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After this sexualy night with tom next two days go normal but this new week had a new adventure.I and emma after school go for a walk to take a look at window shoppers they had interesting things but no good prizes we had to wait for deductions but in some meters in frond of us a woman distribute handbills lets take maybe is something cool asked me emma why not in more times this things is good we go near her woman and we ask her what she has woman tell us if we remember the old big super market at town centre that close and go to edge of town yes we remember it well it open again but this time as indoor swiming pools that all people now winter can go for swim fantastic we say take girls handbill has image inside outdoor of it and behind it rules and you must read it before go this friday is the opening and saturday in use.
We see the photos inside will have two big pools one for kids and one for bigs the rules was nothing strange only no food or drinks and girls all ages woman must be with one piece swimsuit while boys all age until 12yearsold with speedo and others with shorts swimsuit this mean we had to shop one piece swimsuit i havent tell me emma the same because i i have one but the last time i wear it it was before five years i dont think to fit in this tell me with laughs i know emma wait now i see it we must have also and a swimming cap no ploblem but friday we have match we cant go to opening yes but we will be for swim you have right i am sure our parents will like it for sure and tom he is crazy for swiming.
Next days we shop anything we need and close date outside of swiming center for 6 saturday afternoon because of impatience i go twenty minutes earlier maybe emma had same idea but i was wong it was arleady ten minutes after six and i had starting worry maybe must have do telephone first then their mother driving arrive here they are but of car get out only tom hey tom where is emma hey maria sorry but emma wake today with fewer and stay in bed and i come so to be not alone thanks tom ok kids i will return in two hours i think its enough and maria take care tom please dont worry miss i will take care him like my little brother or my little lover i say inside me i want to tell my little brother is one year younger of tom.I and tom get inside it was first day and already full of people of all ages three lifeguards and around pools tables or wooden benches they had organized it very good.
We ask where we can leave our clothes tell us they had rooms with closets and also changing rooms if we want to take out our swimsuits we were lucky and found to put our clothers in closets aside each other we take out our clothes i was wearing a all blue one piece swimsuit while tom a grey speedo i also wear my blue swimming cap with putting inside all my hair tom was looking to me strange what is tom with this swiming cap and swimsuit while your hair not free you are more sexy stop tom to not hear us lets go outside i know i was sexy for this reason i choose this swimwear we go to pools area in one pool like in handbills was kids and in other big men and woman here we must go tom we fell at water it was either very gold either very hot all the kids around us happy swimming or play with balls we havent take with anything only swiming glasses so i and tom were only swimming and play with water like brother and sister.
All this time with tom get more near each other and many times of wrong or we wanted our hands go to each other special areas until i get tired and i put my back in etge of pool and my hands outside of pool but i loose sight of tom where he go i wonder looking around then sudenly tom jump inside of water fast and scared me you dont waiting this right maria no you surprise me i aswere with laughs you didnt know i am very good swimmer and very good in keep my breath inside water realy the same i lets do a competition ok and we take a good breath and we put our heads inside pool waiting who first will loose one minute pass and we were there without moving but tom had a another idea he put his hand inside his speedo and get out a circumise cock i havent see it again and i open my mounth of surpice loosing my breath and i get out of water the same time told me that i loose this wasnt fair tom what i wanted to show you my circumise cock you havent see again.
No and what is this before three i had birthday and i become turn years old wait why emma told me anything in my family we dont do partys even for birthdays and one of my gifts was to cut the frond skin of my cock with the result you see it had pain but i read that the circumise cocks look bigger and fuck better in some years you will have a big cock and girls will hunt you for it i am sure for this but now the girl i want is you well tom with all this games we had touchstoo much i am hot ihavent see and taste circumise cock lets test it and with swimsuit we wear is very easy you mean there no with so people is dangerous lets go at changing rooms we found a empty changing room and we go inside still wearing our swimsuits i close door what if catch us dont worry if we are silent they will not catch us of his speedo bughe i understoond tom is arleady hard i tell sam at his house he has upper hand but now its my time ok aswere tom.
I get down in my knees in frond of tom speedo better to remove this cap no you are more beautifull with it as you want tom i put down his speedo and jump in frond of my face his circumise cock you have right it is looking bigger with cockheaf free so i put my tongue around cockhead it had arleady give me some liguids doing it more tasty then i put his cockhead inside my mounth and starting put inside my mounth more of his cock until i with no difficulty i take it until balls his size was a little bigger for his age but i havent problem so i take out all my mounth you like it this tom yes maria so i open my mounth enough and with one move i take it all until balls my mounth was training with bigger cocks but because our height difference of knees i go to four like dog and start blow tom where he had close her eyes and moaning also i could feel my pussy inside swimsuit become very wet sudenly tom put his hands behind my head and start pushing me he hadnt power but i liked this way i was feeling like slut after some seconds push my head with hands in his cock sudenly tom stop push my head when i was near his cockballs and i feel his cock start moving it was ready to cum i could get free very easy but i left him to have this pleasure and tasty liguids go to my tongue and mounth when he finish he let me free.
I had a little of his cum in my lips but tom take them with his fingers and he lick them you taste your cum tom yes like i taste yours and you mine i would taste my his cock was halferected and i didnt want to left it to loose it so i put tom sit in a chair it has changing room what are you doing this time i want it realy inside me i open his legs more and i put my swimsuit in one side and go to sit in his cock dont worry tom you will like it i could feel toms cock in my pussy entrance and i start slowly put down my pussy in his cock the feeling of his cock moving inside my pussy doing me moan and my god tom is so nice while my hands was behind tom back and tom cheek and head was above my boobs also tom start moaning all and more until tom warn me that he couldnt anymore keep and i remembere this time we havent condoms so i get up from tom and i start blow him again his cock was even more tasty and wet with my pussy juices and i take his cum inside my mounth i take care to clean his cock but i keep a little of our together juices in my lips and i go to tom and i start kiss him in mounth he resist at the beggining but later he follow me this liguids was differnet why it was of two us he asked when he will really fuck me soon but better return to pools.
We wear our swimsuit again normal and return to pools where it has at high a big clock it has pass only one hour more in next story.

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    I’m sorry i can’t read this there’s no periods but it’s a great story

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    Maria do you want to talk more privately?

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