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It is a true story which happened 50 years ago .when I was 8 years old .I used to live in hilly area .I was in 3rd class on my school..we. Had group of boys 5 boys we used to play on hills .one day senior boys came to us and said we will play also . we went to hills to play now we were seven boys .senior boys were around 18 years old .we were playing hide and seek .one boy used to search others we were hinding in toilet three boys in one toilet and three in other .one big boy was in both toilet .suddenly big boy unbuttoned his nicker and took out his penis and showd to others and ask others to show .he was having his penis he stated masterbation and his penis became big thick he ejaculated .he asked other boys to do the same we tried but could not ejaculated . he said don’t worry I will teach you .so he took one boy and remover his nicker and started storking. His penis in front of us his penis became big .now he ask him to bend forward and he put some saliva on his hand and on his penis and put on his ass.he was stroking boys penis with one hand and inserting his penis in boys ass it went in boy cried in. Pain but he said don’t worry you will enjoy it his penis went in further and still stroking boys penis .now boy said I am coming he ejacuy in his ass as he does boy also ejaculated. And we asked him how is the feeling he said great ..we saw first time ass fucking .we all came back home next day my close friend asked me to play the same game..we went in toilet removed our clothing .first hr tried to insert his penis in my ass but he could not get success. He said you try .now I put saliva on my penis and on his ass hole and put my penis on his hole I put pressure it went inside .now I started stroking his penis also .he was enjoying as I was stroking. We ejaculated for the first time and said it is realfun we will play this game daily .next day he brought a bottle of oil with him .he put oil on his penis and on my ass hole noe he got success in putting his penis in my as hole he stroked my penis as his was inside me.. We both ejaculated together.. This was my first anal .after that I had so many insertion till I was 16 years old and I had a habit of getting penis in my ass hole. From any body .
My penis became cock .and bigger in size ..

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:60aa7938m

    Stupid fag story

  • Reply Tom ID:1ekkbit97ubd

    Me too I was 10

  • Reply Riyan ID:etyw15ov4

    Nice all the best