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Kissin Cousin (and her sweet little cunt)

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Being patient and being a good role model for my younger cousin, it looks like I can count on her. After realizing I like pussy (thanks, Patty), I saw we could have LOTS of fun.

Elizabeth is a good student and a good athlete, like me. At 12 she looks up to me and her parents let her spend a lot of time with my bro and me because they run a bakery and are often out all day. Her dad and my dad are brothers, and though my uncle may not run a church he is still a very nice guy. His bakery donates baked good for our potlucks and for homeless outreach. I had to be very careful because if she freaked out and went to her parents, they would contact my dad and it would be over. It would shame all of us, especially my dad with his congregation, so I went very slowly. Her mother is kind and the type who wants to be everyone’s mom, so she’s always helping with fund raisers. I feel guilty because she is a good person, so as much as I want to seduce my uncle I will leave that to my little cousin. She’s a swimmer, and she keeps her blond hair short. She spends a lot of time in her bathingsuit, and its obvious she will end up with chest like mine. My bro wants to take her virginity, but he sees the possible disaster if he pushes it. As much as he wants to ram her with his massive cock, he is content to continue doing me doggy style while I go down on her. This happened over many, many different visits to our house. We have always had lots of girl talks, so it was normal to talk about the usual girl stuff and then guide it in a certain direction. I started by asking her if she has kissed anyone, and I told her its a good idea to practice before trying it for real. I had her watch as my bro and I “practiced,” and at first she seemed a little shocked. But then my bro kissed her very softly, very gently. She responded to that better than I expected. When she asked me to keep it a secret, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and promised. Over several more times, I got her to kiss me and to let me slide my two fingers inside her panties as we “practiced” kissing when my bro was out. Her panties are always white with a little lace trim and a tiny bow in the middle. So cute. She was embarrassed because the crotch was sopping. So much for her being completely innocent. I jokingly told her shes a slut and to get this out of the way so that she’s ready later with a guy. Again, she reacted with some surprise, but I reassured her that lots of people do this to prepare for later. She knew I would never hurt her, and she admitted that she was surprised to find it exciting. Just please, please don’t tell anyone, she asked, and again I promised. I used a different name than hers, so I think we are safe. Over time, it has become like Patty. She spreads her legs on the arm chair while I lick every inch of her thighs and the outside of her pussy. She is trained to the point now where I can insert a small dildo in her ass while I gently make her cum by softly sucking on her clit and plunging my tongue into her cunt as she cums. She has been with me as I have sex with my bro and I can trust she will keep it quiet because she is part of it now. She wants my bro to take her virginity on her 13th birthday, and he pretended like he was doing it as a present for her when its probably a life present she is giving him! She wants me there, kissing her. They have already had her lie with her legs open so that she can rub his hard cock up and down her wet pussy. He said he almost put it in her, he was so tempted and she said ok, but we all agreed to wait until her birthday. After almost getting to have her, he fucked me hard while I went down on her, as we planned and had already been doing, only he put a dildo up my ass, too. My dripping, aching pussy is throbbing as I write this, reliving the glory. I look forward to her birthday in a big way, and I know Jim (bro) fantasizes about it all the time. Now that I know shes game, I wonder if I can get her to convince her dad to fuck her. I now want him to fuck her while my dad fucks me, and we can be alternating sucking Jim… Lots of possibilities.

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    Shadow_alex sounds like a predator. I like sharing our experiences but surely not trying to hunt children. Be Carefull.

    • Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

      I am very grateful to all the people who leave comments, and believe me I would like to get together with a lot of them. There’s no way I can actually call any of them, though. My phone use is monitored by my dad often. Thank you for looking out for me. I doubt there’s any way any person can get near me.

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      Lovely stories

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    Your story is crazy! Wow.

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      You like?

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    • Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

      Hey, Blood Drop…

  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

    Why dont you let your Brother make you pregnant and maybe try and convinse your cousin to let him get her pregnant to?

    • Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

      I cant get pregnant. Dad is a minister. This is a small town. If I got pregnant it would make him look bad. We have scholarships lined up. Dad is a nice guy, and he doesn’t deserve to lose his job because his kids like to fuck. I have read lots of people who purposely have children with their siblings or parents or their own children, but that just is not something we can even think about…

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      Now i feal bad for what i said. But the story got me exsited and made me want to Meet you, also if you would let me maybe join in on the fun

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      What do you think would happen if i got you pregnant?

    • Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

      Shadow_alex, don’t feel bad. I’m glad my secret life excites you! If I get pregnant out of or before marriage, everyone will think my dad is not doing his job as the congregation’s spritual leader. I will be outcast as a whore, and I will either have an abortion to avoid that or give the baby up for adoption. Our situation is probably different than most other peoples. Jim and I know that it will have to probably change a lot at some point. He’s going to University of Virginia, and some pretty girl with a beautiful pussy will get his attention (probably mine, too!). Since I gave up on getting my dad involved, I hope he will let someone else take my ass while he’s up my cunt. I get very depressed thinking about it, though, because I am being sent to an all girl’s college.

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      Oh ok wish i could be there to help you out

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      Hi Shadow_alex…
      thanz for wanting to help. This is all something I helped make, and I have to deal with it. Jim and I keep reminding ourselves that this was supposed to be about practicing for when we he gets a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. A lot of girls at school and church are not very good at acting shy around him because they bend over in front of him or do something else to get him turned on when he sees them. They think he’s the usual good boy from around here. He even wears a t-shirt that encourages virginity. This is so funny. He has actually gone out with one girl a number of times and promises me he kisses her but then tells her his dad says he will go to hell if he does more, so he has to hold back. Then we quietly lick and fuck and cum while dad sleeps.

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      Lucky i wish i had you as my gf and i also Wonder if you got Instagram or something simular to talk more in privat maybe if you want