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Teaching My Daughter A Lesson

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It was a summer day in 2016 when my daughter came home from a weekend sleepover with her bff at this time she was 18 and I was 45. When she entered the house I was in my bedroom jerking off to pornhub and drinking beer. She called for me but I did not hear her so she searched around the house until she came in to my room. She then entered without knocking. She stared at my 9 and 1/2 cock for a couple of seconds frozen in shock. I got up and came over to her grabbing her neck saying “Don’t you ever come in to my room without knocking you little slut. Daddy should punish you for this.”
She didn’t get a chance to say anything before I picked her up and threw her on my bed. “I’m sorry daddy I will never do it again please don’t!” She yelled as I lyed her on my lap with my dick sticking up straight because of my erection. I grabbed my spanking paddle that I often used on her when she was being a little whore.
I started spanking her round little ass harder and harder. My erection grew harder as I heard her scream on the top of her lungs. Feeling like she should be punished more I said, ” A little whore should be spanked bare bottom infact you should strip off all of your clothes. Stand up and take them off.” As I said this she did not move. I then picked her up and ripped every item of clothes off her thicc body. I then slapped her ass and watched it jiggle back at me. Doing this only made me harder as did her wiggling, kicking, and screaming.
“Daddy please stop i’m sorry I’ll never do it again.” she said almost crying.
“No you little slut daddy’s going to teach you a lesson.”
“No please daddy!!!”
Tired of her complaints I slapped her ass one more time and told her to give me a blowjob. She grabbed my big-ass dick and started to suck it. She started at my balls and licked her way up my long dick. She did this continuously for 5 minuets but stopped when I was arching my neck and looking up. She stood up and then sat on my lap so that my dick was in her pussy. I was dazed for a minuet but noticed her loud moaning quickly. As soon as I did I grabbed her tiny waist and lifted her up and down on my cock. I could feel her tight little pussy tightning on my cock causing me to cum after 7 minuets of doing this. I then kept fucking her for I still wanted her so. I went in her harder and I could feel my daughter’s pussy tearing. She was screaming that the neighbors could hear. I came in here soon after. When I pulled out her pussy was dripping and I went down and drank my cum. Fastforward after a bit we did anal and then I came in her ass.

Fast forward 9 months my daughter had our daughter Emily. I am now a father of two girls one my late wives daughter and the other my daughter’s daughter.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    With the granddaughter, don’t wait so long

  • Reply Sirjude ID:2dzsjxwv9i

    You idiots do realize all these are fake stories right? Lol you guys posting as if it was really rape or abuse or that here was really a baby. All these “real” comments on these fake stories.

    • hehe ID:1cuhbvx7a9vz

      no shit sherlock

  • Reply Lauren ID:bo2qeou42

    FUCKING HOT story. I love feeling my dads cum inside me where it can work it’s magic.

    • Peter ID:4s0gukt0b

      yeah I loved it, had a good wank on it. Havent got my sperm into a young cunt yet but had some great blow jobs. [email protected]

    • Dee ID:7pqjm6si8k

      I’m 78 and my daughter still feels that way!!

  • Reply idk ID:2t456p0m4

    thats called raping someone asshole, she did absolutely nothing but try to find u in ure room, do not know how to lock, u perv

  • Reply LIZZY ID:1ah770lfzrb


  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    That’s just another mouth to feed and hard to explain to other people know who their parents are.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    Incest sex, leads into babies. So wonderful to have a belly full dad’s sperm to swell up his baby girl stomach. Please keep fucking her, and give her more babies.

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeou42

      Hey ReeRee. You’re absolutely right about having dad’s cum in us where it can work it’s magic and give us a wonderful gift.
      How have you been doing??
      Big smooches Lauren

    • Psi ID:21c69jbt0a

      If by “Magic,” you mean side effect may include congenital birth defects, and moderate to severe suicide.

    • April ID:1e91yu9bk8i3

      My dad was my first. I was 13. He’s vasectomy safe.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    Nice. Give your daughter more incestuous love-babies.

  • Reply Esteban ID:60aki1g8l


  • Reply Brian ID:21yy1nnxzj

    Wait, did this actually happen?

  • Reply Hokkaido ID:8ef2bi7499


  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv2ucfzrb

    how do you explain to you daughter that you got her pregnant?