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The Interview and antics part 2

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Casey’s interview goes great and a small celebration in her room with a couple of friends.

Casey and Samantha returned to the dorm as they walked in they could hear the typical noise coming from the common room as there was a few of the girls playing Cards against Humanity and having a grand old time. A couple of the girls saw them come in and waved at them. Casey made her way to her room and began packing her stuff. She didn’t have a lot of stuff not wanting to be overburdened with the small closets of the dorm. her door was open and one of the other girls peeked in as she passed by “Hey are you leaving us?” Casey looked up seeing Brie Carson “Nah just down the hall. Into Samantha’s room.”. Brie Carson was cute in the nerdy kind of way she was about 5’7” with long auburn hair pulled into a pony tail. She looked out at the world through eyes of jade behind thin framed glasses. Her slender body was covered by a loose fitting t shirt and shorts. Her room was one of the only single rooms in the dorm. A bit of relief crossed her face “That’s cool I don’t want to be the only science nerd in here, I need my science sister.”. Casey looked at her and smiled “ Thanks I am glad someone would miss me if I left.”
Brie walked in and hugged Casey “Of course I would miss you. Do you need a hand?” “Sure, thankfully I don’t have a lot.”. They worked together and got Casey moved in short time. Casey thanked her but before Brie could walk away Samantha spoke up “ Oh no you don’t little miss I just got pizza ordered and you are sticking around.”. Brie stammers “I got a term paper to do some research for.” she looked nervous for some reason. Casey looks at her “Please stay, you helped out so its only fair that we stuff your face with pizza.”. Realizing she is going to lose this argument she lowers her eyes “Okay you win.”. She sits on one of the beds and just listens as the other 2 talk and she chimes in on occasion.
The pizza arrives and Samantha goes and grabs them, the smell fills the room when she gets back. As they sit and eat they continue talking and the time passes by. Brie begins to feel a little comfortable and loosens up. Samantha decides to get a little daring “So when did you guys lose your virginity?”. I lost mine when I was 13 to a boy I thought I was in love with and it was over in like 5 minutes. We broke up a few weeks later. Okay Casey your turn when did you do it first?”. Casey clears her throat “I was 15 and I thought it was love but after I slept with him, a couple of days later he broke up with me publicly in front of the school declaring me another of his conquests. I was hurt so I told everyone that I barely felt it and yanked his shorts to his ankles. He didn’t wear underwear so everyone got to see.” as she held out her middle finger and pointed to the middle knuckle. The girls had a good laugh and Casey continued “ My father found out and I ended up being grounded and not because I had sex. My father not only grounded me but forced me to apologize to the boy for embarrassing him. He also took me to the doctor to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. He then told me that I better not embarrass him like that again.”. The other girls didn’t know what to say, Casey pushed back the feelings that started creep up. Looking at Brie “your turn”.
Brie felt trapped, she didn’t want anyone to think she was a freak. She was clearly embarrassed and Samantha looked at her “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” “I just don’t want you to think I am weird. But here it goes. I was 12 when it happened but let me give a little history. My dad had left when I was real little around 2 maybe. Well some time goes by and mom meets this guy named Tyler and they start dating. From what I have been told Tyler insisted that us kids came along myself and Jake. Jake was Tyler’s son and he was 4 years older than I was. After several months they got married unfortunately for them mom couldn’t have any more children but I guess we were enough. Over the years Jake and I got close I used to follow him all over the house. He didn’t seem to mind but I am sure I was a pain in the ass.
On one particular night my parents had gone out with a few friends on a Friday night. I was left at home with Jake, he was 16 and I loved him to pieces he was my best friend. It was cool we sat around and watched TV and had pizza. Eventually I got tired and went to bed. A couple of hours later I woke up and I heard some weird noises coming from my brothers room. I went to check it out his door was slightly open the catch didn’t work right. I could see him sitting in his chair, watching TV he was watching porn and I could see he was naked.”.
“Now mind you I knew about sex our parents made sure we understood sex. I could see him stroking his cock slowly as he watched what was on the TV screen. I couldn’t help but watch, I had already been masturbating for a while. I could feel that tingling feeling building down there and my hand went down and I started rubbing myself matching the pace with my brother. The more aroused I got the more I wanted him. I stripped off my clothes and quietly walked in as I got closer he turned and saw me. He jumped up and tried to cover himself.”. She was slowly getting aroused remembering the event.
Jake Carson sat in his room watching some porn he got from one of his friends. He was really enjoying the current scene of a girl getting seduced by her brother’s friend. As he sits stroking his cock slowly he hears a noise to his side and when he turns, his sister Brie is standing there. He jumps up and tries to cover himself “Geez Brie what the hell are you doing in here?”. It was now he realized that she was standing there naked his eyes danced over her body. She was kind of skinny with a little curve to her body. She had perky little breasts with her nipples standing proud. His eyes came to her mound which was devoid of hair, her skin to him looked as smooth as cream. She looked at him her eyes focused on his cock. “I heard noises from your room and came to see what was going on. I am sorry but I am curious about it.”. Jake looks at her “Your curious about sex?”. She stood there and nodded “I want to know what its like and I don’t like the boys in my school all they do is pick on me.”.
Jake walks over to Brie “Are you sure this is what you want.” she nods “I want my first time to be with you.”. He takes a deep breath he wasn’t sure how to handle this but he knew what his body wanted. He takes her by the hand and leads her to his bed and lays her down. Taking her glasses off he begins kissing her on the neck. He takes his time with her he wants her first time to be special. Her body quivers and shakes under Jake’s gentle touch. He makes his way down her body. He catches her scent as he nears her mound. He gives her a few tentative licks her body jolts as she is super sensitive to Jake’s touch. He begins to lick and nibble her virgin mound and she writhes under his oral administrations. Her moans reach his ears and drive him crazy but he continues to take his time. He brings her to climax a few times, giving her a moment to breath “Are you ready for what’s next?”. Her breaths coming quick she nods her head “I want you inside me.”.
He gets on top of her and touches the head of his dick to her slit rubbing it up and down. Eventually he slides the tip in her entrance letting her get the feeling. Slowly he penetrates her and reaches her hymen. “Here is where it can get painful, are you sure you want this?”. She didn’t say anything she knew it would hurt. Her Mom had told her what to expect and she wraps her legs around him and presses him inside of her all of the way. She cries out and tears well up in her eyes her breath comes in short gasps. He looks at her “I am so sorry.” . She reaches up her hand and places 2 fingers on his lips and shakes her head no “Don’t blame yourself Mom told me it would hurt but I don’t want you to stop.”. He began to slowly slide in and out of her her nails dig into his back as. Eventually the pain subsides and turns to pleasure and she begins to moan.
Encouraged by her moans he quickens his pace a little. She is now really enjoying having her brother’s cock inside her. She didn’t want him to stop but she knew he would cum soon and she wanted to feel that. He could feel it building inside him he was going to cum, he was about to pull out but she wrapped her legs around him “Cum inside me please I want to feel it!”. It was every guys downfall those magic words, he groans loudly as he shoots his load inside her. She can feel it build up his cock swells just a little and seems to get harder. Hearing him groan she felt his cock pulse inside her and warm streams fill her bringing her to orgasm and she screams his name. She is amazed as it seems that she has little mini orgasms with every stream of cum that is shot into her.
Brie is brought out of her recollection by Samantha “Damn that was hot, is it me or is really warm in here.”. Brie hadn’t noticed that Samantha had stripped out of her clothes and Casey had also stripped. She found herself looking over both of the other girls. She began to consider joining them and with out realizing it she began to strip out of her clothes. Brie’s clothes had covered a slender but curvy body her breasts were on the small side but were well shaped, and the rest of her body was well curved. Her legs were long and between those legs a smooth and shaved mound seemed inviting.
Casey and Samantha exchanged knowing glances and not another word was said as they began to kiss Brie all over her body. She moaned lowly as both girls reached her breasts and both started to kiss and suck on her nipples, they were hard and very sensitive. Brie was loving every minute she began to move and writhe. Samantha began to move slowly down Brie’s body while Casey stayed with her breasts. Samantha found her way to Brie’s mound and she caught her scent and it was enticing. She planted a few gentle kisses on the lips of her entrance. Brie began to moan as Samantha began to lick and nibble her clit and lips. Brie began to feel an orgasm slowly start to build and it was agonizingly slow and Samantha didn’t make things better as she would allow her to get near and then stop not allowing her to go over the edge. Samantha was enjoying what she was doing to Brie, she was giving her the agony climb and it was soon to come to a head as Samantha began to eagerly suck and nibble her clit. Brie began to moan loudly, she squirmed under Samantha’s tongue assault and Samantha held onto her legs. Casey responded by being more aggressive sucking on one breast and squeezing the other one occasionally flicking the nipple with her finger. Her moans increased and soon her back arched and she screamed as she came all over Samantha’s face.
Spurred on by Brie’s reactions Samantha slid a couple of fingers inside her. Brie looked at Casey “I want to taste you”. Casey nodded and moved to straddle Brie’s face. Casey started to moan as Brie attacked her pussy with her tongue. The room was filled with the moans of young women as they pleasured each other. Samantha getting into the moment slid in 1 more finger then another soon after. They slid in easily into Brie’s wet pussy. It wasn’t long before Samantha was able to slide her hand into Brie causing her to suddenly climax. Her body shuddered as the climax seemed to last a long time her back arched and when it finally subsided her breaths were coming in fast short gasps. Casey had gotten off of her and watched as Brie climaxed. A couple of minutes later when she recovered a little. She looked at Casey who just smiled, and before Samantha could react the other 2 attacked her putting her on the bed, Casey went for her wet pussy burying her face between her legs. Brie then began to suck on her nipples. Samantha was enjoying every bit of the attention she was getting. She had worked herself up and was extremely sensitive, it wasn’t long before she had the first of several orgasms as her 2 friends attacked her body.
Under the constant sexual onslaught of Brie and Casey Samantha finally climaxed hard filling Brie’s mouth with her cum. The 3 girls laid there on the bed breathing heavy and basking in post orgasmic bliss. After a few minutes Brie got up on wobbly legs “I hate to leave but I need my bed and yours are not made for 2 or more.”. The other 2 understood and didn’t say a word. Brie gathered her clothes and started to head to her room not caring that she was naked. She got to her room and tossed her clothes toward the basket but in the dark and failed to hit her mark. As she stood there a moment she felt a presence as hands appeared and grabbed her hips. A deep voice came from behind her “I have missed you my dear.”. She smiled “I know my love I have missed you too.”. Brie leaned against the body that was behind her. She smiled “Show me how much you missed me Strellyx.” she felt the hot breath of the creature behind her “very well my dear.” and soon her room was filled with her screams of ecstasy but they could not be heard outside of her room.
Later that morning Casey and Brie awoke to a woman’s voice “Hey girls you need to get up.”. Tammy Lindstrom was 28 with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was full bodied and drew whistles and stares from many men even though she wasn’t a runway model. Tammy had graduated years before and did her internship for counseling in the dorms. After a couple of years she decided to stay on as the dorm counselor to assist with new students adjusting or whatever problems any of the girls may have had. As the girls slowly roused Tammy smiled “Well it seems someone had a bit of fun. You girls need to get up we have someone coming in about an hour to check the dorms fire safety stuff and other things.”. Samantha groaned as she stirred “Well if they are cute we might just stay naked.”. “Well that’s up to you but they are usually very professional.” she turns and leaves to continue checking rooms.
Casey and Samantha get up, Casey sees herself in the mirror “I need a shower.” she grabs her towel and other stuff and began to head to the shower followed by Samantha. While in the showers they discuss where to go for breakfast. And Casey remembered that she needed to go to Dreamscapes to take care of paperwork. They decide on a place to go while they finish their showers and head back to their room. They got dressed and headed out for breakfast.
Tammy made her way down the hall waking the other girls if necessary, finally reaching Brie’s room at the end of the hall. This room always made her nervous, she always thought it was haunted even when she was a student. Almost every girl that has had the room has had some experience that made it feel haunted, that is except Brie she loved the room. Tammy finally knocked on the door and tried to open it, surprisingly it wasn’t locked as she opened the door. The light from the hall filtered in revealing a naked Brie stretched across the bed. There was also a musky smell that she couldn’t really focus on as it seemed to come and go. Tammy mused to herself if she was a lesbian she would have it made, she has seen more T and A than a porn star. She reached down and touched her shoulder, Brie’s eyes fluttered open “hmmmm” is all she muttered “There are going to be some people coming in about an hour to check building safety thought you might want to be dressed before they arrive.”. “Okay thanks for the warning.” she says as she stirs. Sitting up she rubs her eyes. Tammy notices that she is very relaxed and doesn’t say anything “See you in a bit.” Tammy then turns and leaves.
Casey and Samantha finish breakfast, they then head to Dreamscapes so that Casey can finish her paperwork. Arriving at the club there are only a couple of cars in the lot. They get out of their cars and head to the door as they approach the door a man steps out. Samantha looks at him “Hey Mike, how are things as she hands over her ID card. Casey hands him her license. He takes both and scans them, waiting for the green light he hands back Samantha’s ID. When he scans Casey’s he hands it back looks at the scanner. The light turned green with a second one as well. “Your club ID is ready go on in.” he steps aside and opens the door. Both girls go in Samantha leads Casey to the offices before heading out to do something else.
Casey knocks on the office door “Enter” comes from inside. Casey steps inside and sees that Lexi is sitting behind the large desk completely naked. “Hey Casey, have a seat” as she gestures to a chair opposite her. Casey spent the next hour or so filling out paperwork. When she was done Lexi asked her what she wanted to do in the club. Casey smiled “I think I would like to work on the stage it was fun while I was up there.”. Lexi smiled and nodded “I can understand that. Well that’s all I need for now, just to let you know if you have any ideas for the club you can talk to Brian or myself. If there isn’t anything else I will see you Monday evening around 7 we open at 8. Oh before you go what are you taking in college?”. Casey looked at Lexi with a smile “I major in Physics and Theoretical Physics with a minor in Biology.”. Lexi looked impressed and surprised “That’s some heavy stuff, if you don’t mind my asking why are you getting a job here?”.
With the question asked Casey shifted nervously in her seat uncertain what she should say she decided to tell the truth. She told Lexi the story with her father. Lexi shook her head “I am sorry to hear about that as far as the college aspect that shouldn’t be an issue. I will push through the college program so it starts immediately, is there anything else I can help with?”. “Yeah there is I was curious about the costumes do we supply our own?”. Lexi sat back in her chair a little “You don’t need to the only thing you need to do is leave your size or get measured by our costume dept. Also if you have special requests we will see what we can do. Did you have some ideas?”. With a slightly crooked smile “I was thinking about a schoolgirl uniform.”. Lexi laughed “You naughty little minx, I will contact the costume department from headquarters and they should send someone out. I will let you know when they arrive.”. Casey thanked Lexi and headed out to meet with Samantha.

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