childhood maza

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When I was 15 years old .and I was in high school.I used to study in my room. My parents used to sleep in their bed room. When some guest comes he used to sleep on my room.as there were only two rooms.
It was a routine .once my cousins brother came he was three years older than me. We had dinner .and he came to sleep with me.I studied for two hours and we talked so many things
.he asked about girl friends.I said I do not have any.in night I suddenly woke up.he was playing with my penis.and his penis was out of his under bear. And touching my thighs.I tried to push back with my hand but when I touched his penis was shocked his penis was thick and long than me.so I held his cock and it grew further and became stiff.he was stroking my penis and I was stroking his penis we were hot and enjoying. He asked me how his cock is I said it is big enough.he asked me do you
Like this. I said yes. He said do you want your cock like mine I said yes. He said than do as I say..I said o k. He said remove your under bear..and be naked.idid.than
He also removed his under bear..and started stroking my cock I was stroking his.than he said I will fuck you and you fuck me.he asked me to turnaround and he spotted his cock and put his cock on my ass hole he sad relax and push back hr pushed and his head enters in my ass. I cried in pain I said stop it is paining..he said don’t worry.and waited for some time and stroking my cock .now pain was lees do he pushed further his half cock went inside.now I was enjoying .so he pushed harder and his cock was fully inside me.he was fucking me and stroking my cock .I was in heaven.now he was fucking with full speed.I was pushing my hip back with every stroke.he ejaculated in me. Now it was my turn to fuck him.sowe changed our positions .I fucked him also .I enjoyed very much.this was my first fuck.

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    Love it