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Amy Tale/s – Saturday Video Game/s

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I held Eric’s 10” cock up and looked at Tony and said, that is a nice cock, how about it, would you suck that cock, “big Tony?”

After the spring camping trip, Ken and Greg were more popular in their sports league. The boys were playing a softball game Saturday morning, and Sophia came over for some one-on-one lesbian sex with me. We were laying naked on the bed around 1:30pm, and the boys came in and took a shower. Sophia was wanting to have sex with them, but when they finished their shower, they were putting on clothes and I asked, what’s up?

The boys said Eric and Troy (both white) were coming over to play video games. Eric and Troy are in the sports league too, and they are about three or four years younger than the boys, so upper 20’s. Troy is about Greg’s height (5’ 11”), but Eric is skinny white boy and probably over 6’ tall. They are decent looking, Troy is cuter, but I didn’t really want to fuck them. I was curious why Eric and Troy were coming over? Ken said that all the guys in the league were more inquisitive toward the boys’ activities now, and they discovered that Eric and Troy play one video game in particular that the boys play.

I said, so you are not offering viewings of me for their pleasure? Ken said, no, they don’t even know that you will be here, and they never mentioned you. I said, okay. Sophia wanted to leave but I told her just to stay a while, and Eric and Troy might leave, and maybe the boys would give her a dick sucking and ass fucking bi-sexual show (because Sophia likes watching guy on guy sex). Sophia was relaxing anyway, and she knew if she went home that Tony would be there, and no telling what kind of mood he would be in if she came back right now.

Eric and Troy arrived. When the boys are playing video games that have two gaming chairs and the TV is big and on wheels and they push the TV back and play (it’s a big living room). With four people they used two of the living room chairs and turned them too. For me, I like flashing my pussy and teasing. Maybe I got that from my ex-husband, when he made me tease people, but it has sort of stuck with me. Many marriages end from husbands making wives do stuff, and the wife figuring out that she doesn’t need the husband to do those things anyway.

I tried to get Sophia to go tease the guys. Now, Eric and Troy didn’t know Sophia was here, but they are aware of the rumors that me and Sophia are having a lesbian affair (all the guys and wives in the league knew). Sophia says, no, I don’t want Tony to find out, and I say, okay. The doorbell rings, and everyone I know is aware I hate the doorbell, so they always knock. Me and Sophia are still naked on the bed, but the door is shut to the bedroom. Ken comes in and says Tony is here (and Tony is talking to Eric and Troy). Ken privately asked Tony if he wanted Sophia, and Tony asked if Eric and Troy knew Sophia was here? Ken said, no, and Tony said to tell Sophia he was here.

Normally Sophia would go into panic mode, but she was changing; she was getting tired of Tony’s crap, and this was the second time he showed up here looking for her. Personally, I think Tony was hoping to come by and get into a group sex fuck or something, which is more likely the reason. In either case, Sophia and myself wanted Tony to quit just showing up here. Ken was waiting on a response from Sophia and she said, tell Tony I know he is here; and Sophia just laid there naked on the bed with me.

Ken comes back and says, Tony wants Sophia to come with him, that they are going out to eat. Sophia says, tell Tony I am not hungry. Ken says, the guys are waiting on me to un-pause the game, I am going to send Tony back here. Sophia gets a little panicky, and I say, tell Tony she is not hungry, and lock the door, because I know you cannot stop Tony if he did come back here. Sure enough, Tony starts knocking on the bedroom door wanting Sophia to leave, and at least tries to convince her to talk to him. I get up and put a nightie on, and Sophia says, can I have one?

Sophia opens the door, walks past Tony to the living room wearing one of my nighties, and I follow her. She sits on the end of the couch and I sit right next to her. Tony comes back and sits on the other end, but he is right behind the guys playing their game, and they are looking at me and Sophia (we are not flashing). I am loving this; Tony is too proud of his reputation to fuss at Sophia in front of four of his sports league comrades. Eric and Troy did not even know Sophia was here until Tony showed out; so, they are getting visual conformation of Sophia’s lesbian affair with me (btw, Eric and Troy were in the campground showers that night watching me and Clair).

Tony tries to play it cool for his followers and says, do you want to go out to eat? The video game is paused, and Sophia puts her hand inside my thigh and says, I am not hungry. I enjoy watching Tony writhe. I say, if you are hungry, I can order some food for everyone, and there is plenty to drink, beer, wine, booze, you can choose? Troy says, yea big Tony, hang around? I say, yea, big Tony, hang around? The guys start playing their game and coaxing Tony to stay. Eric was looking back, and I kissed Sophia, deeply, and I got up and said, I will order some food.

The guys were taking a break and eating, and I was sitting right next to Sophia at the table with my knee up (they could not see anything) but I was feeding Sophia, and using the same utensil for me, and I would kiss on her ear and ear lobe. Tony was watching, but Eric and Troy were really watching. They were at the counter bar eating with Ken and Greg, but Tony was across from us at the table. We finished, and me and Sophia went to the bathroom. I did have to pee, but mainly I wanted to perform some oral hygiene if I was going to be kissing on Sophia, and she did too.

Sophia sat back on the end of the couch but turned some, and I laid back with my head on her breasts, and looking up at her, we started kissing. Tony made his way back to the other end of the couch, and I lifted my knee against the back of the couch and flashed my trim hairy pussy at Tony. Now, the other guys were sitting again to play the video game, and they could see my pussy too. They were not going to start playing again with me flashing my pussy and kissing Sophia (that was much better than a video game). Sophia reached down and started to finger my pussy. I quit kissing her and looked at Tony, and he looked pissed. I don’t know why? Tony had been telling these guys that he watches us all the time (liar).

I stood up and took Sophia’s hand and I said, we are going to play our game in the bed if anyone wants to watch? I went into one of the guest rooms, and I removed mine and Sophia’s nighties. We were on our knees facing each other in the bed. I think Tony stayed on the couch, and this caused everyone else to kind of stall, so I just kissed Sophia and we rubbed each other while we knelt naked on the bed. I could hear talking, and in came Eric and Troy, and a few paces back were Ken and Greg. After they entered the room, Tony came in too. Me and Sophia began to finger each other as we kissed still on our knees. I put my other arm around Sophia’s back, and she did the same, and we fingered each other with the free hand. I stopped kissing and put my head on her shoulders and looked at the guys. I said, if you boys are going to get yourself off you need to remove your clothes.

Everybody but Tony dropped their drawers, and they were sitting somewhere on the edge of the bed watching us. I looked at Tony and said, are you just going to watch as usual Tony? I was promoting his own lie, and maybe now these guys would tell the others that he just likes to watch. Tony just stood there. Now something caught my eye and I said, Eric can you stand up? Son of a bitch, this skinny dude had a big cock. I crawled over to Eric and made Greg come over and I was holding both their dicks. Eric was almost an inch longer than Greg, and Eric was uncut, and thicker than Greg.

I showed Sophia, and I was rubbing their dicks together. Sophia said, that is a big cock. I was thinking he was Anthony size big, and Anthony has a fairly thick 10” big black cock, and this white cock may have been thicker. I know the way I was rubbing them together was turning Sophia on, and she was rubbing her pussy and tit. I held Eric’s 10” cock up and looked at Tony and said, that is a nice cock, how about it, would you suck that cock, “big Tony?” Tony acted like he wanted to leave, and he was mad, but he did not respond. I asked Eric, have you ever let a guy suck your cock? Eric said, no. I said, never, not even boys in high school or cousins? Eric said, well, maybe once in high school. I asked, did you like it? Eric said, I don’t really remember.

I asked Eric, would you let Tony suck your cock? Tony left the bedroom, apartment, and drove off. I made Eric lay down and I stroked his cock watching the foreskin move. My ex-husband was the last white guy with an uncut cock I had been with, and this cock was almost 2” longer and thicker. I asked Eric, how about it Eric, Sophia likes to watch guys suck cock, will your friend Troy suck your cock? Now they were all standing, and in present company, Troy might as well have a pussy. When a dick falls below 7”, I don’t even bother trying to guess the size. Eric said, that is up to Troy, but I am not interested in sucking cock. Troy said, no, and I said, how about you give him a hand job? Troy said, no. I convinced him to hold Eric’s dick while Sophia mounted it.

Sophia cg’d down on top of Eric’s big cock, and Troy held it until she got it all in. I moved Troy close (and I mean close because of his dick size), and I rubbed his pecker on Eric’s balls and Sophia’s pussy and ass from behind. Ken handed me the lube and I lubed Troy’s pecker, and he fucked Sophia’s ass. I fucked Greg in a cowgirl and Ken fucked my ass. They all eventually got off. I took Sophia’s hand and said, game over boys, and I took her back to my room and we showered and cleaned up and got back in the bed together. Sophia stayed the night, and she got to watch Ken and Greg fuck and suck each other.

Sophia was tired of trying to please Tony, and she decided to just do what she wanted. Sophia said, if he divorces me that is fine, I will just take the money and the house and go back to work. Sophia went home Sunday, and I will continue this, to include the fallout from what just happened, in another tale.

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