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Uncle Hank’s Special Growth Cream

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Hank tells his niece that he has a very special cream that will help certain things grow.

Hank is a 25 year old pedophile that has secretly enjoyed tricking a few young girls who are self conscious about their bodies. He tells them that he has a very special and top secret cream that will help certain body parts to grow faster. Of course he knows that it’s a lie but it’s amazing how easy it is to convince some impressionable young girls.

One of his newest clients is a family member. She is a 14 year old niece who has basically a flat chest and a small butt. Her name is Kristen and she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Of course she is not any different from most of the other girls her age but she doesn’t like the fact that her 15 year old sister has developed a little faster than she has.

Hank had come to stay with the family a few weeks due to him helping out with some work that was being done on the house. One evening while the parents were out ,Hank had volunteered to watch the kids and was watching TV. Kristen came in to the living room and flopped down onto a chair and crossed her arms. She looked upset and had a frown on her face.

“What’s wrong there cutie!” Hank asked.

“OH nothing!” Kristen snapped back.

“Well there’s got to be something wrong that has made you look like a mean old woman.” Hank replied as a joke to try to get her to smile.

“I am not a mean old woman. I wish that I was a woman, I would at least…..!” She suddenly trailed off when she remembered that she was talking to her uncle.

“What do you mean that you wish you were a woman, at least you would what?” He asked as he sat up and turned towards her.

She glanced over at him and looked at his eyes for a few minutes before she finally said, “Never mind. It’s personal!”

“Well that’s understandable but sometimes it’s better to discuss it with someone who might be able to help.” He continued to probe.

“But you are a guy uncle Hank, you wouldn’t understand anyway!” She replied as she looked down at her feet.

Hank’s interest was peeked now. It sounded like she had some female issues.

“Well have you tried talking to your mother or maybe your older sister?” He asked.

When he said “older sister” he saw her face turning red and she immediately seemed to get more angry.

“I take it that it has something to do with your older sister?” He asked.

Kristen sighed deeply as her shoulders dropped and tears started running down her face.

Hank got up and walked over to sit down beside Kristen. He reached down and lifted her chin up with his hand and wiped the tears away from her eyes.

“Come on gorgeous, there’s no need to cry.” He said.

“I’m not gorgeous uncle Hank. I’m ugly because I don’t have any… um!” She replied as she again looked at her feet afraid to say what she wanted to say.

“Don’t have any what? What is it that makes you think that you are ugly?” He asked.

“OH uncle Hank I don’t have any boobs. I am as straight as a stick. I don’t even have a butt!” She said as she began to cry again.

“Sweetie you are young and your body will grow in time! That doesn’t mean that you are ugly!” He said as he leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

She lifted up her face and looked deep into his eyes as if to see if he was lying or playing with her.

“But Julie already has boobs and she even has a butt. She even has a boyfriend and she’s only a year older than I am!” She replied still sniffling.

“Look I bet by this time next year you will have boobs and a butt as big if not bigger than her’s” Hank said as he found an opportunity to sell his special cream.

“But I have something that might help you if you are interested!” He said as he looked back at the TV to see how she would respond.

“YOU DO uncle Hank? You have something that can help me with my boobs and butt?” She asked as she jumped up and stood in front of him.

Hank pretended to look around and make sure no one was around as he put his mouth next to her ear and whispered “Yes I do but it’s a secret and you can’t tell anyone about it. Not your parents, not your friends or especially your sister.”

Kristen looked at Hank with pleading eyes and said in a hushed voice “I promise not to tell anyone uncle Hank. I swear that nobody will ever know what your secret is!”

“Well okay but you also have to promise that you will do everything I tell you to do. You also have to promise to do everything exactly how I tell you to do it!” He said as he looked deeply into her eyes to see if she was serious.

“I promise to do everything exactly the way you say!” She replied. “Please uncle Hank I promise!”

“Alright then tonight when everyone is in bed asleep I want you to come to my room. You have to be very careful and not let anyone know that you are up. Ok?” He said.

“OK uncle Hank I will be very careful!” She said with a smile on her face.

She went skipping off with a look of pure excitement on her face and Hank had a growing cock in his pants thinking about sharing his special cream with her tonight.

Since Hank was staying in the spare bedroom in the basement and all the rest of the bedrooms were on the second floor of the house, he figured that it would be a safe place to work.

Later that night after everyone had went to bed, Hank was lying in bed watching TV waiting for Kristen to come downstairs. He wasn’t sure if she would really show up but she seemed like she was very interested in his special cream.

After a while he heard the door open and close and he saw Kristen walk over to where he was laying.

“Nobody heard me get out of bed and come down here!” She whispered.

“Good girl! Now are you sure that you are willing to do whatever I ask you to do?” He asked knowing that if she agreed then she was his.

“I promise uncle Hank. I want you to help me with my boobs and butt.” She whispered.

“Okay then the first thing that you have to do is get undressed!” He said.

She immediately hesitated and looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Well I can’t apply the special cream on your clothes can I?” He asked.

Then a light bulb went off in her mind and she immediately understood. She immediately dropped her underwear and pulled off her night shirt and stood there with her hand covering her pussy and her other arm across her naked nipples.

Hank gazed upon her nearly naked body as his cock throbbed angrily under the blanket.

He lifted his blanket up and said “climb up onto the bed!”

She quickly climbed under the blanket and covered herself with it as she sat there looking up at Hank.

She glanced over at his crotch area and saw the large bulge sticking up making the blanket look like a tent.

“What’s that uncle Hank?” She asked as she reached out and grabbed his hard throbbing cock wrapping her small hand and the blanket around the head.

He groaned deeply as he felt her hand grip the pulsing head.

“That’s where the special cream comes from. It’s like a nozzle that deposits the cream into where it can do the most good.” He lied.

She continued to hold onto his cock and she felt it swell and throb in her hand.

“Why is it moving like that?” She asked looking determined to figure it out.

“Well it’s mixing up the cream. Once it’s ready it will spray it out.” He moaned as he felt her squeeze the head.

“How does it get ready?” She asked.

“Well it depends on what you want it to help!” He groaned.

“Definitely my boobs first!” She eagerly replied.

She looked up at him and continued to squeeze him. It took all of his will power to keep from shooting his cum into the blanket right then and there.

“Well the best way to get it to your boobs is through your stomach!” He said.

“You mean that I have to swallow your special cream?” She asked puzzled.

“Yes you have to swallow it. But it’s not nasty tasting. In fact it’s a little salty but a lot of women love the taste of it!” He said.

“Ummmmm OK but how do I get it into my mouth?” She asked.

“Well you have to lick the nozzle and suck on the nozzle like an ice cream cone to make it come out.” He said.

“OH OK. I like licking an ice cream cone!” She replied excitedly.

Hank pulls the blanket off of his hard throbbing cock and she immediately gasped loudly as she looks at it.

“That’s not a nozzle, that’s your penis. I know that from school!” She said.

“That’s right it is my penis but what they don’t tell you in school is that what comes out of a penis is that special cream. They want to keep that a secret!” He lied.

“Ohhhhhh gotcha! That makes sense I suppose.” She said as she leaned over to get a closer look at his cock.

“Go ahead and lick it! The sooner you start the quicker you will get the special cream.” He said as he gently guides her head towards his throbbing cock.

He feels her hot wet tongue slowly began to work it’s way up the shaft. He groans as she wraps her hand around the base and starts licking all over it.

“Take the head into your mouth and suck on it like a straw in a milkshake. Just don’t let your teeth touch it!” He groans.

She immediately takes the fat head into her mouth and starts sucking hard.

Hank grunts and ge struggles to get his orgasm under control. “Use your tongue and swirl it around the head as you suck!” He moans.

She does everything that he tells her. She quickly starts stroking the shaft as she milked his cock with her mouth. Soon he knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Kristen it’s almost ready to spray out the special cream so you have to take as much of the nozzle into your mouth and swallow all of it as it comes out! Make sure that you swallow everything and don’t waste any!” He groans.

Kristen nods her head the best she can with his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard as she pulls more of it into her mouth. She gags slightly as it got too close to her throat.

Hank lays his hand on the back of her head and says “He it comes! Start swallowing!”

He can feel her swallowing and hear her gulping down his cum as it pours into her mouth. She struggles to keep up with the biggest load he has ever produced. She manages to get it all down without losing any of it.

She continues to suck on his cock until every single drop is removed from his shaft.

“HOLY FUCK Kristen that was absolutely incredible!” Hank groaned.

“WOW uncle Hank that didn’t taste bad at all. In fact I kinda like the taste of it!” She replied as she wiped her mouth.

“Did I do it right uncle Hank?” She asked looking up at him.

“Yes sweetheart you did it perfectly!” He exclaimed as he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

She smiled and said “Now how about my butt?”

Hank just smiled and said………

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    hahaha totally brilliant and yes I have cum across a few that ignorant but bless their lil heart….. and all their used holes hehehe