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The bus journey part 2

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A purely fictional story of a poor young man with 2 deprived men

As we walk from the bus stop, Jim holds my hand tight. Mushroom is hyper, jumping around. They both light up cigarettes as we walk.

“Shall we walk through the woods, Jim. Might be more fun?” Mushroom asks.

We turn off the path and start walking through a wooded area. We then head along the woodland path.

“Making him walk naked , Jim” Mushroom says. I turn to face Mushroom, gawking. Jim laughs.

“Fuck yeah. Strip boy” Jim says. I look at Jim, my eyes welling up.

“Please don’t do this” I plead.

“Clothes, now!” Jim responds. I strip off, much to mushrooms delight. I hand my clothes to them. My cock as a normal teenage boy gets hard. Jim laughs and Mushroom leans over to stroke it. Jim shoves me and we walk a bit further. But as I’m about to continue, Jim grabs me and drags me into a clearing surrounded by trees and shrubs. He pushes me on the floor.

“Fuck, I’m not walking to yours mushroom. I’m horny now” Jim says pulling his cock out of his sweat pants. Rubbing it looking at me.

“Suck it” Jim shouts at me. I crawl on all 4s and kneel before Jim. His cock is hard and I reach up. I start to rub him, stroking his hard cock, pulling the foreskin back. I run my tongue around it and then Jim puts his hand on my head, easing me down further. I get most in without choking, but he wants more. I get to his pubic hair and only gagged a little. Jim lets me back up and then rams me down again. As I come back up this time, he takes his hand off and I start to move my mouth and down, as I’ve seen in porn. Working the head, as my tongue licks over his slit. Jim’s moaning and then I see mushroom appear to my side, his sweat pants off, naked from the waist down. He takes my hand and places it on his cock. I start to wank him off. Jim then pulls his cock out of my mouth and mushroom takes over. I start to work mushrooms cock and he reminds me to caress the balls. I do as I’m told and caress his big hairy balls.

I feel a hand on my ass, but mushroom won’t let me turn my head and then I feel something being shoved in my tight ass. I can’t scream as I’ve a cock in my mouth.

“Fuck he is tight” I hear Jim say and then I feel his fingers in and out of my ass. The pain is bad, it feels like he is trying to open his fingers inside me. I try to pull forward, but his hands hold me in place. I feel him remove his fingers from my ass and relief. Then I feel his cock head at my ass. His big head feels like it is ripping my sphincter open. I’m no longer sucking mushrooms cock, but he is now face fucking me, I’m so distracted with the pain in my asshole. I feel Jim’s cock move further up into my colon and open my hole up. I feel his balls on my ass, knowing he is fully in me.

I’m sobbing now, as my ass and mouth are being raped. Jim pulls back slightly and then rams home again. The pain is too much, but Jim is moaning with delight. Mushroom won’t let me off his cock, holding my head tight. Jim now proceeds to pull out and then slams back into my ass.

“Fuck he is tight. Come see” Jim says, mushroom let’s me off cock and I’m laying on the floor, as Jim rapes my ass. He is ferocious now fucking my hole, I’m sobbing. Jim goes in harder and fucks for ages, but is maybe no more than 10 minutes. He then grabs my hips, pushing me into the mud as he piling all his weight on to me. He starts calling me names as he cums deep in my ass. I feel his cum emptying into me as he seed is warm. Jim pulls out and I go to scramble away, but mushroom grabs my hips. He shoves me down and I feel his cock pushing into me. Luckily he is not so thick and Jim’s cum is lube. Mushroom pushes my face down into the mud and dirt as he fucks my ass. My 2nd ass rape today. Mushroom doesn’t do long strides like Jim, but short hard bursts. Fucking hell it hurts and I’m now begging to be let go. They both laugh. As mushroom is fucking me, Jim stands over my head.

“Let him up mushroom” Jim says and mushroom let’s go of my head, pulls my hips back and flips me on to my side, as he continues fucking me. Jim then proceeds to piss on my face. His aim is at my open mouth and I spit some out. Jim pisses his hot stream all over my face. I try to move, as the pain in my ass is getting worse as mushroom speeds up. I’m stuck there as mushroom starts to cum in my ass. I feel the warmth again inside me. Jim finishes off pissing on me. Mushroom leaves his cock in my ass, I feel the cock no longer pumping out. Mushroom stays in my ass, I go to pull off, but he grabs me.

“I’m not done yet.” Mushroom says, pulling his cock out and little bit but still in me. I then feel more warmth inside and I realise mushroom is pissing in me.

“Fucking urinal feels good” mushroom says, laughing. Jim stands over me, laughing and then leans down, spits in my face. Mushroom pulls his pissing cock out and carries on pissing up my back. I lay there crying. Mushroom finishes up and wipes his cock up my back. As mushroom dresses, Jim proceeds to cut my clothes up with his knife.

“Thanks kid. We’ll be seeing you” Jim says. Mushroom walks over, picks up my head and he slams his fist in my face to knock me unconscious.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    It is meant to hurt, boy, that’s part of the fun! You’ll look back on this as an exciting adventure!