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Remote Torture

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Guys im telling you my story of probably the worst and best day of my life. About me: I’m a 16 years old boy, I’m straight but was always interested of having a prostate orgasm since I had read about it on the internet. When my parents weren’t at home I always jerked the fuck out of myself, when my dick was starting to hurt I just started to use pens and stuff go get my prostate to the job but I never really shot. It was a state of agony every time I tried. Pressing my as hard together pushing the tip of the pen deep into the hardened prostate.. God I was about to cum but it never took me over the edge. So one day I decided to buy a butt toy. The toys described was awesome. It was a buttplug with vibration and kinetic energy. It was stated by other users that it would force you to orgasm with every hit of that kinetic ball inside but not only this, the vibration would keep the Orgasm ongoing forever. There was also an remote control with it so you wouldnt need to grap around alway and some people even wrote you could wear it all day. It was the perfect thing I thought. I had safed a lot of money for this and finally when I knew for 100% that my parents wouldn’t be at home, I ordered it so it would arrive to my hands only…. Hell was I existed on that day. I hadn’t masturbated in a week just to make this even better. And then it was finally there. I was so horny. I had already a boner when I opened the door for the Postman, took the package run into my room and got naked…there was I sitting on my bed and opened the box… I was surprised! This thing was enormous. It was clear that this toy was for experienced guys with a wide stretched anus – I usually used small pens!!
Not or less, I wanted to try it. So I loaded it and used the small test lube to fit it in… I tried for hours! Slowly pressing it in until the mom3the pain was unbearable slowly in.. And out but it never got fully in. It was so frustrating. It took me so long that I heard my parents coming home so I was at the bring to give up. When I thought, one last try. I rushed to get myself back clothed and placed the box on the windowsill outside of my room and closed it. So my parents wouldnt find a thing if they would come in out of nowhere. I inserted the tip one final time and rolledy jeans up. I thought that if someone comes in then they would see nothing. It also held the plug perfectly in place. So even if I couldn’t fit it, I could at least start to try the vibrator and the kinetic stroker a bit. I had it half im do it definitely would work I thought… Where I’d the remote control!?… I thought to myself and then looked to the window… I must have forgotten to take it out of the box. I rushed to the window but at the moment I wanted to open it again, my mother knocked on the door. In shock I closed the window fast and turned around. There was still a tend off jeans on my ass that I needed to hide. My mother opened the door said hello and left… I was sweating a little bit but I did everything right. She didn’t saw a thing. So I closed the door behind me (and before you asked… No I hadn’t a key for it)… So I closed the door and releaved that I just let myself fall back into my chair next to the door….but I had forgotten something… The plug that was probing my ass and I was immediately reminded when I hit the chair. I screamed fucking loud out!! It was hell of a pain. I just had pushed it fully in and it nearly destroyed my anus. My dad run into my room looking for me when I told him that I just hit my pinky too… He left and I stood up crying and lyed into my bed. On my stomach of course. I had to fight the pain of. I wanted to get it out but it hurt so much that I thought that I need to adjust a little bit before I start to pull it out. I waited like 70 minutes and it actually really helped after all that time my ass stopped hurting and so I rolled Dien my jeans again raised my hips and started the extraction process…wirh no fucking success. It was still hurting when I pulled and since my anus was never stretched like this, the plug did his thing. It wasn’t move an inch…. Oh God what had I done, I thought to myself. Now I need to go to the hospital I thought. I would need to tell my parents about it… This was unthinkable! I got myself together and sat back on my chair to started google to search for help. While I was sitting there I really got comfortable to the plug and it started to arouse me.. I could feel the pressure on my prostate the whole time but it was when I sat down that my bloodstream heated into my dick. Mh.. Ugh.. It feeled good… But I still needed to find an answer on Google… So I looked up some websites when… Uuuhaaaa oh God uhh… The vibrator turned on out of nowhere. This was intense! Like ten, no twenty times the pen play I used to do. What was happening?! I surely didn’t do a thing to start this?! I fall down onto my knees… I couldn’t handle it… I was barely able to hold myself back from screaming again! But this time in pleasure! I moaned silently… Ugh ahhh ohaaa fuck ahhh… When I felt waves of agony rushing from my ass up into my brain. It was tingling all over my body and the orgasm building up was even stronger than when I masturbated… It was stronger than ever! I was completely lost in orgasm… Just a little bit… My prostate started to squeeze itself against the plug and my dick started pulsating! But really slowly like only every 5 seconds and with every pulse a wave of orgasmic power I never experienced before flowed through my body! Just one minute more!!!… Oh God ugghh ahhhh yeah come on… And then it turned off… Ufff… What had happened!??? I was Still feeling the waves of Orgasm! The tickling over my body but it was vanishing! I had only one thought. I need to get it back vibrating. Finishing the job… Were was the remote again!?.. Äh yes outside the window. I jumped over opened the window and… Nothing… NOTHING!!! The box wasn’t there! I looked down and it must had fallen when I closed the window fast thanks to my mother. And then I saw it. The remote was lying on the street in front of a bush and a squirrel was picking on it. That must have been the reason why it started to begin with. The squirrel pushed the button. I knew I had to get it back. So I run down without saying a word outside around the house and there we had our stand off… The squirrel sti had its hands around the remote so I asked him nicely… Please let it go… But when I moved forward it jumped twice the range backwards. And then it started to bite it!! NO NOT HERE! I said when I saw how he bite the button for vibration. I immediately crumbled down… But it wasn’t the same build up as before… It immediately started to work there were it stopped. It took the vibration only two seconds while I crumbled on my knees to get me back to waves of orgasm.. I moved forward moaning into the direction of the squirrel… Ughhh… I need the remote… I thought but the squirrel bit the remote button an second time… Ahhhhgaaa… The vibration intensified. From this moment on there was no wave of orgasm anymore. The warm feeling and tingling of orgasm had equally reached every inch of my body. It was the greatest feeling of all time… My dick was pulsating frequently every 3 seconds but without shooting a load. I was sitting there next to the squirrel probably 2 minutes holding my knees tight to my body and shaking… Pulsating… Orgasming… I was way over the edge but I still wasn’t released by cumming… The squirrel bit the remote another time but this time a different button… Bumb!… Ughhh ahh uggh… The kinetic ball was thrusting in! I immediately shot my load but not once… Every thrust let me shot into my pants. It was endless I thought.. It was not like normal ejaculating the prostate didn’t pump by itself but was rather waiting for the thrust to squeeze it out. I hold myself so tight. It must have been 40 hits or so in… I was still Cumming. When I looked to the side seeing that the squirrel had already left and the remote was just lying there… I craweled next to it.. While shooting loads… But every move I made let me moan it brought the waves of orgasm back so I decided to finally and this… I grabbed the remote and pushed one button….actually didn’t know how that thing worked so instead of stopping it I speeded up the kinetic ball with stronger thrusts and the next click intensified the vibration… What had I done??!!! I couldn’t even control myself anymore I was lying next to the street moaning loudly while every amazing feeling of release by ejaculation was followed by an absolute intense wave of orgasm. I must have looked like an homeless man having strokes. And then there was it… The ejaculation was not releaving anymore.. I could feel my prostate pumping but then it stopped like it had a cramp it went so hard that it felt like the kinect ball was hitting a stone wall inside me. But it was not just that. At the moment it was stone my brain snapped. It was a second of feeling nothing but then there was the build up off my life! It was one single wave my whole body was shaking it was an electric feeling that was getting stronger any second….ohhhh!!! Ahhhh!!!!… I wasn’t moaning anymore but getting louder and screaming while the tension was getting unbearable! My prostate went from stone to steel preparing itself for one big moment. KABOOM it was exploding!!! And it started to pump by its own… I was finally finished… Pumping and throbbing the kinetic ball or vibration didn’t do a thing to me anymore. I pushed the middle button on the remote and it stopped… I fell on my knees again breathing heavily… I was getting myself focused when I felt the the need to poop. It was a heavy rush like diarrhea and I couldn’t stop myself but just to give in and so I pressed and shit the plug out!… Ughhh… And I could feel it in my pants. And smell it. I smelled like literally shit. I pulled it out of my pants just to realize that my jeans was completely wet of cum and my ass was full of poop….god how do I get back into the house unseen?? No they would definitely see me or at least smell me. I looked desperate into the sky and saw… My window I’d still open! But where would I put the plug? I just realized that I had nowhere to hide it or clean it. The windowsills were definitely not an option so I decided to let it go. I threw it into the neighbors garbage and then climbed the tree next to the bush up to my window. I was used to that since I did this often when I was younger to get out unseen even when I was grounded. I jump into my room looking up to the bush when I saw the squirrel one last time biting a nut and vanished. Yeah you bit my nuts too..i thought… I changed my clothes and went to the toilet to clean myself and then tooked the dirty stuff downstairs… Fast but not suspicious I went into the laundry room and pushed it into the washing machine with all my sport stuff and started the machine. I did it!
I went upstairs getting caught by my dad wo asked me if I would have heard all that screaming from outside.. It was like someone was getting murdered.. I laughed, said I heard nothing but my music only. I went back into my room and ordered the plug a second time… It would be only 3 weeks before it would arrive again. I layed down on my bed. On my stomach of course. I could feel my anus hasn’t closed itself yet… Still a little bit hurting it was so stretched that it would need some time to get back to its normal size. I was so tired and happy. And also released… Not just orgasm wise, I could jerk off or get a bone even if I wanted after what just happened but also because I thought no one had caught me! No one had seen me… So I thought… How shocked I was in the future when I realized that someone not just had watched me but also filmed me…

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