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A Nice Motorcycle Ride, Then, We Were Accosted By Three Gang Members

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I got ready to go to a party the other night. I wore a mini dress with no panties because I like my for men to have access to my pussy if I choose to have sex. I’m 5”7″, 120 lbs.blonde hair green eyes, curvy with 34 D cup bra. I’m 27, live in my apartment alone and enjoy my life. I’m still a bit of an exhibitionist. I’ve gotten better. I used to be really bad when I was younger. I tortured my daddy the way I walked around the house, and I lived fucking. But, I liked people looking at me and wanting to do things to me. I’ve gotten taller and my tits got bigger. I wrote about how I was then. It’s called, “I Made Daddy’s Dick Hard” if you choose to read it.

I got to the party and there was a ton of good looking men there. I didn’t know very many people. I saw Lydia and started talking to her. She worked where I worked. She said, You ought to meet this one guy Lance.” She said, “He’s so good looking, has his own business and seems like a very nice guy.” “I think you two would enjoy each other.” She said, “He’s never been married and he’s very sexy.” I said, “Well, you’ll have to introduce me.”

So, Lance walked over to Lydia and I and she introduced me to him and we started talking. She was right. He was very good looking and sexy. He had a lot of charisma. He ask me to slow dance and I said sure. He was a good dancer. He reached down and put his hand on my butt. I know he could tell I didn’t have panties on cause he said, “Ah, I see you’re a today’s woman, and a sexy one at that.” I said, “Thank you.”

We had several drinks and it started getting late when Lance said, ” I don’t know how you feel about it but, I’ve got my motorcycle tonight, would you like to go for a ride, it’s nice out?” I said, “That sounds like it would be fun, especially with the cool breeze in my hair.” I also thought of the cool breeze blowing my skirt up and the wind blowing on my pussy. I was getting horny.

So, we got on and took off into the night. He took us down by the lake, drove around and then pulled over in this little clearing and stopped. The moon was bright that night. We got off and I was sitting sideways on the seat. Lance got between my legs and started kissing me. He was a sexy thing. I could feel his dick next to my leg.

He got into this little compartment on his bike and pulled out a blanket. He spread it on the grass and he laid me down. He unzipped his pants and laid down beside me. We were kissing and he reached under my skirt and felt my wet pussy. He said, “I see you’re ready for me.” as he stuck fingers in my pussy. I couldn’t wait for him to put his dick in me. He unbuttoned the top of my dress to expose my titties. He unhooked my front close bra so, he could suck on them. And, he did.

He slid his pants down and crawled between my wanting legs. He touched my naked pussy again and said, “I like this little girl pussy.” He put his dick inside my pussy’s lips then he rammed his dick as hard as he could into me. I loved the rush he gave me with that forced entrance. He fucked me so hard, I cum immediately. He said, Wow, you’re a gusher aren’t you?” I said, “Only when I’m totally satisfied.” I told him, “It’s the way you’re fucking me, Lance.”
He said, “Oh, you like it rough.” I said, “Well, I guess I do since I’m cumming again.” He was raised up on his knees, pulling my hips into and down on his dick, fucking me with everything he had.

All of a sudden we heard this guy saying, “Look here guys.”
Lance stopped immediately. There were three of them. Two grabbed Lance and pulled him up with his hands behind his back. They put zip ties on his wrists. The other guy came over to me as I tried to cover my tits up. He said, “Don’t do that, as a matter of fact, take the dress off completely young lady.”

These guys were in their 30’s and looked like they were in a gang. They had scruffy dirty jeans on and
t-shirts with some kind of gang symbols on them.

I looked over at Lance and he was sitting on the ground with, his pants down around his ankles looking in horror. The other two came over to me and helped me get my dress the rest of the way off. They were squeezing my titties and saying, “Look at this naked ass pussy.” One guy took his pants down and said, “I’m fucking this little bitch.” The other guy said, “I am too, bottom or top?” He said, I want that pussy.”
So, the guy laid down and they made me lay on top of him and he stuck his dick in my pussy. The other guy got on top and rammed his dick in my ass. It hurt so much. These guys were not being gentle. They were forceful with every stroke.

I felt so bad for Lance, having to sit there and watch them rape me, not being able to do anything. The guys were fucking me. The guy in my ass had a smaller dick, at least. I was grateful for that. The guy in my pussy had a big dick and he actually felt good because I was so horny with Lance. My ass felt numb but, I felt like I was gonna cum.

The third guy told them to hurry up. He said, “We ain’t got all day.” That made me feel good. He walked over to Lance and said, “Well, well, look at you, pretty boy.” I had no idea what he was talking about but, he pulled Lance to his feet and Lance had a huge hard on. His dick was sticking straight out.

The guy said, “Turns you on seeing your girl getting double teamed by my boys there, huh?” “Yes, it does, look at that dick.” He said, “Well, pretty boy, I can take care of that for you.” He got down on his knees and started sucking Lances’ dick. He was playing with his balls and had Lances’ dick all the way down his throat. I couldn’t have put all of Lances’ dick in my mouth like that. Lance had to be loving it. Lance started moaning. The guy was sucking his balls and stroking his rock hard dick. It made me horny watching Lance.

The guy fucking my ass cum in me and got off. The guy in my pussy, rolled me over and started fucking me fast and hard. He made me cum on his dick. I cum a lot. He said, “Wow, she a squirter, guys.”
The guy sucking Lance had his hands on Lances’ ass, pulling him as far into his mouth as he could.
The guy fucking me gave a big grunt as he rammed his dick in me and cum.
I heard Lance moan and groan as he cum in that guys mouth. The guy swallowed every drop and licked Lances’ dick clean.

They got up and said, “Thanks, kids, then walked away into the night.
I got up and went over to Lance. He said, “Are you alright?” I said, “I’m fine, are you?” He smiled and said, “Yeah, I just had the best blow job I’ve ever had.” We both laughed. He said, “There’s a knife in my pocket.”
I got it out and cut the zip ties off his wrists. He put his arms around my naked body and apologized for what happened. I said, “This wasn’t your fault at all. He said, “I shouldn’t have brought you here.” “It was my fault.” I kissed him and said, “Then, let’s go to my place, get a shower and fuck each others brains out, how’s that sound?” He said, “Great.”

Lance and I had a great time. We fucked all weekend and reminisced about those guys. I said, “That guy acted like he was trying to eat you. He said, ” I ain’t ever had my dick that far down someone’s throat before, it was a feeling I can’t explain, it was actually in his throat, I don’t know how he breathed.” “And, he would flex his throat muscles an it would squeeze the head of my dick.” “Unbelievable.”

I told him I would try that in him later and see how far I could get it in my throat. He said, “Okay.”
What a weekend we had. It was great.

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