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Testing his sister’s limits. Part: 2

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Andy finds out a secret about his 14-year-old sister, leading to a series of increasingly daring moves on his part.

Character recap: Andy is an average-looking 16-year-old with decent results in school. He is of average height and is a bit skinnier than most guys his age. Elsa – Andy’s 14-year-old sister. She is a mere 142 centimetres (4″8) and has long blonde hair. Her breasts still haven’t grown that much, but she has a tight body with an unusually round ass for her age.
During the coming weeks, Andy was feeling very confused about what he had done. It had felt so good and Elsa hadn’t said anything about it, but at the same time, it felt wrong. Elsa’s reaction hadn’t been the best when it happened, as she just stayed silent. Afterwards, however, things had been relatively normal, although she had been talking a bit less to him than usual.


A few days later, Andy had just gotten done gaming for the night. He felt like masturbating and so he visited his favourite porn site. After flipping through some videos he realized that all of his searches were ‘petite’, ‘small’, ‘blonde’, ‘cute’, ‘teen’ etc. All of which were words that could be used to describe his sister. Was he that obsessed with his sister, he thought? The more he thought about her, the more he wanted to be close to her again.

After a while, he couldn’t bear it anymore. She was sleeping in the room right next to his after all. He had to be close to her. Also, it wouldn’t exactly harm her if he just lay there embracing her.

He got up and snuck out of his room. Elsa’s door was closed as usual, so Andy opened it carefully to not wake her up. It was dark in the room, but he could make out enough of it to see that she was lying
there, in her bed, under the covers. He snuck up to her and crept in under the covers. It was all warm and cosy from her body heat.

Andy moved a little closer to her and felt that she was lying flat on her back. He wanted to spoon her like last time, so he tried to slowly turn her body so that she would be lying on her side.

“Andy?”, she said with a sleepy voice. He must have woken her up. “Sorry I awoke you, I only wanted to cuddle”, he replied. “Shouldn’t you get a girlfriend for that?”, she said. “Maybe”, he said. Elsa stayed quiet for a few seconds. “Okay..just please don’t…”, she finally said. “Thank you, and I won’t, I promise”, Andy said and moved up to her, wrapping his arm around her. He pressed his body against her and inhaled the smell of her hair.

They lay like that for a long time, until Elsa seemed to have fallen asleep. By that time, Andy had started to get horny. He knew he had promised not to do anything, but just masturbating wouldn’t be a problem he thought. He just had to do it without waking her up.

So he reached down and pulled out his dick from his boxers. He started to slowly stroke back and forth and noticed that he was already overflowing with precum. As horny as he was, this wouldn’t take a long time. Then he started thinking about what he would do with his load once he came. He had to catch it somehow so that Elsa wouldn’t notice tomorrow.

He could just pull up the boxers he thought, but that would make it all sticky inside his pants. Then he got a better idea. He could take off his boxers and hold them in front of him when he came. That way he could catch his load and then just throw them on the floor and not have to have the stickyness on him. So he proceeded to take off his boxers. After stroking himself a bit more he felt the time was about to come. So he put his boxers in front of his dick and started wanking as fast as he could. Then suddenly he felt the all too familiar pumping. He was emptying right into his boxers.

It all went amazingly well, with no spill or anything. When he was done he rolled his boxers together as well as he could and through them on the ground. It got really quiet in the room after that. To Andy’s relief, Elsa was still breathing rhythmically as someone asleep would do.

Andy curled up behind Elsa again. It felt different this time, as he was completely naked, and had just emptied his load. Almost like he imagined it would feel right after you had slept with your girlfriend, and just cuddled with her. Except in Andy’s case it was his sister, who was just fourteen years old. It was kind of weird when he thought about it, but somehow it also felt so right. He hadn’t had a girlfriend ever, but right now he didn’t feel like he wanted one either. He was in love with his sister.

Suddenly he realized that his dick was touching the bare skin of her thighs. Despite having shot his load just minutes ago, he started getting hard again at a fast pace. As his dick grew, it found its
way between her thighs, eventually poking out in front of her.

Holy shit that feels good he thought. Just the thought of her thighs touching his dick almost made him cum. He took his hand and ran it threw her hair a bit, breathing in her smell. He wanted to kiss her so badly but knew that she would most likely wake up if he did so on her lips. Instead, he moved her hair to the side, exposing her neck. He leaned forward and gave her neck a soft kiss. At the same time, he started to slowly rock his hips back and forth. Just a tiny bit, so that she wouldn’t wake up. It all felt so, so good.

He started kissing her neck a bit more, and soon he was full-on making out with it, kissing and sucking gently, all while exhaling her smell. At this point, he was so horny that he had lost all his caution. He stopped kissing her and moved a bit up in the bed so that his head was above her and his dick was right by her panties. He grabbed his cock and guided it to the part of her panties that must be covering her pussy.

Her panties were so warm and moist! Had she gotten turned on in her sleep by his kisses, he wondered? Then to his great terror, he noticed that her breathing had changed. She must have woken up he thought.
He snapped out of his sex frenzy and froze. Sure enough, he could hear that her breathing was much more erratic. Almost as if she was trying to be as silent as possible. Was she in such a shock that she was completely speechless? Or was she pretending to still be asleep? Andy was so confused right now.

As time passed, he started to feel his dick throbbing again, as after all it was resting on her wet panties. Fuck it he thought, if she stays silent for another 30 seconds he’ll just take that as an invitation.

30 seconds passed and she didn’t even move. So he started pushing his dick a bit against her panties. He could feel her pussy lips cushioning his pushes underneath her panties. Still, Elsa didn’t react. He pushed even more and heard Elsa let out a soft moan. If he was horny before, that was nothing compared to what he became now. He had made her moan!

He started humping slowly, using the space between her thighs as a pussy and pushing hard against her panties with every stroke. Elsa began breathing harder. Then, to his great surprise, she began squeezing her thighs together, as if to make it tighter for him. By then Andy was in a full-on humping frenzy. He reach up inside her shirt with one of his hands and grabbed one of her boobs. It was really small, but Andy liked it that way. It made it feel like she was small and in need of his care and

It only took about twenty seconds for the feeling to start getting too intense for him. He was going to come any second. So he hugged her tight around the chest as his hips started thrusting uncontrollably. Then just as the sensation was getting better than anything he had ever experienced in life, he started coming. Stroke after stroke he pumped out cum. It must be going everywhere on her he thought, as he kept pumping.

Then finally he started slowing down until he came to a stop. His cum was everywhere. Her panties were drenched by her pussy, and it was pouring down her thighs onto her bed.

He lay there embracing her in silence for a while until Elsa moved and got up. She climbed over him without making eye contact, just like last time. Then she went out of the room and into the bathroom. After a while, he heard the toilet flush and then he heard the door to his room open and close. She must have gone in there to be alone.

Andy was confused. Had she liked it or not? Was she mad at him? Maybe he had just imagined her moaning. Maybe he had just sexually abused her. He felt guilty for a while, but then he concluded that she must have liked it. He couldn’t have imagined all of those things, like her moaning and her thighs pressing together. He fell asleep.

*** END OF PART II ***

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