do that many at one time?