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sex with my family

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i decided to share my experience after i got horny.

my family keeps within themselves. that’s the way it should be. we love each other so much we want to be sexually active. my dad, 24, started it with his twin sister when they were 12. they had twins – me and my sister. i’m 12 now and my sister recently got pregnant with twins.

i basically look like the teenage version of tarzan. and my dad looks like tarzan. same for my mom and sister. i am lean and muscular and have some long brown hair.

that day was friday and i had just came back from school. i already creamed my underwear just thinking about the weekend full of sex my family was about to have. i walked in the front door of our mansion and took my backpack off. “hi leon, how was school?”, said my sister kylie. “i was just thinking about fucking you the whole time”, i said. kylie giggled. she was the average size of a 12 year old. also lean and muscular. she had a small bump on her stomach. she came up to me and kissed me and i kissed her back and put my hands on her flat chest.

kylie moaned. i got naked and then we made out harder. i carried her to the couch and started eating her pussy out. it was loose and wet. then i ate her ass and fingered it.

“already going at it two”, said my dad. me and him made out while kylie watched while fingering herself. she cummed on us. my dad turned me around and i lay on my back and spread my skinny legs out for him. he ate me out and it was so good that i cummed out of my ass. my dad was so hot. he was only 24 and also lean and muscular. my mom came and started making out with kylie. then my dad started fucking me. it felt so good. his dick in my little ass. we were both sweating. then he cummed and kylie fingered the cum out of my butt. “i love sweat mixed with cum”, she said.

stay tuned for part 2.

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