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Sometimes I fuck maids also. Currently, I am living in a rented house in another colony. The landlady or the house governess is very kind to me. Seeing I am lonely and need legitimate sex, she suggested Maid Service for my comfort. She recruited a specific maid for me. She was 33-years old with three daughters – – – one was 13-years of age, the second 10-year, and the last was just 7-year kid. First, she came alone. she did all the household chores.and for that I paid more than she expected. Nowadays maids are clever enough to extract more money, and this maid was trained enough for that. She knew that I or my landlady has engaged her for ‘ sex service’ as well. And it was true. So I told her frankly that I will reward her plentiful of money if she can provide me very good sex service. To this, she consented happily.
I told her frankly and quite unashamedly that she has to lick and suck my ass-hole with her fine moisturized tongue. She initially hesitated but when I offered more money she agreed At 33-years she was not only beautiful but sexy as well; I fondled her big boobs and big ass and fingered her pussy in the beginning. Later I became stark-naked and asked her to caress my ass globes. She did well, and she fingered my ass hole. I, then, stretched my ass hole and she licked and sucked for about half-an-hour continuously. After this, I fingered her ass hole and sucked it.
I wanted to ass fuck her but postponed it as I wanted this in front of her elder daughter. she was 13-years of age and according to me, the girl needed good sex education.
So the Maid brought the good girl with her next time. The girl’s name was ‘ Reema’. I disrobed her mom in front of the girl, I watched that the girl is looking curiously how good her mom is being disrobed and molested. Some sort of sexual arousal began in the nerves of this little girl although she was not that little.
Now I suddenly jumped over her mother and made her stark naked, I also became stark naked but spared the child. then I am proud to say that I ass fucked her mom pretty badly.
The next day I told Malati, the mom of Reema, that she should bring her other children as well. I wanted to fuck them in front of Malati. I was overjoyed to fuck three kids in a group, and that done well.

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    How do you find these girls

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    Great of you