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Saw her, raped her – another one

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I got away with the first rape, a blonde virgin on a deserted road. I liked it, I must admit. I found another situation and raped another.

Previously I talked about the time I was drunk and raped a girl I saw walking alone in the early hours of the morning on a deserted road. I keep thinking about it, I know it was a terrible thing to do, especially since she was, unknown to me at the time, a virgin. I fucked her virgin cunt and her virgin ass, she was crying and begging me. I told myself it was because I was drunk. I wouldn’t want someone raping my girlfriend or mom or sister, but I liked it. I liked having her cry, beg me not to do it. The scream when I shoved my cock all the way up her virgin asshole in one shot.

I wasn’t drunk this time, though I wasn’t looking for a girl to rape either. I was in the park, it was after dark, a woman looked about 50 or so was walking alone, taking her time. She was attractive, a bit chubby, brown hair, and honestly not my type. She had what must have been A cup tits IF she had anything at all, very little indent to her waist, and a perfect butt with incredible legs. Wearing a sundress it looked like no bra, and she really didn’t need one she was so small on top, she was walking in the grass, taking time to move around certain bushes looking at them, like studying them. She wasn’t paying attention at all. Soon there was no one around. Even though this wasn’t a woman I would normally be attracted to, in fact I had a perfect girlfriend, everything anyone would want, but I pounced on her. Grabbing her from behind I pulled her in the middle of some bushes and trees. If you weren’t aware of it, you couldn’t see the clearing in the middle. I hit her hard and she went down. She started to scream and I hit her in the mouth. I lifted up her dress all the way over her hips and tits covering her face. I ripped off her white cotton granny panties and stuff them in her mouth to keep her quite. I used a fake accent when I told her to shut the fuck up. I stared down at this chubby body, tiny little tits that when she was laying down didn’t even stick up or fall to the side. Her reddish brown nipples were pencil erasers, on about nickel sized areolae. Then down to her outie belly button, and a full grown patch of brown hair on the top of her cunt, but the cunt lips were shaved clean.

I don’t know why but I hit her a few more time, then covered her up again. She was crying and softly asking me not to do this. She kept saying she had kids and grandkids, asking why her. Rubbing on her bare lips I got her wet then noticed something else coming from her old pussy. It was semen, she’d just been fucked. I made her tell me that yes she’d been fucked by a man in his apartment and she was headed home to her husband. I called her a cheating whore then roughly pulled up her knees to her chest. I put my cock to her pussy hole and waited. I heard the pleas again and again, crying, sobbing begging. I plunged into that old, just used cunt and rough fucked the cheating whore while biting and pinching her tiny nips. I kept telling her that her used cunt was loose and no good, I stuck a finger in her ass and said maybe that would be better. The crying got really bad then, begging me not to. I made her say what “it” was.
“Please, please don’t buttfuck me, fuck my used up cheating cunt”

“Do you want me to fuck your cunt you no good, no tit, cheating whore?” I asked

“Yes, please just fuck my used, slimey, cunt, please don’t fuck my ass, please”

With that I shot and added my cum to her cheating cunt. I reached under her pulled up skirt and pulled out her granny panties from her mouth and took them as a souvenir. I told her she deserved it since she was cheating, and she had no tits and ought to be thankful that anyone would even consider fucking her fat, titless body. All I heard back was crying.

I quickly moved away. Like I did last time, I stayed nearby where I couldn’t be seen and watched her come out and straighten herself up and start walking very quickly out of the park. I followed her and found where she lived. The first thing she did on entering the house was tell her husband that she fell and hurt herself. I knew then I was clear.

I raped another one, first a young virgin with a hot body and was beautiful, now a woman in her 50s, chubby, no tits, not really super attractive. I’ve raped two now. I like it.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    She was hanging round the park after being fucked by someone other than her husband? Slut was asking for it. You did a great job and there’s plenty more skanks out there to rape!!

    • Sarafina ID:n71fei43