Boarding School Business

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I was very upset recently because I was told I am being sent to a boarding school the year before I go away to college. Dad is going away and wants me safe. He has no idea…

Poor Dad. He is so innocent. He says it will be in a couple of years. The school is not in our town, and getting accepted is an honor. I will have to keep up my grades and activities outside of school. At first I was very hurt because it is like he doesn’t want me around. Then I heard some things about that school – and visited it – to learn what really goes on there. They have these welcome weekends so that girls and their parents can meet the people who run it and see the dorms. Someone (my brother) told me to look for certain earrings some students wear. They are part of some code. I did notice some, and when I asked each girl gave me a blow off kind of answer. None of them told me anything. They all said to come back and ask again. So I came back a month later when I took a bus on my own. I arranged to stay for another welcome weekend and to stay in a dorm. Again, I learned nothing. It took many welcome weekends to get the story. I can see why they don’t just tell anyone.

The ones with the special earrings are part of a kind of club (?) where it got started when girls bet on who can seduce their dads first. IT was a type of incestuous competition. Some of them had already fucked their uncles, grandfathers, brothers, cousins, etc… but had not yet been with their daddies. I will definitely lose this or not be allowed in if sex with dad is what it takes to get in. I have been wanting my dad for years and have realized that he is not someone I can have. I fuck my brother all the time, but Dad? I doubt it. He is a true minister, a good man who wants the best for me, and he has never done anything “inappropriate” to me. He doesn’t look at me in any way except as a loving father. That said, I want to be in that club and wearing those earrings to prove I can do it! The girls in the club are pretty, but they are also academic superstars. They are this combination of smart and slutty – like me! One girl showed me her interview to get initiated, and while she’s talking shes sitting on her dad’s cock. She has a dress on and seems like she’s just sitting for the conversation, but then the camera pans out and she lifts her skirt to show her pussy being plowed by her dad. His eyes are pixelated out, but his features are a lot like hers otherwise. I believe it really is her father, and at the end of the “interview” his cum is drizzling out of her. It’s HOT. Watching it with my bro, we fucked twice in 20 minutes after seeing it. The girl in the video is 16, and she explained about the “cherries.” They are one of the most sisterly parts of the whole thing. I don’t know where they got them, but each time a girl’s dad cums inside her, before it can all gush out, he stops it up with a white plastic ball that has a short string attached. During school or whenever, the girl lets her club sisters know, and anyone interested can lie her down and remove the “cherry” ball to lap up the cum. Some girls put honey capsules up their cunts first to make it extra tasty. I’ve actually done this before with my cousin, so I get it. I want to enjoy sex with my brother as long as I can, but when he goes away to college, I will need something. Maybe my little cousin can also go to the school with me. They have 7th through 12th grades there, so I can hopefully have her in my dorm, too. Even if we can’t get our daddies to fuck us, we can lick the daddy cum out of other girls’ cunts. We all win!

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    one evening i was crazy with my mom that she told me i should not sleep in our house so she drove me out of the house then at night i sneak into the house i got to my brother room and i ask him that can i sleep in your room he said oh yes sure you can sleep so i got to his bathroom to change my cloth then i put on sleep cloth and i got into the bed and my brother jump on the bed and we said good night and i start pretending to be asleep ten minutes latter or so the i heard my brother whispered on my hear saying rita are you asleep i heard it but i was still prentending so he got up and start romancing me i was trying to stop him but said let me just leave this once he whispered again rita are you awake I was still pretending then he then he put his hand on bra he bring out my breast and he put his hand to my panties and was fingering me and holding my nipples i cant pretend anymore so i open my eyes he whisper again saying let have some fun he pull down my panties and he pin with his big cock.

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      I suduced my dad and uncles ,when I was 13 it is great when when you notice them stairing at you ,when you got just a white shirt white panties and your laying in the floor and you catch your dad staring at your ass . Thinking back it got me off more when all eyes was on me cousins uncles hopeing you will show up your short skirt .my first time was my cousin he was 14 I woke up he was finding me.i acked like I was a sleep .he fucked me .it hurt but it hurt so good. He sucked through when I first had the most fun ,is when dad finally gave in .he put his had between my legs put his finger in me my ass got hot I told him I wanted him we went back in a field he he streched my little pussy out his big 10 inches. He felt a shame after so I suck him hard and beg for more.it great it may be wrong but that’s why it so good all girls ought to do it .get money cars dick all in one

  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

    Wow you realy got alot of stories dont you its impresive acualy i want to know how you lost your virginity

    • Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

      The day I accidentally saw my bro’s cock, he was only 14 and I was 12. I still had braces. We had already talked about how having a dad who’s a minister could interfere with our dating lives at some point, if we ever have one, and we already agreed to help eachother practice. I was actually scared when I saw the size of his cock, and he was embarrassed, but it did give me ideas. We spent a few weeks gradually stretching my pussy with his fingers. He was very careful not to hurt me, and he always licked me until I came first. A couple of days after turning 13, he let me rub his throbbing, purple tip up and down my sopping pussy, taking my time with it. It did hurt a little and I still bled a little too, but we slowly put him inside me. HE was only an inch in me when he came all over…

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      I realy want to Meet you irl maybe i can becouse your bf to

  • Reply Siege Scott ID:bifc4gxu42

    Man I thought you were going to do your dad -3-

    • Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

      I WANT to do my dad. If you read Good Kids, you’ll see… I may have to settle on someone else’s daddy if they let me in the club. If he knew what’s going on, Dad would rip me out of there faster than you can say cum. Maybe put me in a convent.

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    • Anna Love ID:5u1d7cdqrd

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