Oh John

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John was a man dedicated to his life and his life was his work. He has a wife he loves and he also has a mistress. His life is entangled in this love

As he entered the hotel he looked around if anybody was following him as he went in. Nobody there knew who he was. He used this hotel every. Wednesday. He asked for the keys of room 110 and went up the elevator. He entered the room and found a woman stark naked looking at him. “You missed me John,” she said. “This is not right you know,” he whispered. “Don’t be so boring.” He put his hands on her lips and removed them slowly. He kissed her lower lip gently as his hands were in her hair. His hands slowly navigated through her body touching her breasts. Having them in his grasp. His attention then goes to her nipples, he sucks them aggressively and then pushes her to bed.

He starts to undress. He looks at Ber naked body lying on the bed. He reaches to her and then opens up her legs. She was already wet. She was a hard woman to please after all she was the boss’ wife. And the boss was my uncle. I licked her thighs as I was heading to her vagina. I bit it a little and she moaned. I started to kiss it, and every time her moans became louder. “oh oh oh John,” she moaned.

I wanted to continue writing but I need some encouragement. So do the needful

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  • Reply Matt h. ID:fx7i918rj

    What the fuck was this,a few details and that is it,not a story at all.you wasted your own time really.