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Mom catches step dad being a perv part 2

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The warm morning sunlight wakes me up, mind still stirring from what happened last night. Surely it was just the drinks and my wife got a little crazy I thought. I lay there trying to lock every detail of last night in my memory, figuring it would never happen again, preparing for the awkward post cum clarity of my sober wife when she awakes. I can not get the image of kylies small 14 year old body out of my mind, her nipple even though I just saw for a moment will live forever in my brain, so perky and with the most perfect length for nibbling, just like her mother’s. Kaylee rolls over let’s out a big morning stretch, then grabs my morning wood, gives me a kiss and says “good morning daddy”. Holy shot! I couldn’t believe it, this is really happening. My wife is actually turned on by the fact that I want to fuck my step daughter! Kaylee and I have always been open sexually, she knows that I am bi, and she has always wanted to try women, and we have even opened up our marriage a few times, but I never thought it would go this far. “Good morning baby girl” I say, pondering just how far I can push this new kink of ours. Kaylee gets up, gets dressed and heads downstairs to start making dinner, leaving the door open. I lay there and try to decide if I want to take care of this morning wood I have since my teasing wife just gave me a few strokes and left me high and dry. But decide I want to save myself for what fun may come tonight. I get up and go to grab a pair of Grey sweatpants from my closet, still hard as a rock, when I look over at my bedroom door I see Kylie standing in the hallway, eyes glued to my cock. I know I should have covered up, but her seeing my hard cock was so hot it made it jump, which broke kylies trance, she panics a bit. “Oh sorry” she says hurrying downstairs. I decide to wait a few minutes before coming down, to let the nerves settle, both Kylie and myself, before following the sweet smell of bacon to the kitchen.

“Good morning daddy” says Kylie, as I walk into the kitchen, her mother and I make eye contact and smile. “Good morning baby girl” I reply Kaylee and I let out a small giggle from our inside joke. As I sit at the table I can’t help but notice, that in the sunlight kylies white tank top she wore to sleep was damn near see through, and I could see her nipples clear as day. I soaked them in, not afraid to let my wife see me checking out our daughter. Kaylee brings the breakfast to the table and says “you know I was thinking, maybe you and I can do a little shopping today” Kylie got excited, what teenage girl wouldn’t want to go shopping for new clothes. We all finish our breakfast, and Kylie says she is going to take a shower and get ready for their shopping trip. We both watch her perfectly round ass as she leaves the room. “I don’t know which is better, her ass or her tits” I say as she turns the corner. My wife laughs and says “oh come on, we both know you’re an ass guy” I laugh and say you got me there as I grab her ass, lifting her onto the kitchen counter, and kiss her neck. Kaylee stops my advances “ok stop, you can’t get me going, we don’t have time for that right now, u have to go get ready” she says giving me one last passionate kiss and a few strokes of my cock.

Kaylee comes down the stairs, showered and dressed ready to go, “has Kylie come down yet?” She asks. “No, I’m pretty sure she is still in the shower” I reply. Which was odd, Kylie doesn’t usually take long showers, and she seemed eager to go shopping. “Must be an everything shower” laughs Kaylee. She is still getting use to the whole shaving thing, so we thought nothing of it. About 20 minutes later Kylie comes down the stairs, stunning as always. Wearing a very short pair of cut up daisy duke shorts and a pink crop top, which are all the rave with teen girls now. “OK let’s go” says Kaylee she gives me a hug and kiss good bye, then Kylie comes up to me to give me a hug goodbye, I let it linger a bit longer than normal, peeking over her shoulder and looking at her ass in them shorts, then I couldn’t help myself, as we broke the hug, I let my hand slide down her back and just so slightly cup her ass. “Bye daddy, see you later”

After about an hour into their shopping trip I get a text from my wife. I eyes widen when I see it, it is a picture of kylies ass in her short shorts bent over looking at clothes on a bottom shelf. With a caption saying “she really does have a nice ass doesn’t she?” My cock leaps into action, I reply yes she does, so delicious. Kaylee responds “I bet it is, I would love to taste her” at this point I have to pull my cock out and slow stroke. “I would do anything to see you eat our little girls pussy” I reply. I want to return the favor and send my wife a picture, then I get an idea. I head to kylies room and find a pair of panties on top of her hamper, they are a lot more moist than the ones last night, these must be the fresh pair from this morning. I lay on her bed, and take a small video of me stroking my cock with kylies tiny panties wrapped around my dick. I wait anxiously for a response and finally feel my phone vibrate. “You better not cum, I’m going to suck her sweet juices off of your cock when we get home.” Fuck reading that nearly sent me over the edge, but I listen to my wife and put my cock away, God she is still able to tease me even when we are apart.

The girls finally return home around dinner time, touting pizza and shopping bags. Thank God, I am starving I thought. We sat together and ate dinner as a family, Kaylee running her foot up and down my leg, keeping me on edge while talking with Kylie. Once we were done eating Kylie yells me mom let her rent a new movie she wanted to watch, and we could have another movie night. “Great, I can’t wait to watch the new romcom with the hunk you have a crush on as the lead role” I say joking. “Oh stop it daddy, you just might like it” Kaylee chimes in, “well why don’t you go put on the new pj’s we got today and come down so we can all watch it?” As Kylie goes upstairs to change my wife drops to her knees, and pulls my cock out. “God I’ve been waiting so long to taste her on you” she says as she puts my cock in her mouth. God it felt so good knowing I was feeding my wife our daughters pussy juice from my dick. She sucks my cock for a little over a minute and just like my wife she stops, leaving me on edge. She stands up, “go sit on the couch and cover up, you’re going to like this” she pops in the movie and sits next to me on the couch when down walks Kylie, wearing a sexy night gown, very similar to the one my wife wore last night, and it was barely long enough to cover her ass. I was mesmerized. “Will you make us some popcorn sweetie?” Kylie walks into the kitchen and grabs the popcorn, our over the range microwave is a straight line of sight from our couch, and is just tall enough to where Kylie has to reach up to open it. As she does her gown rises and I can see my 14 year old daughters whole ass, sporting a black thong, Kaylee takes my cock in her hand, “God I want to fuck her so bad” I whisper.

About half way through the movie my wife asks if anyone wanted anything to drink, I asked for a glass of water, and Kylie a glass of orange juice. We both gulped down our drinks as it was a bit warm in the house. I couldn’t focus on the movie at all, my eyes kept glancing to Kylie watching every shift she made, hoping I could see up her night gown, but even just the sight if her bare legs had me hard the entire movie. I noticed she was having a hard time staying awake, which was weird as like I said before Kylie is mostly nocturnal, she never falls asleep this early.

The moment the movie ended Kylie said she was going to bed and slowly walked to her room. My wife gets up and makes us a couple cocktails, and we spend the next hour or so drinking and lusting over Kylie, building the tension for another good fuck tonight. I can’t take it any more “I’m ready to go to bed and fuck my baby girl again” I say. “OK, hold on just one second” she replies and disappears in the darkness upstairs. I’m hoping she is going to grab another pair of panties, then she comes down and takes my hand, “follow me” she leads me up the stairs and I pause as she heads left toward kylies room instead of ours, I follow very intrigued. We walk into kylies room and she is passed out on top of the covers spread eagle. Kaylee whispers in my ear. I gave her a sleeping pill in her OJ, she is out cold” she then shakes Kylie hard on the shoulder with no response. “Now show me what you want to do to your little girl you old pervert.” She says as she takes my underwear off and throws it in the corner with hers. My heart is about to jump out of my chest, I slowly walk up to Kylie, and run my hand from her neck, across her tits, and palm her pussy hard, feeling her warmth. She does not budge. So I sit her up a bit and pull her night gown over her head, leaving her there in just her thong. I start to kiss her neck, making my way down I fondle her tiny tits, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. Then I get down to her mound, I pull off her thong, to find the most beautiful natural bush. I look over at my wife and she is sitting on the floor watching me, rubbing her own clit. I look back and dive straight into her bush, rubbing my nose on it taking a deep breath to remember the smell then I go for it. I run my tongue up her slit, finding her clit and start to flick it. Kylie let’s out a small moan, but at this point even if she woke up I couldn’t stop. I keep going, and can feel her pussy juices soaking up my beard, then I feel my wife’s mouth wrapped around my cock. OH MY GOD I thought this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have 14 year old pussy in my mouth while getting my dick sucked. I try to put my tongue in kylies pussy and it is so tight. My wife comes up from my cock and grabs my face, making out with me, “let me have a turn” she says. I move away and watch my wife passionately lick kylies pussy, then she slips in a finger. Seeing this I had to get behind my wife and fuck her, imagining it was my dick and not her finger that was fucking my daughter. It didn’t take Kaylee long to notice I was fucking her to the rhythm of her finger fucking, and inserted another finger. Kylies pussy was flowing with cum at this point. After a few minutes of this Kaylee pushes back on me, and pulls out. “I’ve got her stretched out enough for you, fuck our baby girl daddy.” I still can’t believe this is happening, I lean into Kylie and press the head of my cock to her opening, still wet and glistening with her mothers cum, slowing pushing until my head finally pops in. God she is so fucking tight, I slowly ease my cock in and out, letting her teen pussy get use to my cock, then I pick up speed fucking her a bit faster, but not too hard as to wake her up. Her body is so small and thin, I can see my cock protruding from under her belly button. I can’t hold it in any longer, ” I’m going to cum, get over here” I say to my wife who kneels beside me. I pull out and dump my load down her throat, letting her taste the sweet cocktail of both her 14 year old daughter and her husband’s cum. Then pull her up by her chin to me so I can have a taste as well, sharing a sloppy cum kiss. This was enough to send my wife over the edge as she was still rubbing her clit and I feel her body stiffen and her hips buck as I hold her by the face, swirling Kylie and mines cum with our tongues in her mouth. We give ourselves a moment to catch our breath before walking down the hall naked to our room.

Stay tuned for part 3. Kylie makes a discovery

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    My dick so hard from reading this like damn I wish thar was me in that situation I swear 13,14,15 are so sexy to me and built with grown woman bodies definitely need to catch new one

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    Can’t wait for part three,

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    Someone want to chat about our incest times?? Let’s share and expand our horizons.

    Love, sucks and fucks,

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