Late night intruder

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I’m Sharon I’m a 42 yr old widowed housewife. My husband died last year at the deer hunting camp, leaving me to finish raising my two teenage kids. After going through a almost total break down,my Dr put me on valium and Ambien to sleep. I’ve also found myself drinking a lot fuzzy navels or simply a few shots of tequila. After a hectic day my 17 yr old daughter wants to sleep over at a friend’s,sure all I wanted to do when I get home is take a long hot bath and order a pizza for me and Bobby to eat my 18 yr old son. Once home and everything put into its place,i went and took me a bath,while we waited on the pizza. I settled down on the sofa and turn on the TV when the TV came on it was on a adult channel I’m watching some blonde being screwed by a man with a dick about the size of my deceased husband. It’s been almost a year now as I took a couple of shots of tequila,i continued to watch flick until my son walked in,so I asked him why he was watching this channel,so then I changed the channel. Bobby said that he likes to watch porn especially when the ladies have my hair color and big boobs,so you fantasize about me I asked him,mom you are so hot all my friends talk about you. Son I’m your mother but thanks I said. I took another couple shots washing my meds down as we just talked until I felt my eye lids beginning to close. So I said good night to Bobby and went to bed after putting on my nightie. As I slept in a dream state of mind,i was awakened by my panties being pulled down so I thought. As my legs was spread apart I just laid quietly as I felt fingers start to massage my clit,as i felt fingers start to penetrate my pussy,so I softly moaned and hunched my hips getting more of his fingers inside of me. Still I just laid quietly,i felt movement on my bed when I felt hot breath blowing on my clit as I felt a hot tongue licking at the lips of my pussy,i felt my first orgasm building as his tongue buried in my pussy I explode into orgasm not laying quickly anymore,as I buck my hip’s dreaming of my husband I asked fuck me hard. Bobby slammed his dick into my eager hot pussy ,oh Bobby fuck your mom oh god yes yes oh Bobby I screamed as I felt his dick harden and a pulse of sperm splashing in my fertile womb as I dropped my eggs searching sperm. As we just laid still for a while Bobby told me that he loved me so much,this caused me to roll over and slide down under the sheets to find Bobby’s dick. As I stated to lick the cum off as soon as his dick was hard I straddle him and lower myself onto his cock as he was all in me I started to fuck him like a mature lady and I didn’t stop until he had exploded inside of me again. So I crawled up to his face and set my pussy down on his face,as he ate the cum out of my pussy I had my 4th or 5th orgasm,as I thought him the world of fucking and how to make love to a lady as we spent hours of son is now a man and also a Daddy to be because I’m good and pregnant.. Sharon 6013411649 talk to me.

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