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Queen of Ass

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The Mexican queen i am makes me a horny girl on the inside. Im young at 19, and am the most attractive girl anyone could feast their eyes on. Ass, body type, you name it. I never chose to be attractive, it chose me. See Latina women have a way with their ass, a way that makes us the center of everyone’s attention. As for me having a natural Large and bubbly butt has made everyone’s love me. When i was a girl, around 12, i began noticing changes in my body. To start with my tits were coming it, and my ass seemed to grow by the day. I was someone shocked by this, but also fascinated. I wanted everybody else’s opinion to know what it meant, so after a morning session of examining my body in the mirror i threw on my sexiest black tank top, and nothing else. I came downstairs and greeted my family, who were in different parts of the house, my dad watching football with my brother who was 16 at the time,and my mom started on dinner already lmao. My dog was behind the couch. I wemt into the kitchen and my mom told me *in spanish* about how she admired my current look, and gazed lower to seey pussy. She told me something like,”Honey your becoming a women”, and “im proud of you” idk. But she gave me a long hug squeezing me tight, to where i had to pull my shirt down over my ass a bit. Then i decided id get my brother and dads honest opinion. This is actually a true story so no hardcore banging involved, but i plotted my perfect plan, starting with my dad. He was fixing a pipe under the bathroom sink, and i stood over him, with a foot on each side of his body, amd pretended to be doing make up. When he got up to get a different tool i felt him accidentally put his nose in my pussy a bit. when he stood up we looked at each other and i noted 2 things. 1:He was blushing, and 2: his nose wws covered in juices a little bit. He stammered and said with a bright red face, “Sink is fixed”. Then walked out. I was giggling at the fact that he literally had his nose down there, and all the giggling caught the attention of our dog prince. He must have caught onto the smell of my ass, because he started sniffing deep within my crack. I was curious, but only thinking he wanted to sniff my asshole, because dogs i guess like sniffing those lol. When i spread one cheek out the way showing him my delicious hole, he didnt sniff but began licking, almost like he wanted me to push one out right there for him to eat. When my brother came in he was shocked, and within a minute i saw a tent in his pants. We stared at eachother for a full minute while prince was feasting my asshole, until he asked me “Whats this about, is your boyfriend not giving you the proper licking right there?” And started laughing. I went along with the joke and laughed but told him that it was because my boyfriend doesn’t eat ass. I actually did have a boyfriend, but when he tried eating my ass it was in the girls bathroom and we had to stop because we nearly got caught. Anyway, my brother now knows the dog eats me out, and after dad accidentally nosed me in the pussy, hes allways looked at me like im some sort of godess. When ever i ask mybdad to buy me something and he even thinks of saying no, i start wiggling my ass a bit, seducing him into saying yes, so i guess thats one super power lol. I once 69’ed with my brother and he locked his mouth on my asshole, scrubbing it clean with hos tongue. Now when ever he wants something from me i have him lick my hole, and sometimes he gets smothered between my cheeks. Thats the thing with latinas, a guy eats her ass hell get smothered to death. Thats why we like the sexual act because it makes us feel dominant and worshiped

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z49d

    Why don’t you reward your dad and brother with some farts? They’d love it!

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48qotj8i

    That is beautiful! Smother me! Dominate me! I love having my face smothered in a nice, sweet, plump sized ass trying to smother me to death. Just thinking of my face buried in your ass makes me hard. DAMN baby I’m in love and wants to go to heaven.
    TAKE. ME!

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365ntzj

    Awesome story..
    Can you text me
    814 319 8624

  • Reply Tigerboiiii ID:1elaidnfvgw6

    Please write more stories of yourself please