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Brother and sister find fun things to do 2

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It’s been a few months. Let’s see how things are going.

It’s been a few months since my birthday. My our auntie had a 7lb baby girl. My sister and me still have sex but she don’t want a baby yet. So it’s mostly anal. Every so often I get in her pussy. When she thinks it’s safe. This morning my sister woke up not feeling good and so did I. We had the flu. So our mom and dad took our brother to school. Our aunt came over to watch us we felt really bad. Our aunt just turned 18 and our grandparents kicked her out after the baby. Saying they didn’t raise a whore. About 12:30 we got a call our parents and brother had died in a car accident taking our brother to school. They were hit by a dump truck and killed. Everything was a blur. Everyone keeps giving condolences but didn’t want to be bothered by having kids running around. Our grandparents showed us their true colors. They didn’t want us either. They hated our mom marrying our dad. They only put up with us because our mom. So instead of foster care our auntie said we could live with her. She became our adopted mom. A few months have passed we moved to another state to get away from hateful family. Our aunt told me she was pregnant agian. She said all the comforting she gave me worked. I was over the moon excited. I was 15 and my sister was 12 now. So me and our auntie got married. Not legally. But we became husband and wife. Where we moved people thought we were a couple anyway cause I looked older. I was taller than her and I worked out so that helped. Also people there didn’t know us. We got home schooled. Our aunt said that would work the best to keep people from being nosey. God I was in love. A beautiful wife and sister. A beautiful baby girl and a baby on the way. Well as fate would have it my sister didn’t calculate right and she got pregnant. The night of our aunt and my honeymoon. We started going out more to meet people. We always introduced ourselves as husband and wife and my sister was her sister. To keep people from seeing I knocked up my on sister. My sis started making friends and asked me and my wife about private school. One of her friends dad’s is a teacher there and she was told no questions would be asked. I told her we would have to meet him and find out about the school. A few days later they came over to the house my sis took her friend to play while we talked to her dad. He started off I see she is pregnant and so is your wife. At this school we ask no questions cause we are an open school of free thought and feelings. He explained more they neither condon or repress our students. Then he hit me with i can tell she’s not your sister in law. Because she looks like you and that means the baby ids yours too. I turned 3 shades of red. He said he doesn’t judge but will not say anything just be careful because there is so but not many who would understand. So finally we broke and explained everything. By the end he said he knew a guy to help us out to make it look all legal. We thanked him alot. Then the girls showed up to ask if they could have a sleep over. I was leary but he spoke up and said ok then turned to me and smiled and out the door he went. We sat them down and explained to my sister what he said and how he was going to help us. Then we told her she could go to the school. So now we have to figure out sleeping arrangements. Cause she sleeps with us and the baby and the ones on the way will and do have the other 2. The girl then shocked me and my wife. She said she knew about us and while we were talking to her dad she was talking to my sister. She asked can I sleep in bed with you guys. She said her daddy would not mind cause he lets her brother sleep with her. To say you could have knocked me over with a feather. We talked and I asked her what she means sleep. She explained her brother puts it in her butt and has sex with her but she’s trying to get her dad but he keeps saying no. He tells us only anal cause he doesn’t want me pregnant with my brother. She went on and on explaining her mom was her aunt and mom. That her parents were brother and sister and the whole family is that way. But her dad wants to get some outside the family because some of my cousins kid are coming out disabled. We said ok but we have to talk to her dad agian before we let her in the family we don’t want any trouble. Later that night me and my wife had a quickie. And my sis woke up and wanted a quick turn. I tried to say no your friend is here wait till we ask her dad. But I caved. It’s hard to say no to a pregnant teen. She got me hard fast I love the way she sucks my cock. I closed my eyes and layed back and let her take over. I was close to cumming she stopped. I felt the bed shift and I was sliding into heaven. I was brought back to reality when she slammed down and wimpered. I eyes shot open and there sat our new friends daughter. I tried to get her off me but she wouldn’t give and she was so tight it hurt me. She sat still for a minute and told me she called her dad after the talk we all had and he told her go ahead if the women don’t mind. But remember if he say no then stop. How could I say no to a pussy as tight as this. She slowly started pumping with a look of bless and some pain but kept riding. I told her get off I was about to cum but she locked down and I swear I felt my head go into something tight and I was done. I let loose like never before. She would not get off me my wife and sis just smiled and said they would be happy to share. They smiled and told she looks good on my cock with her budding breast and smooth pussy. The girl giggled and told us her uncle is a hair doctor and when she started to get them he removed it all. She told my girls she could ask him to help them out too. I makes a cum so much better. They said ok. By now I was hard agian and she started bouncing again I kept feeling my cock going in and out of something tight. When she had me ready to cum agian she sat down harder. I heard my sister say it’s all the way in now. Then I felt my sister started to suck my balls and I cam. We all fell asleep this girl would not get off but I didn’t complain she was lite. I got woke 2 times that night to her riding the hell outta me then fall back to sleep. Maybe more later if enough likes

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    Nice story, try breaking things up with paragraphs, makes the story have better readability.

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    Great story Keep going

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    Your own harem nice, very nice written just a couple minor mistakes